Daughters of Terra

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Daughters of Terra
Their logo is an Earth with wings.
Battle Cry "May the Secundum rise!"
Number None.
Founding Not true Space Marines.
Successor Chapters None.
Chapter Master Tertia "Guilliman"
Primarch Tertia "Guilliman"
Homeworld Claim to be Terra, but that's a lie. They probably don't even have one.
Strength A couple of hundred.
Specialty Diplomacy.
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Silver with blue details and jet-black weaponry.

A fan-made Space Marine chapter that isn't really a Space Marine Chapter, but has a reasonable explanation for Female Space Marines.

Basically, an Ordo Hospitallier sister was shot in the head, but instead of dying, was given visions. These made her think she was the daughter of Rouboute Guilliman, no matter how stupid this sounds and gathered up some following sisters to aid her. After looting a Forge World and stealing almost fifty suits of power armour, they began to make their way to Terra, whilst fighting EVERYTHING that got in the way, even other members of the Imperium. Whilst determined to bring Guilliman back to life (Something GW has now done for them...) they also just want to PRAISE THE EMPEROR! whenever possible. They love plasma weapons of all types, so usually have a Plasmagun and a Plasma Cannon in every squad.

The sister who thinks she is Guilliman now calls the first sisters who followed her by the names of the other loyalist primarchs. One of them is also oddly called Magnus the Red...


As well as a squad sergeant, The Daughters can give their tactical and devastator squads Apothecaries for 40pts. These are literally just normal apothecaries, but can be given plasma pistols too.