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Denev symbol.jpg
A stone sickle with flowers or leaves growing from the handle
Aliases The Earth Mother
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Titaness
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio 3E: Cycles of life, earth, nature, seasons
5E: The earth, the firmanent, growth, nature, plants
Domains None
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Scarn)
Worshippers Barbarians, druids, elementals, farmers, sylvan races
Favoured Weapon Stone Sickle of Denev (Sickle)

Denev is the only titan that is still unbound in Scarn. Currently she is recovering from the war, helping the land recover alongside. She's the mother of Corean, Tanil, Hedrada, djinni, and elementals.


When the Divine War started, Denev was the only titan to speak against war, fearing the damage that the war would bring to the spirit of Scarn and knowing that the Titans couldn't win the war. She attempted to get the titans to negotiate, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She then went to the Gods and offered to join on their side, some welcoming her, others treating her with suspicion, and other calling for her death, with Corean eventually allowing her to join the Divine Alliance. She then went to the Djinn, seeking their help against the Titans, but they rejected her and swore to fight for the Titans, leading to their losses at hands of gods.

From there Denev helped the gods bind and seal other Titans, eventually subsuming Golthain into herself, to finally end his torment. After the war ended, Denev fell into a deep slumber beneath Scarn to recover herself and the earth she loved.


Denev's appearance depends on the enviroment, as she often forms her body from the surroundings, eschewing a form made of flesh.

Worshippers & Faith[edit]

Denev is mainly worshipped by druids, who are the only druids tolerated on Ghelspad, who help the earth heal and recover, so that their Great Mother can in return heal. Some barbarian tribes worship her, as do some farmers.

Denev's faithful believe that everyone has a purpose, whether small or great, given to them from birth, and that they must discover this purpose and work towards it, usually by consulting druids, fey, and other beings close to Denev. The refusal to accept or work towards this fate is as bad despoiling the land, and to stop another from finding his/her fate is a grave sin. They also believe in reincarnation, believing that every lifetime has lessons to teach to the soul, and once they find themselves in balance with creation, followed their fates, and helped nature heal and respected it, will they be able to join the World-Soul, the essence of Denev.

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