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Large white book
Aliases The Scholar, The Scribe
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Oeridian)
Portfolio Intellect, reason, study
Domains Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mind, Oracle, Rune
Home Plane Great Library (Celestia)
Worshippers Philosophers, scholars, scribes, wizards
Favoured Weapon Dart

Delleb is the oeridian god of reason, intellect, and study.


Delleb is friendly towards most gods, being opposed mainly to those that promote evil and ignorance. His main opponent is Syrul, the goddess of lies and deceit, though he also dislikes Hextor, whom he had to drive away with his phoenix-feather quill.


Delleb appears often as an tall, thin, elderly man with olive skin, wearing the attire of a noble scholar or scribe and glasses. Rarely he appears as a fully armoured warrior atop a warhorse, wielding a saber. He's always accompanied by a large, black war dog named Shadow.


The accumulation of knowledge is the purpose of existence. What cannot be learned from others may be discovered in books, and when books fail the truly studious will turn to experimentation. An hour studying is an hour well spent. Allowing emotion to cloud your judgment risks danger. The ignorant and inexperienced should be educated.

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