Dersok 12 PDF "Looters"

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Dersok 12 PDF "Looters"
Homeworld Dersok 12
Strength Full
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Urban Camo

General Info[edit]

They fight alongside the Black Sentinels Space Marine Chapter in defense of Dersok 12, and have a tendency to scavenge recent brotherhood attack sites for any Xeno tech. Thanks to a close relationship with some of the less scrupulous elements of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Looters are armed with an eclectic collection of Tau plasma armaments, Dark Eldar Splinter Weaponry, and experimental hybrids. It's actually quite difficult to predict what an element is going to do in a fight because so many of their smaller units are thrown together piecemental. The best of the best are even known to use heavily repaired Tau stealth suits.

Dersok 12 selects PDF guardsmen through an annual lottery of citizens who have turned 18 standard years old that year. Swept up immediately into a training program run by the Black Sentinels, the PDF trains in all manner of Siege warfare so as to better defend their maze-like home. Their Space Marine mentors impart a strong doctrine of stealth and ambush, knowing that the standard PDF is little more than a speedbump buying time for the Guard or an Astartes Chapter. The Looters have a significantly higher rate of success thanks to this training, focusing more on staying alive, mobile, and annoying than dying ignobly. Despite their unorthodox views of both tech and duty, the Looters have a fervent love of the Emperor and are almost more religious than the Order of the Waning Dawn

The Malatek Connection[edit]

Dersokers are naturally curious, and more than a little erratic. Regular access to half-broken Xeno tech with little Mechanicus oversight will do that to you. While there are a large number of Tech Priests on-panet, most are actually Malateks or even Hereteks that are using the remote planet as a place to lay low. This is fairly common knowledge, and so long as no one summons anything gribbly or starts experimenting on the unwilling, the populace really doesn't care.

The end result is that the Dersok PDF tend to be heavily augmented by and armed with scavenged Xeno tech and experimental hybrids. Most every guardsmen has at least one Tau-inspired pattern of bionic eye, as well as a gene-code scanner that keeps their weapons from being used by a non-PDF. Bionic limbs are not uncommon, although those who give up perfectly functional limbs are seen as morbid.

The downside to all this hasn't yet reared its head, but everyone knows the shadow looms. Astartes and Sororitas may look the other way, but sooner or later the Mechanicus will catch on. The planet may not survive when they do.