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Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Unknown
Warband Leader Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Nurgle probably judging from the symbol
Colours Grey with copper trim

The Deathmongers are one of the thirty chapters which were lost during the Abyssal Crusade. They were known previously as the Brothers of the Anvil and during the Abyssal Crusade they were scouring the world of Belial IV in the Eye of Terror which got them captured by the Dark Eldar. They had been captive for one year in the arenas of Commorragh before the survivors "escaped" the dark city back into the Materium. Now they are a bunch of insane fucks who became a Chaos Warband known as Deathmongers. Ever since, they waged a war of brutal destruction upon the Imperium. Their only lore mention aside from the Abyssal Crusade however, is an obscure engagement against the Angels Revenant during the Orphean War of Faith. And yes, we know their lore is nonsensical because the Dark Eldar being in the Eye of Terror is...not going to happen.

As the Deathmongers, they have become notorious for causing wanton destruction during their raids, to the point of giving up a possible victory just for the sake of causing more death and destruction.

One questions remains: Why the fuck declare war on the Imperium when the Dark Eldar were the ones who used them as sex slaves? Guess it wasn't grimdark enough.

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