De Empruh's Boyz

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Da Flagg of De Empruh's Boyz an' da Orktra Mehrinez

The Origins of De Empruh's Boyz[edit]

De Empruh's Boyz wuz once Blood Axes, but Blood Axes didn't know da powah of de Empruh. Warboss Nailface wuz foightin 'umies and den saw dat dey haz diz holy empruh sittin' on a stool dat haz da biggest WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH of all! So If yaz can't beatz it, yew beatz id 'arder, but if deyz da best WAAAGH, deyz got de best WAAAGH, so we'z be loike dem Spehhs Mehrinez, but we be Orky! For de Empruh! De Empruh's Boyz! We r hiz greenist!



Translation [edit]

De Empruh's Boyz" is a monumentally heretical faction of the Blood Axes that split off and have decided that worship of our Holy Emperor will some how make them more powerful. They believe that his powerful psychic presence is somehow the largest existing "Waaagh" in the known universe. Either they are the stupidest Orks in existance, or the easiest targets for the Imperial Guard yet. There're reports that "De Empruh's Boyz" had been seen trying to assist Imperium forces against other foes, especially those of the forces of Chaos.

They typically appear to wear salvaged and cobbled together armor that tries and fails to recreate that of our mighty Ultramarines, and they claim to be the first "Ork Marines" chapter to ever exist. Instead of the typical "Waaagh" of Orks, this tribe has adopted the battlecry of "For the Empwaaagh", with the length of the shout simply referring to the amount of righteous invigoration they happen to feel like they have at the given time. We are certain that these are not the first Orks to worship the Emperor, but at least they are so kind as to turn their backs on our forces in genuine belief that we are their friends so that we can put Bolter shots in their backs. Filthy Xenos.