Death Eagles

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Death Eagles
Battle Cry Unknown.
Founding "Unknown."
Successors of Emperor's Children
Successor Chapters Unknown.
Chapter Master Unknown.
Primarch Fulgrim
Homeworld Unknown.
Strength Unknown.
Specialty Unknown.
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black

Another Chapter that has been left in the dust. Or so we thought, more on that later. These guys were supposedly a Raven Guard Successor. That has yet to actually help give us any idea of what they really do, until the fourth Horus Heresy Black Book came out. In said book, the 34th Millennial of the Emperor's Children sided with the Imperium and bore their colors with pride and fought against the traitors. What was the name of that Millennial? The Death Eagles. Their fate is considered "unknown" but we know that's just a front. How they survived the Scouring or anything afterwards is left up to interpretation. Originally they just looked like Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children. But after a few editions, they were brought back as a Raven Guard successor. Bet GW had come up with the name only to have their fans point out they already exist. Forge World, who take GW's usual fuck-ups and make them into something useful, decided that the Death Eagles were actually a loyalist branch of the Emperors Children. Thus making their old paint job make sense along with their new paint job.


Vengeance from the Void - Night Lords, Iron Warriors, World Eaters Vs Death Eagles, Space Sharks, Minotaurs and the Angels of Absolution.

War of the False Primarch - Joined the Flesh Eaters, Red Talons, Space Sharks and the Charnel Guard in purging eleven other chapters.

Reconquest of the Forsarr Sector - Helping out the Aurora Chapter, Revilers and plenty of Guardsmen to fend off a WAAAGH.


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