Deathwatch First Company Veteran

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Just as how regular Space Marines have Veteran Squads, so do the elite Deathwatch. Similar to the Grey Knights, the Deathwatch First Company Veterans are basically the elite of the elites - except instead of blamming filthy Daemons, they prefer blamming filthy xenos.


The Deathwatch is not formally divided into separate companies as are other Space Marine Chapters since their job descriptions forces them to be on a far more pragmatic side than the orthodox-as-fucked Codex Astartes. The basic tactical unit of the Kill-team is the only set organization used and individual Kill-teams can often change their composition from mission to mission as ordered by the Watch Captain in command of them. A higher level of organization than this would be cumbersome and pointless with the members of the Deathwatch spread across the galaxy on a thousand unrelated missions. Nonetheless, there are First Company Veterans to be found in the ranks of the Deathwatch, expert warriors that have come to perform their vigil and bring their considerable prowess to the service of the Watch. More rarely a Space Marine will win such renown within the Deathwatch that he is accorded the rank and privileges of a First Company Veteran in recognition for his zeal and purity during his Vigil. When the Battle-Brother returns to his Chapter it is rare for his Chapter Master not to acknowledge this honor, inducting him into the First Company at the first opportunity.

In the Deathwatch, as in all other Chapters, First Company Veterans are given access to the finest weapons and armor available: masterfully crafted plasma weaponry and power swords, relic armor of great renown, protective shields and rare grenades. Most notably its members are trained to make use of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, or Terminator armour as it is more commonly known. All of the veteran warriors of the First Company hold the Crux Terminatus—an honor signifying that they have undergone the rigorous training necessary to use Terminator armor. Only Space Marines so honored are permitted to don the revered Terminator armor at times of special need.

Some First Founding Chapters are still capable of fielding a full company in Terminator armor, but most Successor Chapters are limited to using no more than a few squads at a time. Like certain particular Chapters it is impossible to say just how many suits of Terminator armor the Deathwatch has in the armouries of its Watch Fortresses across the galaxy. Although the Deathwatch at least have a proper excuse in that their missions require utmost secrecy to work rather than flipping the Imperial High Command the middle finger. A Watch Master always seems able to access a few suits when needed, but larger numbers must be begged from other Chapters, something the Deathwatch is loathe to ask. Terminator armor is particularly useful for combat-heavy Kill-team missions and the addition of one or two suits to a team can tip the odds decisively in their favor.

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