Deuces Wild

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You've heard about the Cards right? I mean who hasn't, tales of those Guns spread faster than wildfire. Tales of men who walk the world carrying weapons with insane power. Everyone's got their own tale of how they saw someone wield one of the Cards, but did you ever hear someone with two? Well you're about to find out...

I was heading down towards Texas, had reached a little town called Pilgrim's Point, apparently called 'cause a lot of people passed through there on their way to anywhere. The first thing I noticed when I got there was the place was COVERED in wanted posters, all with the same name on it: some bandit named "Deuces Wild". I figured it was just some cocky asshole with a grudge against the town, until I saw him roll into town a few days later.

The whole town seemed to hunker down like some cornered beast: windows were kept shut, doors were bolted, and every man woman and child seemed to have a gun drawn. The sheriff had apparently rounded up a bunch of men to take on Deuces Wild, a full dozen counting the sheriff. They waited in the middle of town, some of them looking more nervous than the townspeople.

Deuces Wild showed up at high noon on foot, walking straight towards the sheriff and his men as if they weren't even a threat, and he had this mad grin on his face, like he'd seen straight into the jaws of hell and liked what he saw. A full half dozen of the sheriff's men panicked and tried to rush him, and the cocky bastard just casually drew his Gun and gunned them down as if they were nothing. It was then that I saw which gun he had: a two of Spades was engraved on the handle, and the barrel had several stars of different sizes on it.

He stopped about 20 paces short of the sheriff and what men he had left, and everyone but the sheriff levelled their guns at him. However, Dueces still had that mad grin on his face, there wasn't the slightest sign of fear in him. Now that Gun of his was a six-shooter and was out of bullets, and any normal man would have been reaching for another gun, or at least should have been. The sheriff's men all fired at once, but I swear I heard 6 shots ring out, not 5, and something ringing out shortly after, like the sound of metal bouncing off metal. Deuces should have come out of that with 5 holes in his chest, but once the smoke cleared it was clear that he was intact.

"Well now, Mister Wild, it would appear that, even with your fancy Gun, you're still at a disadvantage, seeing as we outnumber you 6 to 1" the sheriff said in a rather prominant southern drawl. Then Deuces did something to even those odds in the blink of an eye: he shot the rest of the sheriff's men. It caught everyone offguard: in an instant he drew a Gun apparently from thin air and started firing, putting a bullet in each man bar the sheriff. He then holstered the Gun and it disappeared into thin air, but before it disappeared I got a clear look of it: it was another six-shooter, but smaller and less stylised than the Two of Spades, in fact it almost seemed plain and non-descript. The only thing unique about it was that had the Two of Diamonds engraved on the handle.

"And now we're even again, Sheriff...?"

"Yates. You'd best remember that name, as I'm gonna be the one that sends you straight to Hell, boy."

"Oh I'll remember it, I'll add it to the list of sheriffs I've killed! Now, do you want to face me with one bullet left, or do you want me to reload and face me at full power?"

"Oh I'd never let a man face me at anything less than full strength, Mister Wild, I am a man of honour, and I intend to remain that way."

"Doesn't matter to me either way, sheriff, because you know what they say..." He put on a pair of black tinted glasses before continuing, for a reason I still don't understand. "Deuces Wild!!"

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