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Not to be confused with Arseplomancer.

With enough ranks in Bluff, one does not need combat skills.

A rare D&D archetype character, the Diplomancer is a character - usually a Bard, but sometimes a Cleric, Multiclassed Rogue, or (rarely) Wizard or Sorcerer that focuses heavily on diplomatic abilities. The idea is that by having a high enough Charisma score, shittons of ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Sense Motive, and if all else fails, a few spells to nudge things along, you have a character that can very effectively find non-violent ends to encounters, often with hilarious results.

50 Copper and Ludi'drizz't are one pristine example of this archetype in action.

Though diplomancers are well-equipped for non-violent solutions, that does not mean they can't be evil freaking assholes in their own right, as this story proves.