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Deneir Symbol-5e.png
Lit candle over an open eye
Aliases The First Scribe, Lord of All Glyphs and Images, the Scribe of Oghma
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Faerûn
Portfolio Maps, Symbols, Images, Knowledge, Art, Literature
Domains 3E: Good, Knowledge, Protection, Rune
5E: Arcana, Knowledge
Home Plane Great Wheel: House of Knowledge (Outlands, Tir Na Nog), Library of All Knowledge (Beastlands)
World Tree: House of Knowledge
Worshippers Historians, Librarians, Sages, Students, Scribes
Favoured Weapon A Whirling Glyph (Dagger)

Deneir is the seneschal of Oghma, the God of Knowledge... so where Oghma gets all the glory as the god of invention, inspiration, instruction manuals and intellectual property laws: Deneir is the one who does all the manual labour and actually writes that shit down.

You might think him a minor minion of little note in a pantheon that spans over pretty much every variation of conceivable themes and has several deities with overlapping portfolios; Deneir contributes very little to the evolution of the Forgotten Realms, except when he's placed under the care of R.A. Salvatore.

Deneir's two major contribution are: his Chosen and his last stand to try and halt the onset of 4e.

When Shar and Cyric colluded to kill Mystra and precipitated the events of the Spellplague and essentially flipping the table of magical powers, Deneir apparently disappeared as well, not answering prayers or granting spells.

It was later discovered that he had not perished in the upheaval, but had set himself the task of attempting to rewrite The Weave. Which was something only Mystra could have done, and was probably outside of Deneir's ability, but he tried anyway. And for the years of the Spellplague this underdog of a deity was trying to keep things from becoming any worse. Deneir's final action was to write himself into the weave as a means of saving it, disappearing in the process, but allowing magic to function properly again.

We could take that as the fluffy excuse for 4e in general and why spellcasting went all MMORPG for no good reason, but we can't blame Deneir for what our favourite game would become, since the decision was made at the corporate level and not by the authors. So Deneir really was the failed hero of the setting, who gave his last gasp to keep it alive...

Or was he...?

Then 5e reconned it, so it never happened... back to the writing desk with Deneir. But we love him even more than before.


As mentioned, the other awesome thing about Deneir is his "Chosen". Those disciples he grants a portion of his divine power to.

To test if you are the chosen one is simple: Deneir keeps a magical textbook in the mortal realms called the Tome of Universal Harmony. Unless they are the chosen one, anyone who reads this book of pure divine mysteries ends up catatonic as their puny little mind breaks from the magnitude of knowledge thrown at them.

Chosen on the other hand, interpret the information as a song of practically unlimited information that they can fast forward, or rewind as necessary. Giving them the ability to recall divine magical spells without preparation.

They also gain the ability to cast a number of useful spell-like abilities, increased turning undead ability, magically brand heretics, shapeshift into a particular animal form relevant to the holder and are immune to practically every major debuff.

Like any god, Deneir's chosen are absolutely Mary Sues, though in this case the abilities granted are not entirely relevant to a god of writing; what does turning into a shark or a squirrel have to do with literature?

Despite that, the current holder is Cadderly Bonaduce who ended up kicking out the stuffy old members of the church after a significant event involving Vampires and then built a fabulous new cathedral singlehandedly using his gifted magical powers. However he later gave his existence over to containing the magical essence of of a supercharged Dracolich, consigning himself to an eternity of casting containment spells on the creature.

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