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Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead is a plane in the cosmology of the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Eberron, commonly nicknamed "The Orrery". A place of hopelessness, eternal despair and consuming apathy, Dolurrh is the realm where mortal souls go after death. It is not a punishment. It is not a reward. It just is. It could be considered a prototype to the Shadowfell, or a non-evil version of Hades.

Like, you know the Dry Land in Earthsea? It's like that, except you eventually fade away after you've been there long enough.

Planar Traits[edit]

Heavy Gravity
Impeded Magic: All spells are impeded.
Entrapping: A visitor to Dolurrh experiences increasing apathy and despair while they are there. Colors become grayer and less vivid, sounds duller, and all experiences tainted with ennui. At the conclusion of every day (subjective time) spent in Dolurrh, any non-native must make a Will check vs DC15+ # of consecutive days in Dolurrh. Failure indicates that the individual has fallen completely under the control of the plane, becoming an incorporeal shade, an outsider native to the plane. Travelers trapped in Dolurrh cannot leave the plane of their own volition and have no desire to do so. Memories of any previous life fade into nothingness, and it takes a wish or miracle spell to return them.
Dolurrh Inhabitants: Nalfeshnee, Lemure, Marut, Sorrowsworn, Ephemeral Swarm, Plague Brush
Coterminous: When Dolurrh is coterminous, slippage can sometime occur between the Material plane and the Realm of the Dead. Ghosts become common on Eberron because it is as easy for spirits to remain in the world of the living as it is to pass over to Dolurrh. Spells to bring back the dead work normally, but run the risk of calling back more spirits that the one desired. Whenever a character is brought back from the dead when Dolurrh is coterminous use the following chart:
d% Result
01-50 Spell functions normally
51-80 1d4 Ghosts (CR=raised characters lvl) appear near the raised character.
81-90 As above, but the wrong spirit claims the risen body and the intended spirit returns as a ghost.
91-99 The spell functions normally but a Nalfeshnee possesses the raised character
00 The spell does not function, instead, a Nalfeshnee inhabits the body.
Dolurrh is coterminous for a period of one year each century, precisly 50 years after each period of being remote.
Remote: When Dolurrh is remote, spells that bring back the dead do not function, and it is impossible to reach Dolurrh by any means of plane shift. Only by journeying to Dolurrh (via: Astral Projection, Gate, or permanent portal), finding the soul of the deceased and bringing it back to the Material plane can a deceased character be brought back during this period. Once the soul is back in the Material plane, no further magic is required to restore the dead to life. Both nalfeshnee and Maruts frown on having souls reteived in this manner. Dolurrh is remote for a period of one year every century, precisely 50 years after each coterminous phase.