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The setting for most of Magic's early expansions. Dominaria is revisited in the expansion of the same name, released in April 2018. That expansion is basically concepted as History World. The reason for this is that for a while, early on in Magic, instead of going to a new plane, WotC would just add another continent to Dominaria. As a result, Dominaria didn't have much of an identity. But considering how long it has been since we went there, how much lore there was, that it was being released as part of MTG's 25th anniversary hype, and even that the very first set with a theme on Dominaria (Antiquities) from a flavor standpoint was 'Archeology World', "History World" seemed like the best fit.

Settings of Magic: The Gathering
Pre-revisionist: First Magic Sets - First Urza Block - Arabian Nights
Legends - Homelands - Ice Age - Mirage
Weatherlight Saga: Portal Starter Sets - Second Urza Block
Tempest Block - Masques Block - Invasion Block
Post-Weatherlight: Otaria Block - Mirrodin - Kamigawa - Ravnica - Time Spiral
After the Mending: Lorwyn - Alara - Zendikar - New Phyrexia
Innistrad - Return to Ravnica - Theros - Tarkir
Two-Block Paradigm: Kaladesh - Amonkhet - Ixalan
Never in a standard set: Fiora (Where the Conspiracy sets take place)