Doom Crows

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Doom Crows
Founding M39
Successors of Ultramarines, more specifically Doom Eagles
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Marcus Aristodemus
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Not anymore
Strength Critically Endangered
Allegiance Imperium

The Doom Crows are an Ultramarines successor chapter, once stationed in one of the worlds of Ultramar, tasked to take this feral world and turn it into a fine example of Roman civilization. Which they did, then settled down to rule over it.

They are hunters, snipers, and duelists, striking from afar and with great speed, winged jump packs flying them closer up once stealth fails, guns blazing and yet dodging assaults with surprising speed. Their Fellowship and general likeability seems to direct them more towards beasts than men, owing to their many winged companions.

Now they are all but lost, their world wiped out of all life. The whereabouts of the two survivors are currently unknown.

Fluffy bits[edit]


Chapter Master Marcus Aristodemus

In spite of his youth, lack of experience, and relative greenness, Aristodemus has been made the Chapter Master by default purely by being one of the only two survivors of the Chapter.

Chief Librarian Antoninus

The other survivor.

Chapter Trappings[edit]

Winged jump packs, guns, and birds.




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