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One wonders how they are not yet corrupted by Khorne.

Death Jesters, or Death-heads (margorach), are Harlequin heavy weapon specialists. Not to be confused with the Eldar Dark Reapers (although they might as well be the same thing), Death Jesters stand apart from the rest of the force, providing much of the masque's heavy weapon support. During performances, their role is to play Death, in which they perform death-defying stunts and feats of escapology. They are known for their morbid and ironic sense of humour, and their mocking laughter is known to signal impending doom. The macabre uniform of the Death Jester is constructed from the bones of the troupe's previous Death Jester; when one dies, his bones are used to fashion his successor's costume.

They can sometimes be heard chuckling or humming softly in the midst of battle with a shit-eating grin, and will occasionally pause to sketch a deep bow or offer mocking applause to foes whose horrible fates have especially entertained them. Killing the foe is not enough for a Death Jester; to make war worthwhile, they must intersperse death with ironic humour. Slaying an officer at the crescendo of a rallying speech, panicking enemy sappers so they flee into their own minefield, or wounding a heavy weapon trooper so that their shot flies wide and destroys the very objective they were defending - these are the kinds of cruel deeds in which Death Jesters find their amusement. Indeed, there are few in the galaxy as talented or imaginative when it comes to writing the tragic comedy of war.

Essentially imagine an entire army of That Guy and it will give you a picture on who they are.


Death Jesters use clothing and equipment which feature skulls and death motifs. They wear carapace armour enhanced with visual disruption and conversion field technology. As the heavy specialists of the army, they carry an array of deadly weaponry, from the conventional Shuriken Cannon of the Craftworld Eldar, to the specialised Fire Pike, or the morbid Shrieker Cannon. The Shrieker Cannon is the trademark weapon of the Death Jesters, as only they create and maintain them. They are a variant of the Shuriken Cannon, but instead of firing a hail of projectiles, they fire only a single shot. This shot is impregnated with a virulent acid that causes the victim's blood vessels and insides to expand violently. This usually results in a small explosion that showers squadmates with pieces of their companion.

The weight of their weapons is offset by their flip belts. They are also known to use vortex grenades.

For some reason you cannot use Firepikes in the tabletop, despite the lore saying you can. Its not even in Legends.


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