Dieprian Mountain Men

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Dieper III is a Extremely mountainous world (like, a whole lot of mountains) and thats why the imperial guard needed soldiers that know no fear of extreme heights and also have balls of steel, enter the Dieprian Mountain Men.

Little is known about this regiment in imperial records other than the Emperor himself named the regiment after he set foot on the planet sometime before the Great Crusade, the Dieprians are specialized in alpine and mountain warfare they are commited to safeguard their home planet forever, not taking part in any major conflicts (although, they maybe some little exceptions), their fighting style is based in high altitude ambushes using Valkyries (a lot of valkyries) at extreme heights.


The Dieprian Mountain Men were first mentioned in the 3rd Edition Imperial Guard 1st Codex (page 28) and ever since then they haven't been mentioned again.

Fall of Dieper III[edit]

Unfortunately, Dieper III was conquered by the Tau led by Commander Shadowsun, Dieper III (now renamed to il'Wolaho) is now under Tau Control, and the Dieprian Mountain Men as a regiment, Probably no longer exists, though any regiments exported form the world may still exist Tanith First style.

Notable Dieprian Mountain Men[edit]

  • Lorenzo Cavalieri - Captain Lorenzo Cavalieri was a Dieprian company commander who lead his troops in various conflicts against an unnamed warband of Chaos Space Marnines in the world of Laidia.
  • Iuseppe Carrafiello - Iuseppe Carrafiello was a Dieprian Sniper who was able to headshot a Chaos Lord while he was slaughtering a dozen of imperial Guard privates (for some reason).
  • Emmett Falkens - Colonel and leader of the Mountain Men that fought agaist the Tau when Dieper III was invaded, until he was killed in combat by Shadowsun.


The Dieprian Mountain Men seems to have been based on the historical Alpini Corps of the Italian Army founded in 1876 and later participated in the First and Second World War, who achieved the honour of outfighting the Russian Red Army in winter.


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