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This page is for the D&D and Pathfinder deities. If you are looking for the page about the ascended champions of Chaos, please see Daemon Prince.

Demon Princes are a specific breed of lesser (though how "lesser" varies from edition to edition, with them being literally equivalent to lesser deities in 1e, which meant they were at least as powerful as most deities) tier evil God in the Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. As their name suggests, they are Tanar'ri who have managed to claw their way to a position of particular power and influence amongst their kind. They may even be worshipped by some evil races as patron gods, though usually they are not "full-tier" gods, thusly allowing adventurers to bust into their homes and beat the shit out of them.

Emphasis on usually: some Demon Princes have managed to secure a position of such power that they are full-fledged gods, so fighting with them isn't a really good idea. The most traditional example in D&D is Lolth, who is not only the Demon Queen of Spiders, but also the patron god of the Drow, a position that saw her promoted to a "corebook deity" in 4th edition. Likewise, in Pathfinder, the Demon Queen of Monsters, Mutation and Miscarriages, Lamashtu, is a full-fledged god and stands as a counterpoint to Asmodeus the Archdevil-turned-God.


The vast majority of Demon Princes are Tanar'ri and attained their position early on in their existence. Others rose to power over the course of eons, usurping another to take their place.


Baphomet, the lord of the minotaurs, is a massive bull-headed brute. He revels in combat, but prefers to put his powerful-looking opponents into a magical maze and trample the smaller ones before crushing the big ones. His most common followers include minotaurs, bulezau and goristro demons, fiendish or half-fiendish minotaurs and Awakened animals such as dire animals or dinosaurs. His ultimate goal is nothing less than the destruction of all civilization, and the descent of all life into violent, bestial savagery.

Baphomet's cult is on the rise, often finding worship in rural areas by evil druids and rangers, preaching the gospel of a nature deity of vengeance that will deliver the common folk from the evil machinations of city-dwellers, eventually swaying them to his cause. From there, armies of fanatical Luddites, many bearing physical manifestations of his influence, swarm out to raze towns and slaughter those who live in them.

Baphomet lives in the Endless Maze, the 600th layer of the Abyss. He shares this layer with the Obyrith Pale Night, with whom he has some kind of understanding: neither of them encroach on each other's territories and they will help each other when one of them is invaded by one of their foes.


The current Prince of Demons, a title largely contested only by Orcus and, to a much lesser extent, Graz'zt. He has the shape of a two-headed baboon with tentacles instead of arms and a theropod's legs and tail. His left head is called Aameul and has a silver tongue that can charm any creature, while the right head, Hethradiah, can cause insanity. They seek to dominate or kill one another, just as their combined self seeks to slay or overpower all life. Demogorgon is a fearsome foe in battle, capable of rotting flesh from bones with but a caress of its tentacles and draining the energy of anyone slapped by its tail.

Demogorgon has few followers amongst the humanoid races, but he has many amongst the more monstrous people. Yuan-ti, troglodytes, ixitxachitl and hosts of demons worship Demogorgon as their lord. These cults are depraved and engage in all manner of horrific rituals and sacrifices to their lord. Humanoids rarely worship him as cults, but individuals dedicated to the Prince of Demons tend to be just as dangerous, given that they are quite often high-ranking members of society, and his influence is thought to be the source of many monstrous versions of natural creatures, like ettins and merrow.

Demogorgon's layer of The Gaping Maw is the 88th of the Abyss. While it's a tropical realm with plenty of water it is not a hospitable plane, with many different kinds of demons roving the surface and the ocean looking for things to devour. Demogorgon runs the great city of Lemoriax that is one of the premier slave markets in the Great Wheel. He frequently stalks through his city to whip his followers into a frenzy. His layer is linked to the next layer, Dagon's home of Shadowsea. The two are allied, which effectively means they stay off of each other's backs.

He was also a motherfucker of a bonus boss in Throne of Bhaal, even if actually fighting him was definitely not the smart move there.


The Prince of Deception, Fraz-Urb'luu is a great pale blue winged monster with surprising magical ability. He is the patron of evil illusionists and tricksters, so powerful that he can easily summon demons and even other demon lords, though he prefers to not do the latter all that much because does not want to piss Demogorgon off any more than he already does.

Fraz-Urb'luu was one of Zagig's prisoners below Castle Greyhawk, trapped in a bas-relief for more than two centuries. Eventually he was freed by a bunch of adventurers, whom he repaid by wrecking their gear and casting them into the Abyss. What a dick. Back in the 176th layer of the Abyss, Hollow's Heart, he spent time rebuilding his realm and searching for his magic staff. If he succeeds, his first order of business would be to visit terrible vengeance upon the world of man.

Cults of Deception pose as cults of exciting but obscure deities and try to convert people to their cause... only to be sacrificed to the Prince of Deception. His followers include large numbers of other deceptive demons, including succubi, lilitu and a group of Chaotic Evil Rakshasa called the Hollow Rajas.


The Dark Prince Graz'zt is something of an anomaly amongst the princes of the Abyss. While the others all possess some degree of cleverness, at the end of the day they will use brute force to get what they want. Not so much in Graz'zt's case. He is skilled in the ways of seduction, guile, politics and plotting in ways that go beyond the abilities of even the most intelligent princes of hell. 4e suggested that this is because Graz'zt is an exiled devil, and 5E's Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes repeats the possibility. While by far the weakest of the three in terms of raw hitting power, Graz'zt's genius and cunning ensure that he remains a strong rival to both Demogorgon and Orcus.

He resembles a tall, handsome humanoid with goat legs, horns, six fingered hands and yellow eyes that betray him for what he really is. Graz'zt has a massive libido and counts many female priests, succubi, harpies, mariliths, lamia, you name it amongst his followers, with the odd male equivalent here and there for variety's sake. The closest of these are called the Chosen (with the suggestion he chooses them to join him in his bed). He also has more offspring than any other demon lord, with many of the closest members of his court, including his chief general and personal assassin, being his own children.

While he is of great intelligence, he has met his match in a mortal, the witch-queen Iggwilv. She managed to trap him on the Material Plane to learn from the demon. The two of them eventually became lovers, culminating in the birth of a child. Said child turned out to be Iuz, who became a major player in the world of Greyhawk. Graz'zt slowly figured out that Iggwilv did not want to let him go back to his home. So he waited and plotted, eventually breaking free in a battle that cost Iggwilv most of her resources. But she escaped and was lured into the Abyss by the Dark Prince. She in turn was used by Graz'zt to regain his lost powers and grow stronger before she escaped. The two of them are currently in a mutual love-hate relationship, each trying to exploit the other to increase their power even as, to the extent that either of them are capable of positive emotions, they genuinely enjoy one another's company.

Graz'zt's realm is the largest in all of the Abyss. Covering the 45th, 46th and 47th layers of the Abyss, Azzagrat's primary attraction is the city of Zelatar, which somehow exists on all three layers at the same time. Each layer hosts a different neighbourhood, and Graz'zt's citadel is at the center layer. It is also one of the more popular destinations in the Abyss for travelers to visit, featuring markets full of rare goods and comparatively better-behaved demons, but those who think that that translates to "safe" are as foolish as those who think that Graz'zt's hedonism and hunger for pleasure over raw power makes him any less evil or dangerous than the likes of Orcus or Demogorgon, whom already have a large size advantage over him in a fight.


The Faceless Lord Juiblex lords over all oozes, slimes and jellies. This is not a particularly difficult task given the mindless nature of these creatures and Juiblex's lack of tact regarding such issues. He resembles a massive puddle of green slime filled with eyes swimming around in it and pseudopods dripping with ooze. This appearance was later changed, and by that, literally photoshopped to a Shoggoth's color scheme, because Pathfinder did it, so it must sell. His goals are simple: destroy everything that is not like him. He wants to kill and corrode everything in existence, destroying whatever it can touch with its oozing appendages, until all life, everywhere, is as formless and protean as he is. This makes him very unpopular with the other demon lords and all stay away from his layer as much as possible.

Juiblex has few cultists given that his charges are almost exclusively of low intelligence. When a deranged humanoid takes up the worship of the Faceless Lord it is quite possible that Juiblex doesn't really care about these worshippers, and even when an intelligent ooze such as Darkness Given Hunger, a Black Pudding possessed by a Hezrou, worships him, Juiblex cares little. The amusing fact that he doesn't give a shit means PCs who follow him are incredibly flexible (pun intended) because entry to his worship means the acidic dissolution of Any poor sap overseen by a number of slimes. His base nature, in fact, leaves most forms of organization to his cults, who if not insane or fanatic could easily build an interesting infrastructure to their lords benefit, if not moreso their own, I.E turn everyone into slimes and destroy everyone else, and have everlasting shapeshifting shoggoth sex, Praise Juiblex!

One Origin for the faceless lord had him as a deity that lost his face in retaliation from the other gods for sympathizing with Demons in the older times, being thrown into the abyss as a result, and becoming an ever-shifting protean mass as a result, his soul locked in a prison.

On that note, his PrC is great if Stacked with the OozeMaster PrC, polymorph into a Gibbering mouther and use size category increasing cheese to become a Shoggoth capable of multiple slime attacks, unlimited slime summonings and all sorts of fun, nevermind how this can extend to Ghaunadaur worship as Juiblex was once an Avatar for the nonsensical primordial deity of oozes and slimes.

Juiblex lives on the 222nd layer of the Abyss named Shedaklah. He contests for control of this plane with Zuggtmoy, the Queen of Fungi. While she had the upper hand for a while, since the events with Iuz getting his ass handed to him and the famous adventure in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Juiblex has gained a lot of territory, currently battling with the forces of the Queen of Fungi and slowly gaining ground.


Demon Prince of Frost, racial patron god of frost giants. Is additionally summonable by chanting his name, which gets you a Hastur-tier death if you're not prepared for the consequences.


The Spider Queen is a former elven goddess, and is now the ruler of all drow, spiders, poison, and other fluffy things.


A former contender for the title of Queen of the Succubi, who lost in no small part due to her nature- as the patron of regret and self-destruction, she cannot help but sabotage her own efforts. As such, she's quite obscure. Lynkhab favors corrupting individuals instead of founding cults, most likely because any cult dedicated to the demon prince of screwing yourself over is never going to end well. Lynkhab has also expanded her portfolio to include heresy, tempting holy men to abandon their faith for fleeting pleasure. Lynkhab lives in The Sighing Cliffs, the 297th layer of the Abyss, picking and choosing choice individuals to corrupt and hopefully drive to suicide.


Malcanthet, the Queen of the Succubi is a being of unparalleled beauty and cruelty. Taking the shape of an alluring succubus, she prefers to let others do the fighting for her, either summoned minions or enslaved attackers. Befitting her status of the Queen of the Succubi she really gets around: aside from her usual trysts, she has Pazuzu and Demogorgon as her most frequent lovers, having sired several powerful succubi with the former and unspeakable abominations with the latter. She has had short affairs with most of the other demon lords at some point or another, but these were mainly flings for her private benefit. Yeenoghu is one of her enemies, the two of them still being embittered by the other foiling their plot to corrupt the same family of nobles, ending with the entire family being destroyed instead. Her relationship with Graz'zt is actually even worse: each claims that the other spurned their advances, and, deeply embittered, the two have been at war ever since. Her servants include, aside from succubi and lilitus, lamias, harpies, and fiendish nymphs.

Malcanthet lives on the 570th layer of the Abyss, a layer called Shendilavri. It is of unmatched beauty, surpassing even some of the heavens as a paradise. Here she lives in the city of Rivenheart, where all desires can be sated. Every imaginable perversion, debauchery and experience can be found here. Malcanthet's palace has no doors, and all are invited to enter and experience what lies within its forbidden halls. While thousands of people from all over the planes enter to find bliss within, few leave, and all ultimately realize that Shendilavri is a paradise only for Malcanthet herself.

Miska the Wolf-Spider[edit]

The right-hand man and lover of the Queen of Chaos, Miska the Wolf-Spider is one of the most dreaded demon lords in existence. Resembling a nightmarish Drider with a spiked and armored spider lower body, the upper body of a pale, handsome, four-armed human with long black hair and a pair of red-haired wolf heads sprouting from his shoulders. Once the foremost servant and lover of the Queen of Chaos, she appointed this Tanar'ri as the Prince of Demons, the first to bear that title. This, combined with Miska's skill as a general and a warrior and the victories he achieved meant massive numbers of demons flocked to his service. Eventually he was defeated at the Battle of Pesh, where one of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa pierced him with the Rod of Seven Parts. The Prince of Demons wailed in anguish as his blood covered the Rod, corrupted and shattered it. If it had not been for the Rod breaking, Miska would have perished, and instead he went through a planar rift. Some of the Wind Dukes followed him, imprisoned Miska and the citadel he was in in a great cocoon of pure law and cast him into the depths of Pandemonium, where he remains to this day.

In his prison Miska can do little harm, but only partially because of the prison itself. When he was injured by the Rod of Seven Parts his abilities were crippled, rendering him only a shadow of his former self. On the other hand this made him next to indestructible: even if he were to be turned to ash he can simply rebuild himself. If he were to get his hands onto the fully restored Rod of Seven Parts he would be fully restored and become able to leave the cocoon of law to join his beloved Queen and continue on their bloody crusade. The plus side to this is that restoring Miska to his full powers will make him vulnerable again, and allow for him to be permanently destroyed.

Actually destroying him is a daunting task: his armored body is resistant to blunt weapons, and slashing and piercing weapons draw his acidic blood that is both dangerous to an attacker and their weapon. It is in fact so lethal that it might kill an attacker instantly and disintegrate a weapon coated in the Wolf-Spider's blood. Miska himself wields deadly weapons in his powerful arms: a scimitar that can disintegrate lawful opponents, another that strikes at blinding speeds, and two magical morning stars, each of which he wields with deadly precision.

Miska commands the respect or fear of the Spyder-Fiends, monstrous spiders with the heads of wolves and clawed humanoid arms in the more powerful cases. While some resent serving Miska, they do not dare anger him or his master, the Queen of Chaos.


Looking and acting like the forbidden lovechild of Khorne and Nagash, Orcus is the Prince of the Undead. Entry requirements to worship him involve contracting a Feat-based STD from Necrophilia, and generally doing horrid things that probably earn their place in the Book of Vile Darkness. According to Gary Gygax, he is universally responsible for the creation of undead when he cast a spell that killed everyone on his native plane when he was alive, following this, he ended up in the Abyss and worked his way up the demonic ladder. Sources state he ended up in the Abyss for doing something horrible, but this isn't in the official post-Gygax material.


The King of the Gnolls, Yeenoghu is a savage beast. Despite not being the most powerful of the demon lords, his savagery and that of his followers still makes him a powerful opponent. This became clear when he and his forces invaded the layer above his own, the White Kingdom. This layer was ruled by Doresain, the King of the Ghouls. When his armies were destroyed, Doresain swore fealty to Yeenoghu for the sake of self-preservation, forsaking his old master Orcus. Because of Orcus' recent plots his attention has been elsewhere, and it is as of yet unknown how he will reply to this treason.

Yeenoghu's greatest desire is to have the Material Plane inhabited by his chosen people, the gnolls. A world where his people are the dominant race, and all humans, elves, dwarves and halflings are either slaves or food. But he understands that gnolls alone are not numerous enough to achieve this goal, and as such he allows cults of other races to serve him. One of the most powerful of these cults, originating from the Maure family, was finally getting somewhere when Malcanthet also tried to corrupt them, resulting in a self-destructive downward spiral that wiped out the entire family. They have resented each other ever since, with Yeenoghu sending frequent raids into Shendilavri to destroy it. These attacks have always been held at bay, but he hopes to one day destroy her and her realm. The King of the Gnolls also has a violent hatred for Baphomet, perhaps due to their similarity, against whom he frequently wages war to little result.

Yeenoghu's realm is called exactly that, Yeenoghu's Realm, perhaps reflecting its master's lack of imagination. Located on the 422th layer of the Abyss, it is covered in a great savanna where packs of feral gnolls, other hyena-like creatures, and worse monsters make their home, preying on visitors, one another, and even the servants of Yeenoghu. The King of the Gnolls himself lives in a great palace drawn by thousands of slaves across the plane past various points of interest at a speed of about one year per round.


Another candidate Succubus Queen, like Shami-Amourae, Lynkhab, and Malcanthet. Xinivrae specialized in the corruption and temptation of young women, as opposed to Malcanthet's more general self-gratification and Shami-Amourae's debasement. While Shami-Amourae was cast into the Wells of Darkness and Lynkhab was allowed to remain free on account of being the demonic personification of self-sabotage and therefore not much of a threat, Xinivrae was wounded and imprisoned in the Dreaming Gulf, where she remains. Her cult has largely been subsumed into Malcanthet's, but she has some loyal succubi who work to free her.


Zuggtmoy, The Queen of Fungi is an ambitious but not very successful demon lord. Given her domain over fungi and mushrooms, she has difficulty finding people to worship her. So she opts with having to disguise her influence, creating cover cults that her own followers kept in line so that they could stay in charge. The Temple of Elemental Evil was such an endeavor, and it worked pretty well for a while, only for everything to spectacularly backfire when the Circle of Eight destroyed the cult and imprisoned her. She managed to escape the Material Plane at the cost of a good deal of her essence, only to discover that her enemy Juiblex had conquered a good deal of her home layer in the meantime.

Aside from her rivalry with Juiblex, she has frequently been at odds with Lolth prior to her gaining significant power as a deity, putting her a class above the Queen of Fungi. On her home layer of Shedaklah she lives in a palace built from the largest fungi in the multiverse, rising more than four miles into the air. Here she conducts horrific experiments and plots to gain foothold on the Material Plane and to defeat the hated Juiblex.


While the Tanar'ri are created from the petitioners of the Abyss, they were not the first beings to live there. Those were the Obyrith, creatures of Chaos. When the first mortal souls entered the Abyss they did not know what to do with them and so began to experiment, slowly creating a servant race to fight for them against the forces of Law. There are small number of other known Obyrith demon besides those listed here but they get almost no attention.


Demon Prince of the Sea, an antediluvian aquatic horror who serves as Demogorgon's most loyal advisor. Pretty much H.P Lovecraft's Dagon, with his servants, the Kuo-Toa, being the effective replacement for Deep Ones but without the crossbreeding, while his mortal thralls sort of just mutilate themselves into fish creatures in his service. He likes spellcasters of all sorts and wants to flood the earth.

Pale Night[edit]

If there is one creature that is the mother of all demons (literally), then it would probably be her. Some texts say she is the mother of specific demon princes. Others say she is the mother of tanar'ri race. When asked about this by reporters, Pale Night has refused to comment on the claims. Pale Night's appearance is so horrific that reality itself refuses to accept it and hides her with a shroud. Seeing what she actually looks like prompts a high Fort save. If you succeed, then congratulations, you're still alive because your mind didn't process what your eyes saw. She literally does nothing but harrass Eladrin children on her Layer of the Abyss like a Saturday morning cartoon villain, and is responsible for the "pseudonatural template" which is uselessly used by the Alienist Prestige class.


The Prince of Vermin and the original holder of the title of Prince of Demons before he was killed by the Queen of Chaos, but he managed to revive himself.


Demon Prince of Air, master of the skies of the Abyss, and a demon with a pretty chill attitude. In D&D, he's the "big shot", but in Pathfinder, he's been dethroned in importance by his ex-girlfriend Lamashtu. He's also Starfox Falco levels of furbait sexy, and can be summoned like Hastur, just say his name more than thrice and he'll appear for you to bargain off your alignment for power.

The Queen of Chaos[edit]

Even older than Pale Night. She once was the ruler of the Obyrith race. She created the Tanar'ri, but this backfired on her when her lover Miska the Wolf-Spider got imprisoned and the rest of the Tanar'ri rebelled.


Demon Prince of Heretics from the Elder Evils book. Was originally a demon prince of parasites who refused to serve the Queen of Chaos and as a result was personally killed by her, but his spirit escaped to material plane and possessed a snake and turned it into his new body. A Solar named Avamerin was sent to kill Sertrous when he began sending armies of snakes to harass mortals, but just before Avamerin could deal the killing blow to Sertrous, he revealed the secret that clerics could gain their spells without needing to worship a god. Avamerin at first didn't understand what Sertrous had said and decapitated him, and brought back his head. Avamerin shared the words Sertrous had said, which resulted in the appearance of godless clerics. Avamerin got demoted to a Planetar for this and betrayed his masters to serve Sertrous. Sertrous still remains a powerless snake skull but he is slowly returning to life as he gains more worshipers. He is worshiped mainly by Yuan-ti who claim that he is their true creator.



Demon Prince of Magic, Forbidden Lore and Snakes, known as the Master of the Final Incantation due to his arsenal of deadly and unique magical spells and formulas including the "Final Incantation", which can unmake magic with a single word.


Demon Princess of Sand, Scorpions and Thirst, whose cult is predominant in the desert regions. Most notable for her descent from Lamashtu and her bitter rivalry with her half-sister Areshkagal. Title: She of the Six Venoms.


Demon Queen of Illusions, Traps and Knives, the Razor Princess is a secretive and cunning killer particularly favored by sadists, torturers, trap-makers, assassins, murderers and evil illusionists.


Demon Prince of Apes, Jungles and Brutal Tyranny, the Ravenous King is one of the lesser Demon Princes, mostly restricted to worship by his savage Chara-kur ape-men creations. His worship is most concentrated in the city of Usaro in the Mwangi Expanse, ruled by a Gorilla Grodd-expy named Ruthazek.


Demon Princess of Greed, Magical & Mundane Portals, and Riddles, the Faceless Sphinx fights a constant war against her half-sister Aldinach due to She of the Six Venoms having usurped the Faceless' Sphinx's original abyssal kingdom.


Demon Prince of Disease, Fungus and Parasites; despite certain similarities in appearance and portfolio, should not be confused with Xhamen-Dor, the Great Old One of Decay, Parasites and Transformation. He's consistently much more successful than his D&D counterpoint, Zuggtmoy, and is the disappointed stepdad of the Nascent Demon Lord Treerazer, who has spent the past couple of centuries fucking over the elves of Kyonin.


Demon Prince of Chasms, Infestations and Locusts; known as the son of Pazuzu via some giant, monstrous demonic insect, the Lord of The Locust Host may potentially be a cousin to either Aldinach or Areshkagal. Is most notable for having created and maintained the Worldwound on Golarion.


Demon Prince of Fire, Salamanders and Volcanoes, the Burning Maw fights to defend his rulership over salamanders from an elemental lord named Ymeri, the Mistress of Fire.


Demon Queen of Amphibians, Boggards and Swamps, the Song of the Swamp actually claims rulership over a tiny part of Dagon's realm; because she has yet to be destroyed for this, her cult and Dagon's cult are often friendly towards each other.


Demon Prince of Alchemy, Invention and Transformation, not to be confused with the the Vestige connected to Frost Giants, Hill Giants and Minotaurs in the lore of the Binders. He is essentially the Demon Prince of SCIENCE!!!, which makes him particularly unpopular with other artifice-focused gods. One can only imagine the kind of shit he's concocted by the time of Starfinder.


Demon Queen of Desolation, the Moon and Werewolves; ironically, despite the usual connections drawn to such powers, the Mistress of the Hungry Moon has never claimed to be the origin of all werewolves. Her Abyssal Realm is notable for being one of the relatively few places in the Abyss where one can find normal, living humans. She keeps them in isolated villages, perpetually stalked by her monstrous servants.


Demon Prince of Ghouls, Graves and Secrets Kept By The Dead, the demon prince known as Him Who Gnaws is generally believed to be the damned soul of the first cannibal (and a fratricidal one at that), and the reason why ghouls cannot paralyze elves (and can mutate into elf-like forms) is because he was supposedly an elf in life.


A Pathfinder-only Demon Queen and goddess, mother of all "manbeast" races such as minotaurs, harpies, gnolls and medusas. In fact, two of her most powerful daughters have become Demon Princesses in their own right; Aldinach and Areshkagal. She ascended from "mere" Archfiend to true divinity after killing a now-forgotten god of beasts. Her ex-boyfriend Pazuzu is still pissed off that she got all the glory and power from the murder, considering it was his plan to begin with.


Demon Queen of Binding, Driders and Vermin, the grotesquely insectile Creeping Queen has the soul of a /d/eviant, using her powers of illusion to assume seductive guises in order to acquire more trophy-spouses for her hideous harem.


Demon Queen of Cruelty, Deception and Hags, the infamously misandric Mother of Witches bitterly hates the demi-goddess Gyronna for having stolen the position of Queen of All Hags from her.


Demon Queen of Assassins, Darkness and Lust, Our Lady In Shadow was actually the very first succubus to exist in Golarion, seducing and murdering her way into power. Sister and sometimes lover of Socothbenoth. She's heavily implied to be a fallen Empyreal Lord and, in a rare piece of Metaplot, she turned her life around after the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path to become the fully-ascended Chaotic Neutral Goddess of Artists, Outcasts, and Darkness.


Demon Prince of Deserts, the Sun and Senseless Warfare, the Shining Scourge should not be confused with Nurgle, as he has no plague-related powers. Former lover of Areshkagal, he may also be Socothbenoth's half-brother, but he hates the Demon Prince of Perversion. He is also apparently half of an ancient Azlanti deity who was defeated by another god. The other half became the Infernal Duke Nergal. How you choose to reconcile these weird, contradicting backstories is your own business.


Demon Prince of Envy, Lies and Violent Murder, the Blood Marquis is of course the favored patron of serial killers, and competes with Andirifikhu for worship by torturers.


Demon Queen of Aberrations, Clocks and Prisons, the Chained Maiden has a disturbing interest in scaring kids and bondage. She owns a magic clock that may or may not be counting down to the end of the universe.


Demon Queen of Hopeless Despair, Heresy and Suicide, the Sacred Whore loves to tempt devout worshippers and priestly types into heresy, eating their souls when they commit suicide out of grief upon realizing their betrayal. She has floating limbs, making her look like big tiddy goth Rayman.


Demon Prince of Pride, Perversion and Taboos, the Silken Prince is Nocticula's brother and occasional lover, as well as the demonic patron of /d/.


Demon Prince of Natural Disasters, Storms and Trolls, unlike most "racial patron" demon lords, the Trollfather actually despises his children and so is worshipped only in an effort to stop him destroying them all.


Demon Prince of Gargoyles, Gluttony and Ruins, the four-headed Horned Prince seeks the emptying of all cities to create a world in which he and his children can feed.


Demon Prince of Age, Time and Worms, worshipped by those driven to desperation out of their hatred of time's encroach, the Ravager Worm is a patron of many liches. He is one of the Demon Princes who was a former Qlippoth, and he's so ridiculously long, part of him might still be.


Demon Prince of Vast Caverns, Reptiles and Troglodytes, an immensely gluttonous and lazy squamous horror who rules an Abyssal realm set up as a mad hollow earth, complete with dinosaurs and cavemen.


Demon Queen of Blood, Cannibalism and Vampires, this uniquely powerful and depraved succubus has a complicated relationship with Urgathoa, with the Vampire Queen being as likely to make common cause with the Pallid Princess as to fight for worshippers.

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