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The Divine Mind is another psionics class introduced with 3.5's Complete Psionic splatbook. The fluff around it involves channeling the power of their gods through their mind. Unlike a Paladin or Cleric, however, the Divine Mind is far more flexible with how these powers are chosen and allows them to focus on certain aspects as the situation arises. Unfortunately, there's very little allowing you to intermingle both a divine spellcaster and psionics.

In truth, it shares much in common with the Ardent, chiefly in its focus on mantles, the foci upon which the class bends around, while also suffering from the Paladin's gimped casting in psionics form. These mantles take the place of Cleric Domains by gaining minor benefits and associated powers and are selected based on their associated deity. That said, these are accrued at a slower rate than the Ardent's. They are also complemented by the presence of psychic auras, which can grant allies within range a minor perk that slowly scales by level before being able to stack on top of other auras.

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