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Battle Cry Unknown
Number Unknown
Founding Second Founding
Successors of White Scars
Successor Chapters Unknown
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Jaghatai Khan
Homeworld Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Destroying things
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black armor, yellow pauldrons and helm

Violent badass assholes. That's the theme of the fuckin' DESTROYERS. George Thorogood ain't got nothing on these guys. A heavy metal Second Founding Chapter, derived from White Scars gene-seed. There is little else on them. Supposedly, they are rather fierce but some people don't like aggressive marines. They have issues with Mental Health, likely relating back to their gene-seed. Paranoid about the spread of chaos, they delight in the Hysteria of Raining Blood Among the Living enemies of the Imperium. On the Highway to Hell, they Stay Hungry for violence in a Countdown to Extinction of chaos. However, to prevent themselves and their primogenitor from being purged, they often throw themselves into combat, Screaming for Vengeance against the enemy. Especially against daemons. No matter The Number of The Beast(s) they're up against, they Shout at the Devil. They are extremely efficient in warfare and are willing to sacrifice themselves, but also particularly brutal and show No Remorse. You could say they have... an Appetite for Destruction. In a Vulgar Display of Power, they're willing to Kill 'Em All, Women and Children First if it means stopping the taint of chaos. To them, that's just Another Perfect Day. Okay, okay, I'll stop.

The Imperium cares little for their heroics. Despite this, they keep fighting for the Emperor. The Destroyers also seem to adhere to the Codex more so than their fellow successors. Their only known engagement was in the 13th Black Crusade. They've also managed to draw some flak from the Ecclesiarchy, firstly because they are ardent adherents to logic over faith and, in a surprise turn of events, they brutally mutilate the corpses of their enemies. They fuck shit up. Hence the name.


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