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The Decktet is a set of 36 cards similar to the Tarot cards, with suits, ranks, and a unique significance for each card. Designed by P.D. Magnus, They can be used for card games or for fortune telling. The first artwork for the set uses anthropomorphic animals, but there's nothing inherently heretical about the cards or their meanings. The card names and symbolism have the context of Renascence Europe, much like Tarot.

Each card has a name, a rank, and 1, 2 or 3 suits. One card is the exception: "The Excuse," which has no suits nor rank and is similar to the Tarot card "The Fool" as it is the only tarot card with a rank of '0'.

The suits are: Moons, Suns, Waves, Leaves, Wyrms, and Knots. The suits on a card are usually ranked in that order for the sake of uniformity (ie: "Moon/Sun" instead of "Sun/Moon") but the suits do not not have any inherent priority.

The Cards[edit]

The Standard Deck has 36 cards. Most have two suits; the Aces and Crowns each have only one suit.

Aces Moon Sun Waves
Leaves Wyrm Knot
Two Author Desert Origin
Three Painter Savage Journey
Four Mountain Sailor Battle
Five Forest Soldier Discovery
Six Market Lunatic Penitent
Seven Castle Cave Meeting
Eight Mill Diplomat Betrayal
Nine Darkness Merchant Pact
Crown Huntress Bard Sea
End Calamity Windfall

The "Extended Deck" adds nine more cards, inserted in the ranks as Nine - Pawn - Court - Crown. They each have three suits, except for "The Excuse," which has no suit nor rank. Depending on the game's rules, it could be a valuable wild card, or a worthless null card.

Pawns Borderland Watchman Lightkeeper Harvest
Courts Island Window Consul Rite
no rank The Excuse
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