Disciples of Caliban

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Disciples of Caliban
Disciples of Caliban Livery 2.png
Battle Cry "For the Lion"
Founding Unknown, either 23rd or 24th
Successors of Dark Angels
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Homeworld None (Fleet Based)
Strength probably the same as the Dark Angels
Specialty Hunting Cypher FOUL TRAITORS, being knightly as fuck
Allegiance Imperium of Man, except for those who fell to Chaos
Colours Green & Black.

The founding of the Disciples of Caliban is shrouded not only in mystery but also controversy. It is believed that Dark Angels Chapter Master Anaziel blackmailed the fuck out of several High Lords of Terra for a Chapter to be raised late in the 37th Millennium. At the time, such a request was unheard of from a Chapter Master so the Disciples of Caliban were created outside of any particular founding.

The gene-seed was of the highest pedigree held by the Dark Angels at the time, and was examined using standards far beyond even that required by the Adeptus Terra. To this day the purity of the Chapter's gene-seed is constantly monitored for the slightest sign of corruption or degradation, even going so far as to check in on its members within the Deathwatch and screen them whenever they feel like it. They also have the most exacting standards of recruitment of any of the Unforgiven. This fixation with quality control has given the Disciples a reputation of virtue and honor to the highest degree. Exactly how they manage to reconcile an unflinching pursuit of the Fallen and maintaining their reputation is left open to interpretation. It seems likely that the reason for making what are basically super elite Astartes as a Chapter is so that they will simply be skilled enough to hunt Fallen without influencing their normal Space Marine duties. Probably by having superior Marines they can send a handful of Marines to deal with the Fallen instead of whole companies. Also, it’s possible the standards are a smokescreen and that in reality it is an entire Chapter made up of Veterans from all of the other Chapters of the Lion’s gene-stock.

It is generally acknowledged that Anaziel had the Disciples of Caliban created for a very specific and secretive purpose - rumoured amongst the other Unforgiven to be the pursuit and capture of the renegade known as Cypher, though none outside this Chapter's Inner Circle know if this really is their true purpose. The Disciples of Caliban are a very mobile Chapter, and their fortress fleet has been sighted in conflicts the length and breadth of the Imperium, and sometimes far beyond. Speculation exists that many of these conflicts were instigated or fuelled by the presence of Cypher, and the Disciples of Caliban have become experts at detecting even the most subtle tell-tale signs of the Fallen; in fact, it is suspected that the numbers of Fallen they have brought back to The Rock rivals that of even more well-established Unforgiven chapters. (The fact that an entire chapter of extra special loyal extra-super super soldiers was created to hunt down Cypher should probably go some way to explaining just how unbelievably badass he is)Heresy

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