Deathwatch Librarian

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Zippity, Zappity, Zoo! Don't confused me with the damned Epistolary!

The Deathwatch version of the common Space Marine Librarian. As you might expect, Deathwatch Librarians specialise in using their abilities as a psyker to physically beat the shit out of aliens and tenderly caress their minds on and off the field. Unlike the relatively patchwork composition of the rest of the Deathwatch, Deathwatch Librarians are selected primarily from members of three Space Marine Chapters -- the Blood Angels, the Blood Ravens and the Solar Hawks, due to the large numbers of psychically-gifted Battle-Brothers found among these Chapters.


Within their own Chapters, Librarians may have different roles and unique methods of utilizing their powers. With the Deathwatch, they're usually frontline combatants, barbecuing xeno scum with blasts of warpfire, hurling vehicles around like toys, or just plain mind-raping enemy troops into despair and hopelessness. . Despite what you might think, they are usually not of the high Epistolary rank, as those tend to take the aptly-named position of Deathwatch Epistolary. Most actually hold the rank of Lexicanium (No, not THAT Lexicanum - the most junior of the Librarian ranks), which is a testament to how dead 'ard these guys are.

Aside from battlefield fighting, they also act as security for the Deathwatch's archives. Within each Watch Fortress is a sealed vault, containing the various heretical alien gubbinz they've managed to "acquire" from their enemies, along with actual Imperial relics and weaponry; it also contains the fortress's porn stash archive of "forbidden knowledge", which is considered too sanity-breaking for even the Watch Commander to access. Only the Librarians are allowed to take a look at them.

Another role carried out by a Watch Fortress' Librarians is that of providing the Watch Commander with advice on how to best put the boots to the latest threat's ass. Given their intense access to otherwise heretical knowledge about xeno species and the way many Librarians are gifted with some degree of prognostication (whether by way of visions, meditation, fucking around with cards or simple intuition), Librarians can often discern something of what will come to pass. Coupled with the kind of enemies the Watch often faces and where they often face them, this means that the Watch Commander almost always listens to the Librarians when they're planning their latest joyride behind alien lines.

Though they're officially part of the Watch Commander's officer cadre and are not permanently assigned to a single Kill Team, most come to associate themselves with one group of warriors, for better or for worse.

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