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Deff Skwadron. Zoggin' bootiful.

Deff Skwadron is a Warhammer 40,000 comic about (you guessed it) a skwadron of Ork flyboys in fighta-bommas doing what Orks do best. They serve under Warboss Badthug in an ongoing WAAAGH!!! against Warboss Grimlug on a unknown barren world. It is one of the only finest examples of Orky literature.

For a long time, this comic was out of print. In 2016, GW brought it back in a hardcover edition!

Main Characters[edit]

Kommanda Uzgob "Maverork"[edit]

The Bossboy of Deff Skwadron.

89 Konfirmed killz.

Favourite Manoeuvre: "Comin' out of da sun - sneaky!".



Uzgob's Mek, Navigator, Smartboy, and general punching bag. The story's narrator. You probably know him as the "WOT DA ZOG" reaction image.

Raznuts "Da Goose"[edit]

A glory hound second-in-command that Uzgob keeps shooting at that always goes down in a ball of flaming shame. Never actually gets himself killed, much to Uzgob's annoyance. Once survived an encounter with Squigsharks.

156 killz claimed, 4 Konfirmed

Gorthank "Killboy"[edit]

An insane Ork more bionik bitz than Ork.

71 Konfirmed killz, including 24 from his own side.

Owns a impressive (for Deff Skwadron standards) 1-to-1 missions flown to shot down ratio at 38 times.

Favourite Manoeuvre: Flying plane into target.

Memorable Quotes[edit]

Ork terlit.

"Who's that flash git still flyin' without 'is wings?"

– Uzgob

"Good shooting boss, now what?"
"A Favourite Ole Deff Skwadron taktik, Gimzod, 'oned to perfektion by years of 'ard-won experience... WE LEGS IT GOOD AN' PROPER!"

– Gimzod & Uzgob

"The best means of defense is attack, an' the best means of attack is a really really big one, right, with lots of boys an' dead big shooty things an' what have ya."

– Legendary Ork smartboy, Drek Zog

"You shoot at it an' you miss, it's one of ourz. You hit it an' you shoot in down, then it must be one of theirs. Dead simple see?"

– Uzgob, shortly before shooting down his own boyz

"FLAMIN' MORK! Can't an Ork 'ave a few quiet moments in the squig drops without some noisy git spoilin' his concentration?"

– Uzgob (he says a lot of memorable things)

Links to the Full Comic[edit]