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Some Orks are sneaky, some Orks are hard and fast, and some are just traditionalists. But no ork clan, and I mean no ork clan, is as much of a bunch of greedy pricks as the Deathskulls.

Overview and Traditions[edit]

Clad in their lucky blue warpaint and blasting away with reckless abandon, one might be forgiven in assuming the Deathskulls are closer to being the Evil Sunz more than any other ork clan due to their sheer brutality and speed on the battlefield, but to the Deathskulls, what they're doing is getting through the krumping to get to the good part. Now don't get them wrong, krumping is fun, but looting is what they came to do. No other Ork Clan is better at it, as they usually swarm battlefields once to fight, and then twice to pick through the bodies, survivors, and wreckages for good loot and trophies to pick up, hack up, or haul off and bring back to their camps, where they immediately begin the orkish version of trade. This, naturally, involves a lot of horrifying violence and in-fighting. But it's also an important and vital part of any of their war efforts, as it both keeps the Orks sharp, but also gives their many, many Meks plenty of scrap to put together new vehicles, armor, and weapons.

Indeed, the Deathskulls have so many Meks that it could be charitably stated that they are in fact the Orkish idea of pure engineers, as terrifying an idea as that sounds, and it's not for no reason; Their surplus of mechanical know-how and their desire to loot pretty much everything means they can have ork vehicles, weapons, and armor up and running in a quarter of the time it takes other clans to get theirs together. Most other Orks don't really appreciate their genius, as they mostly just see them as a bunch of sneaky thieves who they occasionally have to do business with in order to get their hands on some really nice battlewagons or trukks, but most unwary Orks usually leave the Deathskulls with less stuff than they walked in with, as the Deathskulls are very good at sussing out the exact value of any of the junk they end up looting or even just seeing.

And yet, in spite of their technological bent and general tricksyness, Deathskulls on the battlefield are enormously superstitious. They paint practically everything they own (or loot) bright blue, the color of luck among Orks, and often carry dozens of totems and trinkets that they believe will help them get through the coming battles and get them all of the best loot. Because of this, they often carry lucky weapons, lucky armor pieces, or even ride lucky sides of their wagons to make sure everybody's happy and ready to go pull a half-blown up Land Raider out of a ditch. It's this deeply unusual way of warfare, combined with strong armored and transport support that makes them a terror on the galaxy, as any warband of Deathskulls could be carrying anything from a bunch of hotshot lasguns to gauss flayers to grav-guns, and their steadfast belief in their luck usually manifests anywhere on the battlefield, often making them preposterously hard to kill, even at close range.

they will forever be one of the eternal rivals of the Bluhd Rehvehns. after the "tank swap" incident got well over 45 battle brothers killed and all of their tanks stolen...the deathskulls that is.

On the Tabletop[edit]

In 8e-9e, they're one of the shootier Ork clans, though that isn't saying much, as their "Kultur" usually works best with weapons that don't need to shoot all that much, as it allows all Ork units to re-roll a hit, wound, and damage any time it shoots or fights. They're also a bit more mobile, as they get an automatic Dis is Ours! Zog Off! from their Kultur. Arguably, they're the best vehicle/anti-vehicle Ork clan, as their Strategem can force re-rolls on enemy Vehicles, and their relic can be an absolute bastard in the hands of a Big Mek in any particularly strong Ork vehicle, as it auto-repairs 3 wounds.

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