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Divs are one of the many, many races of fiends that Pathfinder has chosen to create to further flesh out their array of evil outsiders, due to not being restricted to the Great Wheel.

Divs are an array of deranged, nihilistic monsters born from the souls of evil genies, supposedly born out of an ancient war in which legions of genies rose up against ungrateful and abusive mortal masters, only to be defeated by the armies of the gods, who feared the genies would annihilate all mortals. Battered, humiliated and broken, they became servitors to Ahriman, a monstrous power that seeks the obliteration of the multiverse, who twisted them into their current hideous form and charged them with sowing misery and ruination in the material world.

The Fiends of Pathfinder
Lawful: Asuras - Devils - Kytons - Rakshasas
Neutral: Daemons - Divs - Sahkils
Chaotic: Demodands - Demons - Qlippoth
Any: Oni
Lords: Archdevils - Four Horsemen - Ahriman - Demon Princes