Dodge City: Two Cards

From 1d4chan

I saw a Card once. Two, really. I didn't know it 'til later though. I was just a boy. Lil' older than five myself. I was in this little town in the Midwest, somewhere near Dodge City, cain't rightly remember exact like.

I was playin' with this girl I was keen too. We were playin' somethin' or other. That's not important though. Cause the thing is, we was playin' there, and alla sudden, this fella walking down the street falls over. Right over. Dead. Not a sound, not nothin', just dead. All the people crowded around 'im, and I was standin' back behind my daddy's legs.

When the doctor comes, he takes a look at 'im, finds a hole no bigger than my thumb, gone straight through this fella's heart.

Then there was all kindsa gasps. Cause this fella had a pistol hangin' offa his belt. One a the Cards. Five a Clubs it was. And no, I don't know what it was it could do. Never gotta chance to find out. Feller by the namea Bill White picks it up, starts goin' on about it. Then alla sudden, he falls over too, dead. That's when everone ran back inta their homes or the salloon. We just sat inside, and watched. Two bodies out there on the street.

'Til dark, hours later, when this big feller comes ridin' into town. Looks like a trapper, kinda guy you'd see out in Oregon lookin' for beaver.

So this trapper fella, he comes riding inta town, this rifle on the sida his horse. None a us think nuthin' of it, not 'til later of course. But it had to be a Card. Cause this guy, he stops nexta these two bodies, the stranger and Bill White, and he scoops of the Five a Clubs and sticks it in his pants. He knew it was there. He shot 'em. Both of 'em.

It was hours, I'm tellin' ya. On horse. Hadta've shot 'em from 10 miles away. At least.

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