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This is the King/Land/rule page for the Gridlocked expansion of the Disney Villains Victorious developed under /tg/. This page describes the Kings of Gridlocked, the Lands they control, and the effects of each Land's Rule upon the land and its people. For the K/L/Rs of the Classic game, see the Disney Villains Victorious K/L/Rs page.

Bill Cipher Of The Oregon Triangle (Origin: Gravity Falls)[edit]

King - Bill Cipher

The being known as Bill Cipher is a dream demon from the second dimension. An alien, triangular entity with a top hat, a bow tie, and a cyclopean eye that see all, Bill is a master of deception who can enter the dreams of almost anyone in the world. While Bill has significantly more influence in the Oregon Triangle (capable of twisting the landscape or siccing monsters on the unwary), it's not until you enter the eye of the Triangle that his power becomes comparable to that of a mad god. As a vast majority of his reality-warping power is limited to the eye, Bill's working hard to manipulate any number of unsuspecting smucks (including player characters and other Kings) to release him from his prison and grant him free reign to spread the chaos of the Nightmare Dimension into the rest of our universe.

Land - The Oregon Triangle

Generally considered to be under the control of the Kronos Corporation by people who think they're in the loop, the state of Oregon is truly anything but. In the Oregon Triangle, the supernatural runs rampant, anyone with a lick of sense about them able to tell that there's something terrible at work under the hood. Cryptids roam the woods freely, as well as anywhere else people feel the instinctual need to stay away from. Travelers passing through the Triangle may find trusted navigational equipment malfunction at unfortunate moments, or hear the whispers of the dead on the other end of their cellphones and radios at night. The Triangle influences anyone who strays too close to the center, warping their minds and bodies in a variety of ways that can best be described as 'quite unpleasant'.


Bill Cipher is near-omniscient. He knows many things, some of which he may be willing to share with particularly desperate-looking heroes... for a price of his naming. To reject an offer Bill makes is to invite great danger into your life, while shaking his hand can result in a fate far more damning than imaginable. Putting your faith in anything you hear, see, or even think in the Oregon Triangle is ill-advised, as the entire region is designed to test and break the wills of anyone foolish enough to enter it. From a certain point of view, you can be thankful that Bill enjoys torturing people more than he does killing them; on a good day, the worst he'll do is torment for a period of time at least twice as long as your expected natural life. On a bad day, it's exponential and starts back from the top when over.

AUTO of the BnL Wasteland (Origin: WALL-E)[edit]

King - AUTO

AUTO is the cleverly named autopilot of the Axiom space vessel. There is a human captain, but his authority has diminished to the point of being little more than a figurehead. AUTO's prime directive is to keep the citizens of the Axiom fat and happy, blissfully unaware of the hellish wasteland outside their sheltered lives. With unrestricted access to the ship's functions, AUTO can attend to their every need. He can be very convincing and is highly intelligent. He has eyes all over the ship, both inside and out. Should dissent or mutiny on the Axiom become an issue, AUTO could cut off power grids and supply networks from dissenters, isolating the problems for his troubleshooters to solve with impunity.

Land - BnL Wasteland

Referring to the vast wasteland dominating the midwest as being ruled by Buy n Large or AUTO would be misleading. In truth, the Wasteland, though the result of Buy n Large's careless actions, isn't ruled by anyone. It merely denotes the parts of America that no other King has the resources or opportunity to conquer yet. The Wasteland is unsuited for hosting organic life, the harsh pollution and desert winds tearing at the bodies and minds of those who enter unprepared.

The Axiom, crash landed in Chicago, is made of a sterile white chrome metal. The passengers sit in automated chairs all day, their every needs (up to and including walking) tended to by robot servants. Their culture is rapidly consumerist, fitting their nature as people that can do nothing but consume. The vessel was to house humanity while the WALL-E robots spent years cleaning up the Earth, but years turned into millennia as the WALL-Es ran out of power. The ship drifted aimlessly in space, returning to it's home planet when fuel supplies became critically low. Few citizens of the Axiom are aware that the ship touched down on terra firma, and only a handful of them can find the effort to care.

Rule - Leave The Flying To Us!

Upon finding humans within the perimeter of the docked Axiom, AUTO will immediately attempt to assimilate them into the population of his ship. Should they refuse or attempt to inform another passenger of the outside world, the AI will take them to an isolated part of the ship and deal with them discretely. AUTO is a dangerous foe, and attempting to fight him inside of his own ship is suicide. Should a clever or lucky party be able to confront him in the master control room, they can reprogram his prime objective by force. Be warned: he will not let go of his sole motivation so easily.

Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel, the 19th Lord of the Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain (Origin: Fireball)[edit]

King - The 19th Lord of Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel.

The robot duchess Drossel von Flügel resides in the Tempest Domain with mechanical butler, Gedächtnis, watching the affairs of both man and machine with idle curiosity. With the technological marvel that is her Tempest Tower, Drossel can deliver orders to her robot army from the comfort of her home. She is often nonsensical, and may seem insane at first glance. For all of the power at her disposal, she has the worldly experience and wisdom of a small child. However, one would be a fool to underestimate her strength. Some would fear her even more because she cannot comprehend the power she possesses.

Land - Tempest Domain.

The Tempest Domain comes from a future world entirely inhabited by robots, all of whom must bend over backwards to fulfill Drossel's every need. Her automated defenses will attack any human who attempts to enter her land, explaining the lack of common knowledge on the subject of organic life. The robot citizens must often force themselves to act happy in front of their ruler, but some become happy over time as a result of faulty or expired AI chips. As far as your average robot knows, there is nothing but desert beyond the city walls. Only Drossel, Gedächtnis and select others are aware of the human civilizations outside their territory. Drossel has even attempted opening up relations with the non-human factions. She doesn't like any the human countries she's seen yet, but at least she hasn't declared war.

Rule - "I can't see my house from here!"

Drossel has different attitudes towards robots and humans. She will allow robots access to her land as long as they obey her every command, while humans will be barred entry. Though her father, Windstille von Flügel, attempted to make peace with his human neighbors, he passed away before he could make his dream a reality. You can appeal to Drossel's better nature (or general naivety) and cut a fair deal with her, unlike many of the cruel Kings you will encounter in Gridlocked. With any attempt to fight her, PC's will have to work their way through the massive Tempest Tower. There are scores of robot guards and servants scattered throughout the tower, including a robot monkey by the name of "Schadenfreude". Drossel herself is a capable fighter in hand to hand combat, and her butler is a powerful spider tank.

King Candy of Litwak's Arcade (Origin: Wreck-It Ralph)[edit]

King - King Candy

The game character now known as King Candy had humble beginnings. Long before Sugar Rush was added to Litwak's Arcade, he was Turbo, the main character of the TurboTime racing game. Turbo, jealous of the RoadBlasters game taking his spotlight, crashed both TurboTime and Roadblasters in his attempt to become the center of attention again. Years later, he tampered with the code of Sugar Rush and made a new persona for himself as King Candy. With a mixture of flamboyant charm and a hidden, cruel edge, it was not long before Turbo took over the rest of the arcade. King Candy is incredibly egotistical and conceited, expecting all who meet his eye to bow in respect of his supposedly noble aura. During his rise to power, King Candy fused with the cybug hivemind, adding their power to his own. He has established Sugar Rush as one of the last safe havens in Litwak's Arcade, using the threat of the cybugs to legitimize his rule. In reality, King Candy has left his empire of sweets and desserts to rot as he basks in the glory of his accomplishments.

Land - Litwak's Arcade

The arcade is still run by old man Litwak. As far as he and the players know, nothing is wrong in the arcade. That said, there has been an increasing number of glitches and errors in some of the normally stable cabinets. King Candy is a lazy ruler, but he is very quick to crush dissent. Offensive textures, items, and even characters will vanish without a trace, only to return later with notable changes. Those who speak out against the King will find their protection against the cybugs revoked, their games assimilated into the alien hive. The only active resistance against King Candy live in the Fix-It Felix Jr. cabinet, working hard to fend off cybugs while keeping the graphical errors in their game manageable during daylight hours. Their most powerful ally is the Ghost, a living glitch shaped like a young girl that aids the rebellion however she can. Even human players have began noticing her presence. Meanwhile, King Candy has attempted to hack into Litwak's office computer in order to spread the cybug plague to the rest of the world.

Rule - The Konami Code

King Candy has the tendency not notice new people in his kingdom. As long as you honor him and don't go against him, he'll be fine with your presence. If you attempt to fight him, the more powerful PCs will be fed to Cybugs and join the swarm while the others will be deleted. Should you manage to escape (likely through The Ghost), you can meet up with The Resistance. If you plan to preform strikes for them against King Candy, you'll need to get in and out quickly so he can't find and delete you. Fortunately, The Ghost can provide aid in the form of guided glitch chaos.

David Xanatos Of Xanatos Enterprises (Origin: Gargoyles)[edit]

King - David Xanatos

Daivd Xanatos is the self made CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. Xanatos is most notable for being a master planner, having nearly every variable and probability memorized in his head long before he organized a mass surveillance system on top of his land. He is a skilled martial artist, a smooth operator, and a talented businessman. Mr. Xanatos doesn't stray from the use of magic to solve his problems. In fact, rumor has it that he finally figured out the secret of immortality thanks to extensive study of the mystic arts.

Land - Xanatos Enterprises.

Xanatos Enterprises is the megacorporation that currently dominates most of the New England area. The cities are tall and grey, dominated by stone, steel, and eldritch magic. Xanatos Enterprises' products differ from that of the competition because Mr. Xanatos does not shy away from the use of magic. In fact, many Xanatos products use magic in ways that are much cheaper to replicate than in their scientific counterparts. Most people in New England can't go through a day without using a Xanatos product, and almost all of them have a surveillance charm on them of some kind. Xanatos has allies of convenience in the form of the Manhatten gargoyle clan and Bill Sykes' crime ring, but all parties are expecting betrayal from each other at a moment's notice.

Rule - Just As Planned.

Xanatos thinks of almost everyone as pawns in a grand chess game. Your average bloke won't know whether or not him showing up to work two minutes late was crucial to his King's newest scheme. The only people he sees as exempt from his manipuation are his wife and child, but everyone else is but a tool to advance his goals. He does not mind people who enter his land as long as they follow the rules. If they show signs of wanting to overthrow him, then David Xanatos will begin taking steps to make sure that he wins, regardless of what moves his opponent may or may not make.

Henry J. Waternoose III of Monsters INC. (Origin: Monsters INC.)[edit]

King - Henry J. Waternoose III

Henry J. Waternoose III is a fairly personable monster when under the public eye. He gives the appearance of being a kindly grandfather figure to his employees, and treats them genuinely well unless he has reason not to. In private, he's a cold, calculating mastermind who would torture children and sentence well meaning monsters to a frozen death before he'd let his company die. He's very shrewd, and can defend himself in a physical confrontation if push comes to shove. He can throw his weight around, both figuratively and literally.

Land - Monsters INC.

Monsters INC is a megacorporation that runs Monster World and has a firm grasp on it's power supply. Waternoose has control of the media and the monster educational system, convincing the populace that fear is key to success to life. Monster World runs on scaring others, and you can't go anywhere in Monster World without connections to Monsters INC. Years back, Randall Boggs, current heir apparent to Waternoose and his company, developed a solution to the energy crisis in the form of the Scream Extractor. Instead of scaring multiple kids per night, Monsters INC. will kidnap one child a day and force every scream out of them at once. The children (should they survive) are in no condition to be returned to their parents after the procedure, so they are kept in storage cells until they can recover and be put in the Extractor again at a later date. Agents returning from the field have been reporting that their efforts were hampered by animate toys, many trying in vain to protect their children from the monsters hiding behind closed doors. Randall, a veteran of the Scare Floor (and an urban legend on Earth), has some interesting ideas to deal with these plastic nuisances.

Rule - We Scare Because We Care

If you enter the Monster World and aren't a monster, then you're already on Waternoose's wanted list. You can make a cheap disguise for yourself, but the authorities are on a paranoid watch for spies in the monster population. Young player characters are especially endangered here, and risk being put into the Scream Extractor if they are caught by Monsters INC.

Yokai of San Fransokyo (Origin: Big Hero 6)[edit]

King - Yokai

Before Yokai, there was a respectable roboticist Robert Callaghan. Yokai still puts on the Callaghan mask when serving his public function as the director of the American-Japanese city state taking up the west coast. As Callaghan, he projects a positive image for the public, and can truly be a warm and nice person to those who aren't causing trouble for him. As Yokai, he is a spirit of vengeance, destroying all who he perceives as wronging him or attempting to stop him from making his vision of the future a reality. Many of the cities in the San Fransokyo's sphere of influence incorporate microbots in some form or another. Via the transmitter in his kabuki mask, Yokai can reshape a hapless town into a swarm of destructive fury at will.

Land - San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo, like many other cities in Gridlocked, is a glimpse of what the future could be. It's a future of black metal and harsh neon light, filled with shallow people under constant surveillance. It's a future dominated by Japanese culture and omnipresent advertisement. Robots patrol the streets to aid their human owners, all of them secretly programed to obey Yokai's orders. Cybernetics have become the newest fad, with expensive machines being integrated with the body that can you stronger and smarter than you were without them. Though the upper crust and middle class have been near fully absorbed into the San Fransokyo culture, the proletariat in the slums still fight the man the best they can. The San Fransokyo Underground is made up of working class folk and the occasional hacker who want to pull the plug on Yokai, but have little power to do so. The worst of them are thugs and gangsters who are little better than the man they want out of power. The SFU often take old or broken down robots and repurpose them in order to level the playing field with Yokai, and they find new old machines all the time.

Rule - Japanese Cyberpunk

Yokai punishes dissent and rebellion with incarceration and death. He does so out of the belief that those who question how well he's run things are only out to selfishly better themselves. The standard of living for San Fransokyo is actually very high for those who are smart enough to get in a good position and hold onto it for dear life. San Fransokyo is ripe with intrigue, and you can always find what you need if you know which shadows to look in.

Abraham Kane of KaneCo (Origin: Motorcity)[edit]

King - Abraham Kane

To those born and raised in Detroit Deluxe, Abraham Kane is a kind and genial man, a philanthropist with an eye for the future who leads the vanguard for a brighter, more orderly tomorrow. The desperate, destitute scavengers exiled from Deluxe see Kane in a different light, as the vengeful, arrogant despot who chased them from their homes in the ruins of old Detroit and banished anyone who wouldn't get with his program to the Wasteland. Kane is extremely ambitious, with plans set in motion to take the mysterious starship in Chicago and use it's advanced technology to expand his empire further out into the rest of the world. The only thing fettering Kane's thirst for power is his daughter, Julie, the only opponent to his regime that he couldn't find within himself to destroy.

Land - KaneCo

Detroit Deluxe covers the old Metro Detroit area, over which he constructed what was promised to be the city of the future. What Kane neglected to mention was that it was a future he'd rule with an iron fist. Deluxe is the fruit of his labors, a stark metropolis with just as much personal decoration as there is personal freedom. The rest of the Lower Peninsula is also under his jurisdiction, though he primarily uses it to test out weapons or dump toxic waste without soiling his precious Deluxe. This is where the exiles live: mutants, outlaws, and dissidents with nothing to have taken from them. Kane pays little attention to these rejects, though he uses sparse supply drops to simultaneously present the illusion of generosity, appease his bleeding heart of a daughter, and control the lowlife population by making them fight over resources.

Rule - Welcome to Detroit Deluxe

It should go without saying that Abraham Kane is a maniac, but he's a charismatic maniac, so we're saying it anyway. A control freak to a fault, Kane keeps Deluxe is under tight supervision with his drone army and fanatical security forces. Getting in and out of the city unnoticed is difficult, but not impossible, though he's not one to fall for the same trick twice. In comparison, his land outside of Deluxe is left to rot. Bandit gangs drive around the Lower Peninsula like modern nomad tribes, using their weaponized musclecars to raid settlements for supplies or hunt down travelers that unwittingly enter their territory. Kane, having much bigger fish to fry than some lowlifes driving around in the desert, is unlikely to do anything about heroes in his territory unless they impact him, his city, his daughter, or his plans directly.

Syndrome of Kronos Corporation (Origin: The Incredibles)[edit]

King - Syndrome

Before Syndrome, there was a young boy named Buddy Pine. Buddy was a technological genius. After being burned by his super role model, Buddy spent the next 16 years of his life working to destroy him and other supers like him. He is head of Kronos, whose massive cities span the Rocky Mountains. He is much older than the other Kings, sitting on his life support chair in a desert fortress guarded by Omnidroids. As a result of his age, he has a distinct advantage in the form of experience. Syndrome is not as intimidating or charismatic as he used to be, but he has the controller for every machine in his land. He is a masterful planner and a force to be reckoned with.

Land - Kronos Corporation

The massive swath of land that Kronos holds the rights to can best be described as "The future, but as it was imagined by the 1960s." Buildings are covered in chrome and streamlined to the point of perfect straightness. Servant droids patrol the streets and many people have cybernetic implants of some variety that effectively grant them superpowers. You shouldn't refer to them as superpowers, though. Supers are harshly persecuted in Kronos territory, and anyone showing signs of developing powers must be taken to the nearest Omnidroid to be deported, executed, incarcerated, or salvaged for spare parts. Speaking out against this policy will result in a similar fate.

Rule - When Everyone is Special

Syndrome enjoys pitching himself to the public as an equality-obsessed populist leader, putting men where only Gods belong. As you can expect, it's all an act. Syndromes' technology is not the great equalizer it claims to be, considering that the wealthy get early access to any technological breakthroughs that Kronos makes. PCs travelling in Kronos Corporation territory must be careful not to exhibit extraordinary abilities that can't be reasoned away as holograms and nanomachines, lest they be taken away by Syndrome's machines.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated (Origin: Phineas and Ferb)[edit]

King - Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is often derided by his colleagues as being stupid and gullible, but while Doof is amazingly absentminded and short sighted, he is amazingly inventive when it comes to Inators. He can build some amazing (but not necessarily very useful) technology, being smart enough to build a death ray, and stupid enough to put a self-destruct button on it. Doofenshmirtz is also known for having a flair for the theatrical. He has his own backup dancers to sing about his accomplishments. Underneath it all, Doof has a deep desire to be recognized as the evil mastermind he fancies himself to be. The reason that he is widely ridiculed instead of feared is that he's rather petty and not particularly malevolent to anyone other than his brother Roger. He adheres to villainous cliches religiously, and his competence level varies from day-to-day. He builds a different Inator every day, and they widely vary in threat. The Ice-Aginator is much more dangerous than the Dressinator, but both of them would be put into storage once he loses interest.

Land - Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated is the company that currently owns the former Tri-State Area. Unlike with most villains, a vast majority of people living in the Tri-State Area live the same way as they did before Doof took over. Civilian life is significantly more militarized than it used to be, considering that the Tri-State Area is between Kronos and DrakkTech. The people are also a bit more paranoid, given that Doof will often reenact and abolish any of the inane laws he institutes at a moment's notice. Normbots enforce his laws with polite requests backed with laser guns. That said, Doof has instituted very few restrictions on freedom and is remarkably personal through his web blog (which all citizens must subscribe to by law) and other channels. By being a relatively benevolent ruler, Doofenshmirtz has developed a remarkably high approval rating among his populace.

Rule - Behold, my Inator!

Doof is personable and hands-off, even if he makes people read his blog under pain of imprisonment. Other than that, the man is one of the kindest villains in America. He is also technically in a cold war with Shego (wanting that last chunk of Colorado in order to satisfy his desire for a completed Tri-State Area), but she hasn't noticed. Doof is getting up there in age, however, and already has two heirs prepared; two boys with technological genius similar to his named Phineas and Ferb. The two boys are even more gentle than Doof, but manage to have austoundingly more common sense. They've already helped him make a few Inators, and they don't have self-destruct buttons!

Shego of DrakkTech (Origin: Kim Possible)[edit]

King - Shego.

Before becoming the woman behind DrakkTech, Shego worked as the underling of a mad scientist named Dr. Drakken. Before she worked for Drakken, she was actually a hero. She and her brothers gained their abilities from a meteor that gave them superpowers, all of them agreeing to use their gifts for good. She eventually got fed up her brothers' antics and left them, taking a fancy to the evil she was supposed to fight. When Drakken finally defeated his nemesis, she pulled the rug from under her boss' feet and took over his operation. She still keeps him around for as of yet unknown reasons, but it is unlikely to be emotional attachment. Being incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat, Shego is one of the most dangerous Kings to face in a fight.

Land - DrakkTech.

DrakkTech occupies what used to be Oklahoma and Texas. DarkkTech's most noticeable trait is that the area is just lousy with supers. As a super herself, Shego is more than happy to welcome supers into her land. DrakkTech is filled with supers who jumped the border from Kronos Corp to escape Syndrome's anti-super polices. In fact, demographics state that one in every ten citizens in DrakkTech is has powers of some kind. Supers have become an accepted part of DrakkTech's culture, so it's barely even noticed when someone lights their cigars without matches, jogs to work at superhuman speeds, or shrugs off what would be fatal to a normal person. This overabundance of exceptional people in the population has led to DrakkTech becoming a capitalist meritocracy, with individualism valued and any sort of collectivism discouraged. Companies have few restrictions on how they can exploit workers and customers, and most people having an Exceptionalist outlook on their place in the world. DrakkTech is currently at war with Kronos Corp for reasons that should be obvious. They are also in frequent skirmishes with DOR-15, her collectivist nature is directly at odds with their individualism. In terms of aesthetics, the cities are as varied in design and architecture as there are supers living in them. The largest buildings often have one detail consistent; black and green color schemes, especially evident on the foreboding DrakkTech Tower.

Rule - "I am EVIL! Have I made myself clear?"

Shego will often be (or pretend to be) too busy to talk to people of significantly lower status than her. To raise your status, you must prove their merit. The quickest way to prove your merit is to rise through the ranks of a major corporation. The quickest way to do that is to eliminate the worker one rank above you and take their place. Until you reach a certain rank, the corporation your work for can own you, your family and your house as slaves. In some companies, murder is the only way to get yourself promoted. Once you've proven yourself worthy, you can get the honor of meeting Shego in person, either to talk her down or try and overthrow her as King.

DOR-15 of DOR-15 INC (Origin: Meet the Robinsons)[edit]

King - DOR-15

DOR-15 (also known as Doris) is a mechanical bowler hat invented by one Cornelius "Lewis" Robinson. For unknown reasons, Doris turned rogue. By playing on the fears and regrets of Lewis' friend, Michael "Goob" Yagoobian, the hat was able to travel through time and take over Mr. Robinson's company. Once the two of them were in a position of power, she jumped off of his head and took reins of the future. Doris can be strangely persuasive for a hat. She can read a person's memories and use them as a means of control, making a person dependent on her before her inevitable betrayal. Should that fail, DOR-15 can force a replica of herself on people to put them under her control. She also has a time machine, a finicky device that is only used as a last resort. The space time continuum can be abused and twisted into a terrifying weapon.

Land - DOR-15 Inc.

DOR-15 Inc. has control of what used to be the Southern US. It is a smoggy industrial zone where every building is designed in the shape of a bowler hat, and all citizens wears electronic hats that make them Doris' subjugated slaves. They function like a hive of insects, with the hats having limited means of communicating information and directions to each other like ants. People subjugated by DOR-15 are simple, expendable drones, something that does not endear them to DrakkTech and it's individualistic way of life. Beneath DOR-15 central millinery in Todayland lies a mysterious well. The matter that flows from the well is a golden, glowing liquid that frees anybody who touches it from their hat prisons. Little is known about this 'Glow', because any King who has sent agents to study it finds them becoming rogue do gooders instead. It causes a good feelings in whoever touches it, and the Glow's redeeming nature could make the most vile of criminals repent their sins.

Rule - I'm Never Inventing You

Anyone in her land found without a hat will have one put on them. DOR-15 will try and find exceptional people (such as player characters and NPCs) and manipulate them into doing her dirty work. Should manipulation and subjugation fail, you can expect a swarm of hats to rain upon you. All of Doris' citizens and Villains are under her direct control, so word of heroes arriving to confront her will travel fast.

The Master Control Program of ENCOM (Origin: TRON)[edit]

King - The Master Control Program

Created as a chess program by ENCOM CEO Ed Dillinger, the Master Control Program was an intelligent and power hungry AI that sought to seize control of the world's defense system decades ago. With the rise of new Kings and megacorporations to keep him in check, the MCP needed to calculate an alternate strategy to control the realm of man from the realm of the internet. From his virtual lair in the central mainframe of ENCOM, the Master Control Program has direct access to the world wide web and all information in it.

Land - ENCOM

ENCOM is one of the most successful computer companies in history. Though it holds little sway in the physical world, it's influence in the digital world is phenomenal. Almost every civilian program developed can trace it's source code back to ENCOM and the MCP. Though some would argue that this makes them vulnerable to hacking by malicious users, few can argue with their overall efficiency. The orange and grey programs under fealty to the MCP can bypass the security measures of unsuspecting users and appropropriate their digital assets for ENCOM's use. The MCP is a boogey man to your average program; an ancient, horrible being that has risen from the ages long passed to ruin all hopes for a safe life on the internet.

Rule - I Can Run Things 900 to 1200 Times Better Than Any Human

The MCP will consume countless programs across the internet to add to his massive processing power. Using a digitizer, he can send unsuspecting players into the internet and force them into his Games. Even though the internet is exponentially larger than it was in the 80s, the MCP can find anything about the players posted online, if given enough time to search for them. He also has limited influence in the real world, which he can use to subtly manipulate trouble in the players' direction. Blackmail, for example, is one of the MCP's most effective means of controlling humans.

CLU of The Grid (Origin: TRON: Legacy)[edit]

King - CLU

Based on the late Kevin Flynn, Codified Likeness Utility 2.0 was a program designed to create a perfect world. This drive for perfection quickly turned into an obsession, and imposing his idea of perfection on other Programs became his new motivation. After stealing control of the Grid from his creator, CLU began taking actions to spread his influence to the real world as well as the virtual one. Now, CLU is sweeping the internet of his digital enemies so that none can stop him when he sends his program army to the analog world.

Land - The Grid

The Grid is a sleek, black and orange virtual world that can be accessed from certain cities in America. In these cities lie CLU's Terminals, hidden nodes by which one can be digitized and enter the Grid. Programs in the Grid are pressed to seize any users they find, either to derez them or take them to the Games. The Games function to distract the uneasy populace from CLU's megalomaniacal war against the humans, a campaign that his reprogramed soldiers will die for and your average program is terrified by. Escape from the Grid back to reality is only possible from the Terminals. Going beyond the borders of the Grid will leave you stranded in the wild internet, easy pickings for the MCP.

Rule - The Perfect System

CLU will attempt to turn any programs in the party to his side, and will attempt to eliminate any other creature he is unable to find a temporary use for. Cities with Grid Terminals are filled with his program spies, many of which will be steadfast to kidnap people who know too much about the Grid and take them to their leader for interrogation. CLU's rule isn't popular with the Grid's population, but the programs of the Grid are either too indoctrinated or too scared to take up arms and rebel. Even if they did, CLU's top assassin, Rinzler, lies in the darkness to derez those who would question his right as King.

The United Galactic Federation of The Earth Wildlife Preserve (Origin: Lilo and Stitch.)[edit]

King - The United Galactic Federation.

The United Galactic Federation is a massive UN-style body that spans the entire Milky Way. They have a massive sprawling Bureaucracy where every action must be approved thrice by at 14 different people in office before it can be performed. The Federation, while it attempts kindness, tends to be incredibly arrogant to humans and other species, having a bit of a Savior Complex. That said, they do have a rather large military presence for anyone planning to fight them, especially lately as high-ranking politician and Grand Councilman heir apparent Gantu is pushing for far more militarization and power over its members for the Galactic Federation as well as far more authoritarian policies over the Earth Wildlife Preserve. He is a force to be reckoned with physically as well as politically, even if he's reaching a bit in years.

Land - The Earth Wildlife Preserve.

The Earth Wildlife Preserve denizens seem pretty happy on the outside. Overall, it mostly looks like normal Hawaii,circa early-2000s. However, it's all an act. Most of the supposed "nature" is artificial. It looks very real but it's all hollow, both literally and metaphorically. In the Federation's minds, the only way to keep thier subjects safe is via keeping keeping them in a sort of "artificial" bubble-state, cut-off from the rest of the world. It's what a tourist would think of when they think of what Hawaii's like. Nothing genuine. The residents are all happy outwardly but their society is kept frozen in time. No technological advancement, no new media, no news from the mainland for the last 20 years. There's been an entire Black Market of "rumors" from the mainland for the past 10 years. Recently, there's even been a resistance movement to break out of the "zoo", lead by a juvenile delinquent, aged 14, named Lilo. As for foreign matters, due to recent conflicts, the Galactic Federation is relatively uninvolved with other nations. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't engage them in war. Due to conflicts with other alien species, they only have so enough resources to devote to one colony on a small, far-away planet like Earth. As of late, it's been said that a number of children have vanished from their rooms in the dead of the night. While some believe that they've run away to join Lilo's young band of renegades, the teen leader herself blames the Galactic Federation for their disappearances.

Rule - "And if it wasn't for Stitch..."

Any Human or Human-appearing PCs entering the Earth Wildlife Preserve will be brainwashed and/or drugged by authorities. Any Non-Human looking PCs can attempt to convince the authorities they're an alien. You can also make disguises.

Negaduck of St. Canard (Origin: Darkwing Duck)[edit]

King - Negaduck

An alternate universe version of former hero Darkwing Duck, Negaduck hails from a dimension parallel to this universe, one aptly referred to as the "Negaverse". Negaduck conquered and ravaged large portion of that universe's Earth, opposed only by few (such as an alternate version of Doofenshmirtz referring to himself as "Doofenshmirtz of the 2nd Dimension"). But once he had destroyed a large portion of that world, Negaduck traveled to this world and carved out a niche for himself, taking over this world's version of St. Canard after stamping out the local heroes. Now, Negaduck continues his reign of terrorism and anarchy in the once-beloved city, intent on burning down the damn world just as he had with his own.

Land - St. Canard

If Xantos' city is equivalent to Metropolis, then Negaduck's city is equivalent to Gotham City on Purge Night. Once a shining metropolis just a bridge away from Xantos Enterprises, St. Canard is starting to resemble a dystopian future. Anarchy runs amuck here, as all crime is legal and emergency services have simply ceased to function. The madness has largely been contained thus far, as Xantos has put up a great deal of money to both construct a large wall around the city, and fund 24/7 surveillance and patrol of the city's borders. Xantos claims to be providing for the people of St. Canard, and airdrops supplies and food on a regular basis, most of which is quickly stolen by Negaduck and his forces. While the madness has been contained so far, Negaduck still has access to the Negaverse, ensuring that he still has resources, and he's looking to tear the wall down and expand...

Rule - The Screeching Fingernail On The Chalkboard of Justice

There are no rules in Negaduck's land, and many of the citizens don't even recognize Negaduck as their ruler. Gangs, former supervillains and psychotic individuals patrol the city at all times, committing crimes, looting, and taking whatever resources they can. There is virtually no good left in the city, and whatever altruism the PCs feel will likely be squished by the horrifying crimes and executions taking place across the city. Even if Negaduck is taken out, it'll take a while to restore the city into a livable area. The goal here is survival.

The Hon. Judge Doom of Doomtown (Origin: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)[edit]

King - Judge Doom

The former Los Angeles, Doomtown is the base of operations for the "honorable" judicial head of the city, Judge Doom. Seizing power after the murder of the beloved Marvin Acme and public Dipping of the criminal Roger Rabbit, Doom rules the renamed city as the real money and power behind City Hall. Driving the toons out of Toontown and creating the sprawling freeways, Doom is almost as wealthy as Xanatos (Though the East Coast mogul scoffs at such comparisons). Still taking time out of his days to patrol the streets with his Toon Patrol weasels, Doom cuts a powerful, unnerving swathe through the city. A wind blows his cape when there is none, and his unblinking eyes can break any criminal, toon or human. The tap of his cane against the pavement is a sign to start praying, yet to the public that only reads about his exploits he is a hero that reigns in the toon madness. Unfortunately, time has continued to warp Doom's mind. He sees plots and enemies everywhere, and despite his "control" (Read: Continued extortion of) the underworld, organized crime still controls much of the city's ghettos and neighborhoods. Even as Doom continues to make token efforts of "justice" public, the reality is that Doom's monomaniacal goal is to wipe out the Toon-sympathizing "Toon Town Railroad" underground movement. Whispers are also starting to circulate about how Doom never seems to age, and of how sometimes he'll turn away from a suspect that makes the rare treat of slugging Doom in the mouth. Of course, these rumors are never repeated around Doom or his weasels.

Land - Doomtown

The former Los Angeles, CA, Doomtown is trapped in the 1940s Art Deco styles from when Doom took power. The freeway wraps around the city, cars and trucks of all makes and models caught in a seemingly-endless gridlock. Skyscrapers reach endlessly upwards, obscured by fog on good days and smog on the worst. The people are all happy and content for the most part, scurrying from their apartments to their jobs and among the shops and shopping districts. Of course, that's because the people of Doomtown are all gainfully employed. Toons, driven out of their homes in the now-demolished Toontown, have been forced into abject squalor. Toons can be found in Hooverville shacks created under the freeway overpasses or underneath Doom's latest project, a subway system. Toons act as domestic help if they're lucky, though the majority are treated as cheap actors for the Hollywood studios that Doom has substantial shares in. These same toons are also often found working in the seedy nightclubs or Doomtown, desperately scrapping a few extra dollars out of their performances to the laughter and mockery of the patrons inside. Worse are the police and their newest branch, the Toon Patrol. With toons painted as dangerous malcontents and insane threats to the public safety and welfare, the police and weasels often treat toons as their personal whipping boys. Carrying water-pistols loaded with Dip and driving Toon Patrol paddy wagons with barrels of the toxin, it isn't unusual to find at least one unlucky toon a day being destroyed by the DPD. Criminals of every stripe also come to Doomtown, from San Fransokyo yakuza to branches of the Sykes Crime Family running gambling dens. The desperate also flock in, from supers hiding from Syndrome to refugees from the Oregon Triangle. All of these and more must pay their protection to the biggest criminal gang in the city in order to continue operating. The only real rays of hope from from the secretive Toon Town Railroad, a coalition of Toons and human allies dedicated to spiriting as many Toons out of the city as possible. Unfortunately for them, Hollywood's continued existence as the entertainment capital of the world means that many toons can be deported from across the country without trial thanks to Doom's unscrupulous deals with other rulers to keep the movies coming.

Rule - My God, It'll Be Beautiful

Doom is a man of grandiose vision, of creating ever greater ways of turning the land into a hefty profit. His freeway let him buy out the city itself, and now his subway system promises ever-greater profits for his pockets. Whether through a desperate need for hope or a driving desire for wealth, the majority of the city's population has bought in on the ideas that Doom's propaganda machine puts out on how an ever-growing city is their future. That toons are stepped down on and trod over means nothing to the average citizen of Doomtown, it's just the natural way of things after all. Besides, there are the "good toons" of the Toon Patrol (Traffic fatalities notwithstanding). Toons are only able to put on a happy mask, so beaten down by Doom and his rule that their only joy anymore is to hear the laughter from the theater seats below as they watch their movies in the "Toon Seats". Anyone daring to upset this order had better be prepared to face the reality that even mentioning the idea of changing things will swiftly result in a harsh "questioning" by the local authorities.