Deathwatch Dreadnought

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Why am I not surprised that the ammo for that Assault Cannon just so happens to be firing Gauss Shuriken rounds.

Deathwatch Dreadnoughts are different from the "standard" Space Marine Dreadnoughts in some respects and are thus, 'special'. First, unlike other Marines who are seconded to the Deathwatch, Dreadnoughts are separated from their parent Chapters forever - while they can still contact them and are not struck from the records like a Blackshield, their decision to take the Long Vigil means they will never fight beside their brothers again. Secondly, they may wield unconventional combinations of weaponry or equipment (read: advanced Necron and Eldar tech that is so heretical it would give a member of the Mechanicus a brain aneurysm), to exploit the weaknesses of a particular Xenos foe.


As rare as it is for a Space Marine to be interred inside a METAL BAWKS, it is even rarer for a Space Marine from the Deathwatch, an organization so hardcore they tend even more to fight on when wounded until actually killed, to be given the dubious honor of being interred in one. This is down to three major factors: the circumstances kill-teams fight under make it a nightmare to retrieve a critically injured marine and stabilize them in time. If this is achieved, the Space Marine must be worthy and willing to remain with the Deathwatch in perpetuity, essentially preventing them from ever returning to their Chapter. Finally, the Space Marine's own Chapter needs to sign off on allowing him to remain with the Deathwatch.

Unsurprisingly, these guys are rare - the special xeno-killing snowflakes of special xeno-killing snowflake Alaska. Most of these Old Ones (No, not those Old Ones) are preserved for their unique knowledge of ripping apart the myriad of xenos that the Imperium has fought across the millennia. It's surprisingly common for warp storms to dissipate to reveal xenos species otherwise thought eradicated to reappear, or for alien species to come back from the interstellar dark to menace the Imperium once again; the Old Ones remember every last detail of what was done to bring them down, as opposed to the few half-lost records the Administratum can dig up.

Most Deathwatch Dreadnoughts follow the traditional weapon configurations handed down over uncounted centuries, like the Deredeo with its power claws and heavy flamers, or the Furibundus with its twin-linked lascannon and Cyclone missile launcher. At times of special need, however, Deathwatch Forge Masters have created many of their own armament variants based on these designs, adding in bits to better equip them against specific targets or environments. In ages past, Deathwatch Dreadnoughts have been equipped with siege hammers expressly for the purpose of overcoming Ork fortifications, outfitted with quad autocannons for bringing down Eldar raiders and mounted with additional flamer batteries for clearing Hrud warrens.

A Kill-team with Dreadnought support can face some unique challenges. A silent approach, for example, becomes almost impossible without extensive use of Stummers or other specialist sound-muffling equipment. The local terrain must also be capable of supporting the tremendous weight of the machine. In practice a Dreadnought is commonly kept in reserve, coordinating operations from an orbiting vessel. Once the enemy has been located the Dreadnought is normally inserted directly into combat via drop pod, Thunderhawk gunship or teleportarium to let it rip.

Notable Deathwatch Dreadnoughts[edit]

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