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Desna symbol.jpg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Dreams, Luck, Stars, Travelers
Domains Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel
Home Plane Cynosure
Worshippers Travelers, Astronomers, Gamblers, Musicians, Varisians
Servitors The Night Monarch, Thyrliens
Favoured Weapon Starknife
Desna planar adventures.png

Desna is one of the first deities, and when her fellow gods set out to go and do the hard work to bring order to Golarion she toddled off like a child and made her own special place. This is how the Heavens came into being. And that state-of-being is still largely how Desna has remained through the eons, like a spastic kid full of wanderlust, opposing things like rules about bedtime. The nomadic Varisian people, who probably account for most of her worshipers, say that she appears as a dark-haired and silver-eyed elf with butterfly wings patterned with the beauty of the night sky. The sea-faring Bonuwat tribe of the Mwangi Expanse also worship Desna... in their own way, lumping her into a two-faced amalgam with the goddess Gozreh who they refer to as Shimye-Magalla... which gets even weirder when you consider that Gozreh is already two gods in one!

Desna as potrayed by people from the Mwangi Expanse and Garund.

Desna herself doesn't seem to care much about most other gods, too aloof and flippant to be bogged down in the typical adult bickering over who is nosing too far into whose portfolio. Part of this is probably due to past trauma, as she did used to have a daddy role-model in the form of an elderly god named Curchanus -who was apparently even firster than she- and the two would enjoy many long walks together where he taught her about the world. But then one day Curchanus was set upon and killed by Lamashtu, who stole from him domain over Beasts, but before he died he passed on to Desna domain over Travel. The theft of the Beast domain is said to be the reason that humans and animals came to mistrust one another, and because of this Lamashtu is the only god that Desna actually actively hates and works to undermine wherever she finds her corrupting influence, looking to reclaim Curchanus's domain over Beasts from her evil clutches. Desna is also mildly annoyed by Rovagug and Zon-Kuthon at their misuses of darkness, as she sees nighttime as a time for wonder and dreaming which people should not fear. In an unusual event of taking responsibility, she also seeks the defeat of the demi-god Ghlaunder whom she accidentally released with her childish bumbling.


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