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Dash-in Dungeons is an 'RPG in a box' published in 2007 by Wednesday Night Games. It is a full role-playing system comprising entirely of card components - including character 'sheets', character equipment, dungeon tiles, spells and special abilities, monsters, traps and rules. It uses a deck of numbered cards (called the "Fate" deck) to replace the traditional dice used in most RPGs.

The players cooperate as a small team of wizards and warriors exploring a dungeon map comprised of cards representing 'rooms/areas' where they encounter monsters, traps and treasures.

As the team explores the dungeon, the 'Dealer' reveals the map by flipping-over each new dungeon room card and reading the description from the 'Adventure key'. The players then decide what they want their characters do according to the rules (printed on quick reference cards).

Actions attempted, and combat with monsters is resolved using a set of 'Task rules' and the 'Fate deck' - a weighted set of numbered cards used to generate random numbers determining success or failure.

As the characters defeat a dungeon's challenges, they gather treasure cards representing 'gold' (to spend at the market between adventures) or 'magical devices' which enhance their abilities.

A team of players who plays more than one adventure together select character cards of increasing power level equipping their characters for the challenges offered by subsequent 'higher-level' adventures.

REF: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/33186/dash-dungeons