Demihuman Deities

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Demihuman Deities is a splatbook for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition tied to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. It is, at least spiritually, a successor to the earlier Monster Mythology splatbook, in that it examines the gods of assorted demihuman pantheons in greater detail, providing an outline of each god's personal stats and information on their priesthood, including holy ceremonies, sacred days, religious apparel, and major centers of worship in the Forgotten Realms. In contrast to its precursor, which covered all of the sapient non-human races of Dungeons & Dragons, Demihuman Deities concentrates on just the demihuman races - Dwarves (plus Duergar), Elves (plus Drow), Gnomes and Halflings.

Drow Pantheon[edit]

Dwarven Pantheon[edit]

Elven Pantheon[edit]

Gnome Pantheon[edit]

Halfling Pantheon[edit]