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Demodands are an obscure race of fiend that originated in the Dungeons & Dragons second Monster Manual as a grid-fill, for Tarterus. Every lower plane needed its signature fiend, and that's what Tarterus got.

There are three sorts: farastu whose skin is tarry, kelubar who are slimy, and shator called "shaggy" but really very wrinkled.

In the Reign of Lorraine, "demodand" sounded too much like "demon" so 2e renamed them to Gehreleths. 2e made them the rulers/prisoners of their plane, now Carceri. But you wouldn't know it. Planescape detailed Carceri in "Planes of Conflict"; this had so much awesome - Vaath, the Anarchists, gautiere - that nobody even noticed the 'leths. And for fuck's sake, this was Tarterus. Hello? Titans?

2e had some lore about there only being 333 of each gehreleth sort at one time, that Apomps the Three-Sided created them all and gave them obsidian triangles. This made it so that nobody could cook up a fourth gehreleth, unlike devils and demons. Apomps needn't have bothered since nobody gives a shit about these demonish also-rans.

As their obscurity meant they were not protected, Pathfinder promptly stole them and used them for their own setting, reworking them as the bitter creations of the ambitious titans; failures to be what their creators wanted, the devout demodands seek to manipulate and force mortals into abandoning the gods to worship the titans instead.


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