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Not to be confused with Arseplomancer. This build focuses on pulling stuff out of your ass, not shoving stuff into others'.

With enough ranks in Bluff, one does not need combat skills.

A rare D&D archetype character, the Diplomancer is a character - usually a Bard, but sometimes a Cleric, Multiclassed Rogue, Binder, or (rarely) Wizard or Sorcerer that focuses heavily on diplomatic abilities. The idea is that by having a high enough Charisma score, shittons of ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Sense Motive, and if all else fails, a few spells to nudge things along, you have a character that can very effectively find non-violent ends to encounters, often with hilarious results.

A truly optimized diplomancer can make any intelligent creature his ally in seconds. One infamous variant of this idea is the "Jumplomancer", which impresses NPCs into fanatical loyalty with his ability to jump 94 feet in the air.

The pair known only as 50 Copper and Ludi'drizz't are a pristine example of this archetype in action.

Though diplomancers are well-equipped for non-violent solutions, that does not mean they can't be evil freaking assholes in their own right, as this story proves.