Death's Legacy

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An armour to out-skeleton the Legion of the Damned.

The Death Jesters, the Harlequin's psychotic killer-clowns extraordinaire are the toughest son-of-a-guns you would ever meet from these space clowns from hell. That is because unlike their more colourful brethren, who wear Holo-Suits, the Death Jesters wear actual armour.


As aforementioned, the Death Jesters ditched the acid-field trip that is Holo-Field technology utilized by the Harlequins and go straight into standing their ground, taking hits and murderfucking their enemies to death.

The suit of a Death Jester is actually a form of Carapace Armour called the Death's Legacy, that has been enhanced with visual disruption and conversion field technology. Because it is a form of Carapace Armour, the Death's Legacy is armed with an extremely advance alloy consisting of ceramite and other psychic mumbo-jumbo, making it as tough (If not, tougher) than the ones worn by the Stormtroopers, whilst still maintaining extreme weightlessness around it.

What is interesting to note is that the ribcage armour is made from the bones of his predecessor. Why this bizarre skeletor fetish fuel was started, we have no clue. Possibly to keep up to brand with their image and all.

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