Death Wheel

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Nurgle thanks the Skaven for 'gifting' him a Death Wheel. You must play the pirates of the Caribbean theme. NON NEGOTIABLE.

The Death Wheel is a Chaos Daemon Engine ripped straight out of the Skaven army list. You would think that after all the Horned Rat has been through in The End Times that he would get some decent amount of respect or at least acknowledgement by the other Chaos Gods who have nicked a Skaven-exclusive vehicle from their army list but nope. They just told him to shut the fuck up since he is not in WH40K. It is unknown whether the Horned Rat is still throwing a hissy fit over that.

Anyways the Death Wheel is a self-propelled, spike-encrusted siege weapon. When deployed, the wheel careens around the battlefield then finally it charges toward an enemy fortress and crashes through the wall, shooting out all the spikes within it.

The Death Wheel is armed with two Battle Cannons in it's gyroscopically-stable midsection and two side sponsons, each one equipped with a Reaper Assault Cannon and a Smoke Launcher. Other than acting as a siege engine, the Death Wheel is also extremely fast, although it may lack agility due to being comprised of one wheel and all. It is also rather large and can use its gigantic wheel to crush any opposition if given the chance.

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