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Dorn's Raiders
Battle Cry "Swiftly We come for You"
Number Unknown
Founding 35th Millennium
Successors of Imperial Fists
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Shepard
Primarch Rogal Dorn
Strength 1000 Marines
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Desert Yellow, and matching colors

Dorn's Raiders is based on the ideas of Sterling's Raiders and mixing it with Imperial Fist Gene Seed. This chapter is specialty built with fast strikes in mind. Hit and Run along with fortifications are the chapters main elements that were rolled for during chapter creation.

Typical look of a standard Desert Raider Marine

Index Astartes: Dorn's Raiders[edit]


The Raiders were founded Late in M35 to counter the increasing Chaos incursions in Rovokan Sector. By the time the newly founded chapter was ready for deployment most of the sector had fallen into the hands of archenemy. Many in the newly founded chapter considered their mission lost before it began. Brother Draylon, the chapter's very first Chaplain, challenged this view, proclaiming it their holy duty to reclaim the sector for Terra.

Inspired by their Chaplains fiery oratory the young Chapter launched a brutal campaign of raids to weaken and destabilize the archenemy's forces. Forced by circumstances to conduct a guerrilla campaign to retake their sectors, the Desert raiders made a virtue of necessity. Striking from the Imperium's few remaining strong holds in the Corribak sub-sector, the Desert Raiders plundered the enemies supply lines and depots. Simultaneously weakening the enemy and adding to their own resources.

The forces of Chaos soon began to view the raiders with superstitious dread. They would strike, seemingly from no where, utterly overwhelm any defenses, and disappear with their loot before any reinforcements could arrive. Over the course of a century the constant raiding caused the breakdown of what little cohesion the followers of Chaos had maintained.

With the forces of the archenemy in disarray a crusade was launched. Brother Draylon's preaching reached beyond his chapter, inspiring other Imperial forces to join the fight, and inciting local populations to rise up against their blasphemous overlords. Over the course of the next fifty years a grand war of faith, lead by the inspiring Chaplain, would reclaim the sector for Him on Earth.

Shaped by the war of faith led by their chapter in it's earliest days, the Desert Raiders are experts at fighting the forces of Chaos. they have a a particular loathing for traitor marines, and will go to great lengths to destroy any such noxious servants of darkness they encounter. They also eschew the use of Librarians, viewing psykers not soulbound to the Emperor as an inevitable source of corruption.

In M38 the Raiders launched a campaign against the forces of the Hellkin, a band of Chaotic pirates who had been preying upon Imperial Shipping in the Southern Segmentum Obscuras. Their raids against the pirates not only allowed them to slaughter many of the Chaos Space marines leading the Hellkin, it also lead to the rescue of Navigators who had been captured by the traitors and forced to serve them. In total, 37 Navigators who had been presumed dead were returned to their houses. In response, the Navigator house's Kelveck, Romulest, and Protarian have all pledged to provide the Chapter with their support in perpetuity.


In the 41st Millennium Brother Draylon is revered as an Imperial Saint by the peoples of the Rovokan Sector, and the Chapter makes it's home on the sector's former capital world, Rovokan Prime. Rovokan Prime is now a blasted desert, it's corrupt population exterminated during the war of faith which reclaimed the sector. The chapter uses it as a training ground, it's harsh environment winnowing the weak from the strong among the recruits drawn from other worlds in the sector.


Combat Doctrine[edit]

The Desert Raiders are unarguably masters of guerrilla warfare. They prefer to take their enemies by surprise using ambushes, feints, raids and other shock and awe tactics to catch their foe at his most vulnerable. This has lead some of the other sons of Dorn to view them with hostility; denouncing such tactics as cowardly. In reaction to this the Brothers of the Desert Raiders have become obsessive about proudly displaying their Chapter's colors both on and off the battle field.




"Swiftly we come for you!"

Deathwatch Dorn's Raiders Rules[edit]

Original Rolls[edit]

Dorn's Raiders Chapter
War Cry
"Swiftly We come for you!"
Counter Chapter in the 35 Millennium
Imperial Fists
10% mutation - Oversensitive Occulobe
See, but Don't Be Seen
Pride in the Colors
Figure of Legend
Chaplain led a glorious campaign against a rebel army, defeating the foe and bringing an entire sector back into the light of the Emperor
Home world
uninhabited, desert, distant rule
Organization Unique Organization
Combat Doctrine
Shock and Awe
Modified Weapons
During the campaign to retake their home sector one of their Tech-Marines stumbled across a power weapon modification which caused the disruption field of the weapon to absorb light rather than give it off. This aids in stealth and means their power weapons turn black when activated
Chaos Space Marines - possibly Iron Warriors



The Emperor does not promise us victory.
He promises us only the challenge of Battle.
Victory is what we must give to Him.
Victory is our prayer.
Victory is our hymn.
Victory is our worship.
Victory by any means necessary.

- Saint Draylon, sermon at the Draalketh war council.


"Deal with it" - Chapter Master Shepard in response to accusations of "mutation and tech heresy" issued from Inquisitor Steingraff. Statement made while donning the Chapters signature shaded eye gear (vid capture related).

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