Deathwatch Librarian

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Zippity, Zappity, Zoo! Don't confused me with the damned Epistolary!

The Deathwatch version of the common Space Marine Librarian. Like the Deathwatch Epistolary, the Librarium of the Deathwatch has been retconned, instead of the Deathwatch hating ALL psykers, they only hate alien psykers.


A master psyker, able to immolate hordes of encroaching xenos with a thought, a Deathwatch Librarian is one of the most formidable psychic warriors the Imperium can field. Able to attack with stunning ferocity, hurling vehicles into the fray and forcing his will into the mind of the alien, crushing their spirits and resigning them to failure, the Librarian can bolster his body with psychic energies, moving across the battlefield and through enemy fire like liquid. The Deathwatch chooses its warriors for their power and ability, and its librarians exemplify each.

Unlike most members of the Deathwatch, Deathwatch Librarians are more exclusive as they are selected primarily from members of three Space Marine Chapters -- the Blood Angels, the Blood Ravens and the Solar Hawks, due to the large numbers of psychically-gifted Battle-Brothers found among these Chapters.

Most of the Librarians called to serve in the Deathwatch hold the rank of Lexicanium (No, not THAT Lexicanum), the most junior of the four ranks of the Space Marines' combat psykers. They are nonetheless warriors of fearsome ability and renown. However, a small number of higher-ranked Librarians do serve as the Watch Commanders' most valued counselors.


Within their own Chapters, Librarians may have different titles and unique methods of utilizing their powers. Librarians fulfill a number of roles within the Deathwatch. Chief amongst them is that of the combat psyker. By focusing his prodigious psychic powers, the Librarian is able to unleash withering blasts of searing Warp energy at his foe, reducing them to ashes with but a thought. Although, this do lead to some tactical confusion between the roles of the Librarian and the Epistolary, but given that the Epistolary is on general a much higher rank than the majority of Deathwatch Librarians, it can be assumed that they are far more skilled in their mental and psychic talents.

Librarians are also the guardians of the secrets of the Deathwatch. Within each Watch Fortress is to be found the sealed Vault which stores weapons and relics too dangerous to be allowed to fall into the hands of Mankind's enemies. Also within the Vault is an archive of forbidden knowledge. Not even the Watch Commander has access to these archives -- only the Librarians are entrusted with their access codes, and only they are judged strong enough to withstand the sanity-shattering secrets sealed within.

Another role carried out by a Watch Fortress' Librarians is that of providing the Watch Commander with counsel. Given their access to forbidden knowledge and their innate understanding of arcane matters, the word of a Librarian rarely goes unheeded in the Watch Commander's plans. In addition to this, many Librarians are gifted with some degree of prognostication -- whether by way of visions, meditation, consulting the Emperor's Tarot, or seeming intuition, Librarians can often discern something of what will come to pass.

Given the nature of some of the places into which the Deathwatch must go, such an ability is invaluable, and has saved the lives of many of Mankind's mightiest warriors. While many Deathwatch Librarians are, in effect, part of the Watch Commander's officer cadre and not permanently assigned to a single Kill Team, in reality most come to associate themselves with one group of warriors.

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