Defilement of a Celestial

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"I'll admit that it's nice to be out of Hades, but this?" the paladin gestured to the brown, slightly damp walls of the cavernous hall. "Escaping by fleeing to Carceri? You know, the prison plane?". She leaned on the railing of the basilica, gaze wandering over the thinning crowds of the market beneath.

"At least you have a keen sense of irony", she said.

"Oh, I'm so sorry", the tiefling retorted, "perhaps you would have preferred me to take my time rummaging around all my spell components whilst I was being savaged by that pair of creatures. Whatever they were. You're lucky they didn't do the same to you, I mean, what *is* this?" She gestured to the swollen wound across the left side of her belly, white bandage gradually turning red as it soaked away more of her blood.

"I don't feel right, you know".

"I'll patch you up first thing tomorrow, once I renew my spells".

"But it huuuuuuurts", the tiefling girl whined, sticking her lower lip out in an overdone caricature, like a child with a scraped knee. After waiting for a few seconds for a reaction that never came, she turned away with a prim "hmph", and took a swig from her flask. As she returned it to her satchel, the paladin made a tutting sound.

"Drinking, again?" Hel inquired crisply. "You should have more self-discipline, Li". She was met with a sigh in response, as Li folded her arms across the railing and then rested her forehead upon them. Hel could see the arrow-tip of the girl's tail waving back and forth, which generally meant she was agitated.

"I could teach you discipline. If you were willing to learn".

Li raised her head to look at Hel, brushing away a few long strands of snow-white hair, completely lacking any real color due to the fact that Li was a piebald. The rest of her skin was mottled black and white, sometimes in patches, sometimes stripes that flowed between and around each other in elaborate swirls, like ink spilled on a white sheet. Her unusual pigmentation also dictated the color of the jet-black, stubby horns that poked up on either side of her forehead, and her ice-blue irises. As armor interfered with her spellcasting, Li dressed primarily for comfort and practicality. To her disappointment, most pretty clothes tended to clash terribly with her skin, so she favored earth tones: today she wore brown walking boots, matching leggings, and a sleeveless bodice.

Hel and the tiefling shared the quality of unusual skin color. Hel was also a child of the planes, borne of an unlikely union between a human mother and a paragon of elemental law. This made her a Zenythri, and like others of her kind, her skin bore a light purple hue. Her hair, cut short and slicked back on her head, was faintly coppery. High cheekbones and thin lips complemented the severe appearance of her formidable armor: the dark grey metal sheathed her from the neck down in a fragmented pattern of plates, bands and chainmail, here and there embellished with metal studs. With the cosmic essence of order flowing in her blood, Hel had taken immediately to the teachings of Ardarvia, the Iron Maiden, goddess of law, punishment, and some other domains which tended to raise eyebrows.

"I don't know, Hel. You Ardarvians creep me out a little, sometimes. You never seem to be enjoying yourself, you know?"

"Living with rigor and discipline is rewarding in its own right".

They were interrupted by the return of the third member of their party, Erin, a human girl of such average appearance that it sometimes actually made her look out of place in the more exotic locales of the planar multiverse. Her brown hair was cut into bangs, which hung over grey eyes. Her facial features were slight, inoffensive, and forgettable, her body slim but not skinny. She found that her entirely unremarkable looks provided an excellent ability to blend into crowds, important for a rogue whose career was based around deceit and stealth. Her grey, form-fitting clothes were criss-crossed with leather bands bearing a plethora of tools and useful trinkets.

Around friends, she could compensate for her plain appearance with a relentless energy, manifesting itself as intense inquisitiveness and an almost obsessive drive to seek out novel experiences. Within weeks of arriving in Sigil for the first time she had joined the Sensate faction, and she found that traveling the multiverse provided a constant stream of new and exciting stimuli. In a bizarre reversal of a "normal" obsessive personality, Erin never did anything the same way twice.

"Look!", she said excitedly, "Look what I got from one of the stalls down in the market!" The pair regarded the dubious-looking bread rolls that the girl was holding, two in each hand. Dark, foreboding meat glistened in a cleft cut into the soft bread. "Bet you've never eaten grilled Elsewhale before!"

"Elsewhale." Hel looked at her with a neutral expression. "You mean the gigantic, gentle creatures from Oceanus. The ones that are intelligent enough to be able to provide safe passage across the planes by carrying adventurers around in a bubble in their mouths. Elsewhales."

Erin looked up at her, cheeks bulging, a smear of sauce at the corner of her mouth. "Hmm?"

"I'll pass, thanks".

Li took two of the rolls, hunger outweighing moral principles, which were not a chief concern for a tiefling, anyway. They turned away from the balcony overlooking the market hall.

"Let's get back." said Li. "We can look over our maps this evening, try some different routes tomorrow. Maybe we'll actually find a way out of here eventually." The dank tunnels of the Bastion of Lost Hope had proven labyrinthine at best, completely confounding at worst.

Erin became steadily more dissatisfied with her Elsewhale-burger, eventually discarding the last third into a trench of water they happened to be passing over, the rusted chains supporting the iron bridge groaning as they crossed. "It's been a while since I've actually had some really excellent food", she mused, "Something extravagant. What I wouldn't give for some truffles, maybe a little foie gras. Wrapped in caul fat. Did I tell you about the pan-seared foie gras I had in that place in the-"

"Yes, Erin, you have told us", Li interrupted. "Every day for the past week or so."

There was no conversation for a few minutes after that as they walked along, the silence occasionally punctuated by a creak from Hel's armour, or a slosh of liquid as Li sipped more liquor from her flask.

"Still don't get why you can't move the portal around, anyhow." Erin nagged at Li as she murmured a few puissant words that revealed the outline of a silvery portal, set against the slick brickwork of a narrow tunnel.

"Ask Mordenkainen, I just learn the spells and cast them."

The trio stepped through the portal into the magnificently-appointed foyer of the extradimensional mansion that Li had created for them as a temporary refuge. "I think it's time to see how our prisoner's getting on, don't you?" Li enquired airily.

"Why yes, I do believe it is about that time", Hel replied, smiling for the first time that day.

They arrived at the holding cell, and Li unlocked the heavy steel door. With a flick of her wrist, the door swung inwards, yielding to her arcane control of the environment. They stepped inside, and the prisoner within flinched away, squeezing his eyes shut at the sudden intrusion of light. The man balanced on his toes, straining, trying to take some of the weight from his manacled wrists, arms spread out either side. His white wings were trapped uncomfortably against the wall. Tight curls of golden hair atop his head further hinted at his origins in the upper planes, an angel, or perhaps half-angel, Hel hadn't bothered to find out for certain.

"Little Celestial boy", Hel began, walking towards her with a hand outstretched, the plates of her armour scraping past each other, well-oiled. She removed one of her mail gauntlets before stroking the prisoner's face, fingertips tracing the line of his jaw. Abruptly, her delicate caress became a grip of iron as she pulled the prisoner's face in line with her own, eyes narrowed. "Little Celestial boy, thinks he can do anything he pleases as long as it's in the name of *good*. Thinks that he can interfere with our careful, methodical plans." She squeezed the man's jaw tighter to emphasize the last point. "You're lucky that I'm so merciful", continued Hel, "and that I've decided to redeem you from your reckless, chaotic ways, rather than crush you for daring to obstruct us". The prisoner cringed. Hel turned to Li and Erin, still standing in the doorway. "Give me an hour or so. After that..." she turned back to the man in front of her, "he's all yours".

Erin grinned lasciviously before departing, hand-in-hand, with the tiefling, leaving Hel and the winged man alone in the cell. Hel released her grip on his face, removing the other gauntlet and then setting them down on the bench that took up one wall of the cell. She had left her equipment spread out for him to contemplate during her absence, each implement laid parallel in scrupulous, regimented order.

"Please let me go".

"You are mine now". Hel corrected herself a moment later, "Well, not technically, unambiguously mine, but you will be. Soon. You'll see that our way is the best for you."

"But, I know about your kind. You Ardarvians won't do anything unless it's consensual. It's in your scripture".

"Scripture", Hel raised her voice and fixed the man with a withering glare, "Is subject to interpretation. I will have you submit to me, and I will have you beg for the punishments I will favor you with." The prisoner strained once again against his manacles, unable to shift them an inch. "Time for a change of position, my boy".

With skilled hands, Hel was able to manhandle her captive around the room, only loosening his bonds enough to accomplish what was necessary. After a few brief minutes of struggling and thrashing, Hel had relocated him to the center of the cell, hands raised above his head, bound together with a chain that hung from the ceiling. His legs were bound at the ankles by heavy iron restraints, chained to the floor. Hel had found that the prisoner's wings tended to get in the way as he flapped them haphazardly, so she had immobilized them too, tying them together at their base with lengths of thick rope, with several other bands holding them in their folded position against his back. Hel moved her hand back and forth over the table, contemplating which of her tools she would use first. The decision made, she picked up a long needle of clean, gleaming steel and ran it between her thumb and forefinger, testing its sharpness. A single red bead of blood formed on her fingertip.

"Please", the man gasped, breathing awkwardly, torso stretched out as he hung from his wrists, "I can make it worth your while to let me go. I have powerful friends on Ysgard. They'll pay whatever ransom you name."

"I think you're confused as to why exactly I'm doing what I'm doing". The needle danced across her fingers as she twirled it.

"Power, then? Influence? I... you could have land, I could secure you a place on the astral. None of this pocket-dimension stuff", he tried to gesture to the walls around him but could only move his fingers inches.

He continued to plead with her, offering increasingly more fantastic and, she thought, less plausible compensations. Then, as he opened his mouth to spin another lie, Hel deftly reached into his mouth and grabbed his tongue between her thumb and fingers, pulling it out to its full extent. The man made a garbled moaning sound as she brought the needle towards his face. As she placed the tip against the tender underside of his tongue, which was squirming as if of its own will, every other muscle in his body tensed.

She held his tongue there for a while, savoring his terrified anticipation. Sweat beaded across his brow. He was trying to speak again, producing only nonsense syllables. Then, with a sigh, Hel drove the needle up through his tongue, stopping when it was half way, seven inches of metal protruding both above and below the squirming muscle. He wailed: a weak, pathetic little sound.

"I think you'd look pretty with some other piercings, too".

Hel plucked another needle from the table, and held it by the very end, tracing the tip across the man's chest. He cringed away as best he could, only able to move himself away fractionally. As Hel's hand passed beneath his now permanently-stuck-out tongue, a few drops of blood spattered against her wrist, which she ignored. She continued to trace long paths up and down his body, mulling over where to place the next perforation. She took his nipple between her fingers, squeezing it sharply and twisting it almost a half-turn, which made the prisoner gasp and cry out. Saliva and blood mingled on his tongue and trickled down the length of the needle embedded in it.

She amused herself with his reactions for a while, twisting both of his nipples hard, before pulling on one of them and inserting the second needle through the brown, soft skin of the small circle. Blood trickled from the new wound as the man made strangled choking sounds, fists clenched, knuckles white. Rather than leave the needle in this time, Hel replaced it with an ever-so-slightly thicker metal bar, which distended the hole as it went through. The bar was secured by screwing a wider stud onto the end which had passed through his flesh, the other end terminating in a hoop. She drove the same needle through his other nipple, again relishing his reaction, and, rather than disregard it, this time Hel placed her upturned face beneath the man's tongue as he dribbled bloody spittle, catching some of it in her mouth and licking her lips salaciously.

She took a moment to stand back and appraise her work so far, blood streaking her face and hands now, the man hanging limply, every so often shaking his head from side to side and making impotent "ahhh" noises. His breathing was labored. Hel replaced the needle on the table, neatly aligning it with the rest of her tools, and picked up a fine metal chain, teasing the delicate links between her fingers. With a pair of small clasps, she attached the chain to each of the nipple piercings, the silvery strand hanging between them in a pleasing, symmetrical curve. For the final addition, Hel made sure the man was looking up at her, raising his chin with one of her hands while holding the chain in the other. From amongst the heavier restraints she had laid out, she picked out a bulky brass padlock, and then clicked it into position over the chain, supporting it with her hand.

With an icy grin, she let the padlock drop.

This managed to coax a scream from the man louder than any she'd managed to win so far in this session, as the falling metal lump was halted by the chain suddenly jerking taut on his piercings. He wailed unintelligible lamentations, the sweat now trickling from his brow, his chest damp with more of the same and streaked with blood, flowing freely from the aggravated wounds. She let him hang there a while, until he had tired himself.

He sobbed once, and then several times more when he saw Hel brandishing another small, sharp implement before him. This one was hook-shaped: a metal rod about as thick as a pencil lead, its sharpened tip bent backwards in a curve like a scythe blade, and making a right angle with the rest of the rod, like a modified fish-hook. With apparently very few limitations on the extent of her gear, she also held a small metal hoop, an inch and a half in diameter, with a gap in its perimeter where one segment swung outwards on a small hinge.

"I wonder if you can guess where this is going".

It was not really a question.

"Perhaps this will give you a little clue".

Hel made very sure not to lose sight of his expression as she stooped down, wanting to take in every small change as he realized his fate. She was delighted by the expression of absolute defeat and despair that appeared on his face as she took his limp cock in her left hand, the little hook held in her right.

He screamed with renewed vigor as she worked her fingers to the tip of the man's penis, briefly teasing with his foreskin before rolling it back over the head, pink and ever so slightly moist. She stroked beneath the head a few times, moving her index finger in little circles over the exquisitely sensitive skin, then making the man's screams jump for a moment as she pinched the frenulum between her fingers. The man's body betrayed him at the attention of her skilled hands, and his flaccid member swelled ever so slightly, although remaining soft.

She held the little hook up in front of her lips, licking it, retracting her tongue and then repeating the process so that the hook was well-covered with saliva, vital lubrication for what would come next. Then, finally, she placed the pointed end up against the slit in the center of the penis head, the opening. Taking her time, she eased the curved hook inside the man's cock, and then started to turn the shaft, sharpened tip biting into the inside wall of the urethra. As she completed moving the hook through its full curvature, she saw the skin on the underside poke out for a moment before the tip emerged, now fully impaled through the head of the man's penis. His screams were hoarse from exertion.

With the piercing made, Hel finished up by withdrawing the hook, and then forcing the small metal hoop through the same hole. Sliding it through and around, she swung the hinged segment back in line with the circumference with a click, the cock head now pierced through with an unbroken band of metal entering through the eye and re-emerging at the base of the head. She stood, took a step back, and admired her work. With shaking muscles, the man raised his head and sniffled at her, his face bearing a pleading expression.

"Oh, I was going to finish now, but it wouldn't be right without a little bit of a whipping now, would it?" she said, uncoiling the many-tailed whip from around her waist. It fell in spirals to the floor and she twirled it around, grabbing the tails and flicking the handle forwards towards him. With expert timing she released them, and the cell filled with snapping sounds as each leather thong cracked against the skin of the man's chest. She drew the whip back again, repeating the action, the chains around his hands and feet jingling with each impact. After two dozen strokes on the man's chest, some of them catching around the piercings, or entangling the chain and tugging on it sharply, Hel was satisfied at the red welts that were starting to blossom across his skin. Then she paced around him, playing the leather whip up and down his back, lingering a while on his buttocks as she struck them again and again until they were a bright cherry-red. As an afterthought, she thrashed the whip upwards between his legs, although she felt she was starting to wear out the man's possible repertoire of screams, yelps and other expressions of pain as she lashed his scrotum.

She re-coiled the whip perfunctorily, winding it around her torso. "Shall I send the other girls in now? Or would you like to stay like this for a while?" His reply came in the form of several drawn-out vowel sounds.

"Either way, you shall have a little time to think about which fate you'd prefer." He sagged.

"Or dislike the least."

Hel left the cell, the metal door closing behind her with a thud. She was going to have to do some very thorough research of the scriptures to find a way to justify this. As she returned to her chamber, she leaned through the doorway into the dining hall, where Erin and Li were poring over maps and scrolls scattered across the unnecessarily long mahogany table. "He's all yours", she said.

Erin and Li looked at each other, broad grins on both of their faces.

The pair of girls skipped down the corridor, giggling as they exchanged ideas with each other. They made their way into the cell to inspect their plaything, cooing and laughing as they groped at his body, turning him around as he dangled from his wrists, exchanging glances as they saw the handiwork wrought by Hel, marveling at the clean, pure-white feathers of his bound wings.

The walls and floor of the cell were well-appointed with metal fittings, and, not able to offer much resistance in his current state, it was trivial work for the girls to rearrange their prisoner to better suit their desires. With a short chain, they attached his wrist manacles to the wall just above waist-height; his ankles were also chained to the floor with short lengths, spreading his legs apart almost to the limit of his pelvis. His flaccid penis hung exposed, visible beyond his spread-wide ass cheeks. Every so often it would still weep a few drops of blood from the fresh piercing, although Hel had been careful to perform the procedure neatly. After debating for a little while on aesthetics, they had removed the needle skewering the man's tongue, which was now dark with coagulating blood. Then, tiring of his cries and whimpers, they had placed a close-fitting leather hood over his head, lacing it up tight with a criss-cross pattern of drawstrings at the back. With only two nostril perforations to avoid the wearer suffocating, the girls had found the arrangement quite satisfactory, as it made their plaything quieter, and they also were spared having to see the pathetic expressions he made.

"Do you...?" Li left the rest of the question unformed as she turned to Erin.

"No no, you go first. I'm not sure this will be enough to do anything for me", she said glumly. "I'll try, though."

Li leaned across the man's back, pressing her body against him. "Looks like I get first go with you", she whispered. Muffled protesting sounds came from behind the black leather. "My oh my, what did you do to Hel to deserve this?" The tiefling girl took the limp organ dangling between his legs in her hand. She looped her finger through the piercing and gave it an experimental tug downwards, and heard a grunt from the man. Across the room, Erin was attempting in vain to find the situation arousing. She had already discarded her clothes and was sat on the floor with her legs splayed apart, rubbing her pussy, every so often spitting onto her hand for lubrication. "Come on, Li", she implored, "Give me something to work with here."

The tiefling girl ran the tip of her tongue across her lips in a moment of thought, this time grasping the man's cock around its shaft before she started to stroke back and forth. A minute later and the shriveled organ started to swell, accompanied by their prisoner's increasingly pained murmurs as the head was distorted by its new accessory. With a little more vigorous stroking, she brought him to full mast.

"Come on boy, you can do better than that", Li mock-encouraged him, heartily slapping his bruised backside a few times. She found that she was cramping up from the awkward position, leaning on one arm while the other tugged at his prick, and so she shuffled under him and took over with her mouth, rolling her tongue across the head for a few licks before opening wide and fully taking him inside her. This had better get some response from him, she thought, tasting blood from the piercing wound, now re-opened by the increased blood flow.

Eventually, she grinned around her mouthful of cock as she felt a droplet of more viscous liquid form at the penis tip, the first of his precum mingling with blood and saliva. She had to admit, she was impressed that he was still capable of full arousal. She caught Erin's eye and gave her the thumbs-up sign, pointing to the base of the penis against her lips. Erin masturbated with renewed desperation, but her genitals remained cool and inert. In the context of the other perversions she'd indulged in as a Sensate, this was far, far too mild.

Li labored on, switching back from her mouth to her hands, gripping with both at once as she jerked up and down, up and down. "Can we try something else?" Erin asked, "He's clearly not going to be able to come with that thing through the head of his dick".

"Wanna bet?"

The tiefling returned to a standing position, and the man let out a long groan as she leaned on his back for support, reaching beneath him to ply onwards single-handedly. "I think he just needs a different form of stimulation. You get over here and keep him going".

Erin looked down at her pussy, still in a completely unaroused state, and assented, trotting over, kneeling down and taking over from Li, smiling as she first felt the "bump-bump. bump-bump" sensation as the foreskin passed back and forth over the metal hoop. Meanwhile Li looked around the equipment racks on the walls for one implement in particular. There was a jangle of belt buckles being secured into position, the sound of straps being cinched tight, and then Li turned around proudly, hands on her hips, her crotch now sporting a twelve-inch long, polished metallic cock. She positioned herself behind the man, one hand grasping the root of each wing, and thrust her hips forward, laughing boisterously.

"You think he's all right in that hood?" asked Erin, in reference to the desperate, high-pitched squeals that were emanating from behind the leather mask.

"He'll be fine", Li reassured her, "Hell, if he suffocates I'm sure we can bring him back round somehow, Hel's probably got some healing thingie."

Frowning at the resistance as she forced the metal prosthesis into the man's asshole for a second time, Li snorted, a deep, throaty inhalation that achieved precisely the effect she wanted, dislodging a generous wad of phlegm from her nasal cavity. She withdrew the metal cock and pursed her lips, dribbling the yellow-green mucus along the shaft before plowing forward once more.

"That's better. Smoother. Oh yes. Very nice."

Li's prediction eventually turned out to be correct. As an inward thrust from the dildo-wielding tiefling synchronized with a downward tug from the human girl, the man's cock twitched once before issuing forth a stream of hot semen, missing Erin's arm by inches as it arced towards the floor and spattered against it. A few more jets followed, strings of sticky, white ejaculate draping themselves across the tiles. Tired from their own efforts, the girls abated, Erin lying on her back on the floor and looking up at the hooded man, trying to make out what his expression might be behind the mask, Li withdrawing the metal cock for the last time, now plastered with a multicolored mixture of shit, mucus and blood, and leaning against the wall, eyes raised, taking deep, even breaths.

The prisoner sagged in his restraints. Li idly noted that he'd broken off several of his fingernails as he'd clawed at the wall in anguish.

She pushed herself off the wall with a sudden burst of more energy. "We can't lose momentum now, he'll think we're going soft on him", she said. She fussed with the laces on the prisoner's hood and whisked it off his head. He gasped, choking as he took in the first full lungfuls of air he'd been able to manage since they had hooded him. His face was red, and slick with sweat.

"Please", he begged hysterically, "Please no more. Oh gods. Have mercy." He tried to construct another sentence after that but degenerated into gasping sobs, tears streaking his cheeks. Li grabbed a fistful of his hair, unscrewing the pair of bolts on the wall with her other hand and freeing the manacles from the wall. The man wilted forward, sniffling, supporting himself on trembling arms to avoid his hair being pulled out. Realising that Li desired a change in position, Erin unscrewed the ankle restraints from the floor, and then pulled his legs back together, re-securing the cuffs to each other.

"You're crying?" inquired Li, squatting down on her haunches to bring herself to his eye level. "You're gonna cry? Like a little crybaby?"

The man, apparently, was, his breaths coming between shuddering sobs. Li's eyes narrowed.

"You fucking sissy. You little maggot". She roughly pushed him backwards, and with his legs now bound, he fell on to his side. "Look at the mess you made, you little worm". Li was pointing to the blob of cooling semen on the floor.

"You should clean up after yourself. You pathetic creature. You disgust me."

The man sobbed once more. "Clean it! You little faggot!" she shouted, pulling him by his hair and forcing his face down into the sticky white puddle. "Clean it with your tongue!" She rested her boot heel on the back of his neck as he dutifully lapped his sperm up from the floor. Beyond resistance, still half-hysterical from the foul violation she had subjected him to, he sought out every drop.

"All of it", she reminded him. And then, when he had finished with the floor, he looked up to see Erin pointing at the slick surface of the surrogate cock which was still strapped to her hips.

"This needs cleaning too."

As he gingerly put his mouth around the tip, Li grabbed him by the ears and yanked his head forward, driving the metal cock and its foul coating of bodily fluids to the back of his throat. A few moments were all he could sustain before he gagged on it, vomiting around the shaft and dousing Li's leggings as he regurgitated hot puke over her and the floor. She leapt backwards, shrieking.

"Eww, eww, eww, eww", she repeated the same syllable whilst flapping her hands. "Gross". The man belched drowsily, and flopped against the wall. Li unbuckled the strap-on from her waist and discarded it on the floor. Her boots and leggings followed as she rid herself of the items of clothing tainted with the warm bile, and, finding herself down to only her bodice, she shrugged before removing that as well, joining Erin in complete nudity. The human girl suddenly felt self-conscious about her boring, average complexion, in contrast to the exotic black-and-white swirls of the tiefling's skin. "Still didn't do anything for you, huh?" Erin shook her head miserably.

"Well... there is something else we could try."


"We didn't end up brawling that much today with the locals. I've still got some spells prepared."

Erin's expression brightened. "In fact," Li continued, "I'm sure we could make good use of 'polymorph any object'. That way our little bitch here doesn't have to be a *willing* subject." She knelt down besides the man, who had curled into a ball on the floor, sobbing.

"You hear that? I could transmute you into any variety of fuck-meat that I please. Stand up, maggot."

She hoisted the broken man up from the floor by his wings, which were splayed at unnatural angles, pinning his neck to the wall with one of her hands. "And because you're going to be polymorphed, it doesn't really matter what happens to your body in its current state."

The tiefling's mouth spread into a broad, toothy grin as she gazed into the man's eyes. Her hand slowly drifted down, trailing over his torso, to rest on his cock.

She threaded two of her fingers through the ring piercing.

The man's face crumpled in anguish.

"Please. Please no. Oh gods."

With all of her strength, Li violently yanked the ring downwards. The man's jaws split open wide as he roared in pain, the metal ring tearing through the tender, soft tissues of his cock as it was ripped free. Li, threading the ring around her fingertip, waved it in his face mockingly. Blood spattered onto the floor.

They let him suffer a while, Erin succeeding in raising a slight reaction from her inert genitals as the sound of the man's incessant screams washed over her. They discussed how best to make use of Li's magic, Erin outlining specific details that she thought might appeal to her. After they had arrived at an agreement, Li retrieved her spell component pouch from her pile of wet clothes, grimacing as she dabbed the vomit off the outside before grabbing the materials she needed. Then, standing over the hunched man, she traced elaborate patterns through the air, enunciating eldritch syllables to complete the spell's casting. The man beneath her immediately tensed as if seizing, and then started writhing around on the floor, to the extent that his bonds would allow him.

Wet cracking sounds issued from the man's skeleton as subtle changes took place. There was a peculiar, liquid rustling of flesh as the matter of his body flowed and reformed, his waist narrowing as two nascent mounds bulged on his chest. His hair was whipped around as if by a strong gale, golden ringlets uncoiling into long, chestnut-coloured hair. The ruined meat flopping between his legs retracted, drawn into his body, and the skin of his pubic region stirred before a bisecting depression started to appear, eventually softening and maturing into a tender, pink set of female genitals, completely bald.

Erin clapped and laughed as the transmutation completed. She found the new form much more to her liking. Men's bodies, she had always thought, were aesthetically unappealing. But this? She reached out an experimental hand to feel the softness of the girl's thigh, her white skin smooth beneath her fingertips. She quested downwards with her hand, tracing the contours of shapely calves and dainty little feet which she found, for some reason, quite appealing. She put her mouth around the big toe, sucking on it gently. She started to explore in the other direction, pausing to stroke the tips of her ring and index fingers over the girl's labia, ever so slightly moist. Perky nipples which were only a shade darker than the surrounding flesh stood out on the apexes of modestly-sized breasts, satisfyingly yielding to her touch. The girl's face was pretty, with big, brown, tearful eyes. Her hair was glossy, shoulder-length.

"One more thing", Erin began, curling her lower lip under her teeth. Li responded with raised eyebrows.

"Can we play dress-up?"

The two girls picked up their captive by her armpits and ankles, giggling as they dragged her off to one of the mansion's well-stocked wardrobes. Perhaps they could also borrow some of Hel's equipment, Erin wondered.

Over the half-hour that had followed, Li had reclined on a comfortable chair in one of the master bedrooms, enjoying a goblet of frost wine, and smirking every so often as she heard the scuffles and protests from the other side of the dressing-room door. Erin called out that she had finished, and then the door opened, their newly-costumed captive tottering forward unsteadily.

Her uncertain gait was due to implausibly high-heeled black leather shoes, polished to a glossy shine, and matching black and red ankle restraints, thick leather bands coupled together with an excess length of silver chain. Sheer, silky stockings clung to the girl's legs, supported at the top by a garter belt. This was visible due to the impractically short hem of the frilly maid uniform that Erin had decided the girl should wear, the smooth, black material bedecked with white lacework. She had tied the girl's hair up in pigtails with small red ribbons.

Their captive was making feeble "mmph" noises around the pink ball gag strapped into her mouth. With special attention to detail, Erin had applied a few drops of honey to the girl's tongue before gagging her. The sweet syrup had the desired effect of exciting her saliva glands, and she was now helpless to prevent long, sticky strands of drool trickling from her lips, unable to wipe them away with her hands cuffed behind her back, further adding to her humiliation.

"Help me lay her down on the bed. This room's much more comfortable than that nasty dungeon, anyway".

Erin took one of the girl's arms while Li held the other, gently but firmly forcing the girl face down onto the bed, bent over the side with her knees on the floor. Erin had opted for less elaborate garb herself, having decided on a whim to don stripey, thigh-length socks and nothing else. The pair of girls stood and their captive remained bent over, apparently lacking either the will or energy to fight.

"Ready for the other spells?" Li suggested. "All right, that's a normal polymorph for you", she said, sparks leaping between her fingers as she directed arcane energy at Erin, "and an alter self spell for me".

The luminescence subsided as the transmutations finished. Each girl looked down at her new set of genitalia, their thick cocks already throbbing, standing proud in readiness. Li's bizarre pigmentation gave hers a pattern like zebra stripes, which made Erin jealous.

"Yours is prettier", she pouted.

It was a moment's work for a prestidigitation spell to bestow a blue ribbon upon Erin's member, tied around the base with a bow.

"You can have first go as well", suggested Li, "gods, you need it more than I do".

Erin straddled the girl's legs, gingerly lifting up the frills of her skirt. She hadn't bothered with making her wear panties, they'd only get in the way of her ultimate plans. She lined the tip of her penis up unsteadily, trying to get the a feel for the new and exciting organ. Then she eased forward gently, slowly, feeling the lips of her victim's vulva parting as the vein-sheathed rod slid into her. She withdrew almost all the way before plunging in once more, taking up a steady rhythm. The girl beneath her made soft mewling noises, straining to push the gag out of her mouth with her tongue but succeeding only in making another damp patch as she dribbled onto the bedding.

A few minutes passed as the bed creaked back and forth. Their captive made restless moans; Erin's breathing, meanwhile, had become deeper and faster, coming through gritted teeth as she frowned, lips drawn back. Li had returned to recline in the armchair, idly stroking her cock to maintain its rigidity, rubbing her thumb across the crown, ticking the frenulum with a fluttering of her index finger. Men, she thought, had a simpler deal with their sex organs, but at the price of them being quite boring. There was only so much you could do, she mused, cupping her balls with one hand whilst rolling her foreskin back and forth over the head. A single pearl of precum formed at the tip, balanced there, an almost perfectly spherical droplet.

She heard her name called from across the room, a drawn-out syllable.

"What is it, Erin?"

"This isn't working, Liiii", she moaned, "I need something more. I'm so close", she said, cringing at her with a look of desperation in her eyes, not once breaking rhythm as she continued to rail the girl on the bed, who was now sobbing and balling her fists. Li skipped over to help her friend in any way she was able. She knew the human girl had trouble getting aroused these days.

"Put it in me", she said, "please".

Li tilted her head to one side.

"Put your cock", she emphasized, "in my ass".

"But Erin isn't that a bit-"

"DO IT!" she cried, tears of frustration welling in her eyes.

The tiefling cautiously positioned herself behind the human girl, gently pushing on her back as she continued to buck against their captive. She placed the end of her cock against Erin's asshole, feeling it pucker and tense, quivering with anticipation. Counting out the rhythm of Erin's steady assault, Li synchronized with her timing, ramming her dick up into Erin's anus as she in turn withdrew from the girl below her. Li withdrew and noted the renewed, steely hardness that her shaft had gained. She spat for lubrication, and then set about pounding Erin's butthole with strong, regular motions. The girl in front of her moaned, producing a trill of pleasure as Li cupped one of her breasts in each hand, kneading them, teasing her nipples between her fingers.

The three of them lurched back and forth, with Erin sandwiched between the two sweating bodies, simultaneously impaling and being impaled. She felt hot breath on her cheek as Li rested her chin on her shoulder, hugging her tightly whilst forcing her way up inside her. Li withdrew by half a cock-length before slamming upwards again, her pelvis grinding against the girl's buttocks. The girls kissed awkwardly, Erin feeling a twinge in her neck as she twisted her head around to meet the lips of the tiefling, but they managed a few moments of contact while Erin's tongue hungrily explored Li's mouth.

They heaved against each other for long minutes, their bodies slick with sweat, Li's black-and-white mottled breasts flattened against Erin's back with a soft pressure. The frilly dress of the girl beneath them was disheveled and crumpled, and rapidly becoming stained with various secretions. Erin released her grip on the girl's thighs to tear the dress off her, flimsy fabric yielding as she frantically pulled and tugged, exposing the girl's torso. Gesturing to Li that she should pull out temporarily, Erin also withdrew just long enough to flip the girl onto her side, launching herself onto the bed to land next to her, slipping one arm between her and the mattress as she savagely grappled her from behind, like a tiger mauling its prey. As Erin started her second assault, she gnawed at her shoulder, teeth pinching the soft skin, snorting through her nose at the exertion of pounding the girl's belabored pussy. Li joined them on the bed, hugging her arms around both the girls as her cock once again found its place in Erin's tight ass hole.

"Coming soon..." Erin gasped.

"Oh really?", Li panted, focusing all her effort on holding herself on the cusp of her orgasm, "When?"

The muscles in Erin's arms and abdomen tensed as she crushed herself against the bound girl, throwing her head back as she screamed "NOW". Erin shook violently as she spent her load, feeling surges of ecstasy wrack her entire body. In near-perfect synchronization she felt liquid warmth deep in her anus as Li finished behind her, her cock throbbing as it blasted gouts of hot semen. The two of them let out exultant cries, the third girl a muffled yelp of protest as she felt thick fluids surge into her cunt.

The girls subsided into a gasping, sweaty mound of tangled bodies on the soft bedding. Their prisoner was curled up, knees towards her chest, trembling in silent defeat. Erin lay on her back between the two girls, a half-sane, vacant grin on her face, eyes shut, twitching every so often. Alongside her, Li rubbed at her softening dick experimentally, amusing herself by flopping it back and forth and hearing it slap wetly against her belly.

After laying in drowsy bliss for a while, the girls had returned their sniffling captive to the holding cell, removing her gag but leaving her shackled to the floor by her hands and feet. They cleansed themselves during a long, hot bath with rare, exotically-scented soaps, and curled up together on a couch in one of the lounges, sipping tea brewed from leaves gathered from no fewer than five of the outer planes. Exhausted from their day's labors, the girls had eventually fallen asleep in each others' arms.