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This guy is angry. We're talking Rip and Tear incarnate.

Doombreed is the first and greatest of the Daemon Princes of Khorne and may be the angriest son of a bitch in the universe aside from Angron, Skarbrand and Khorne himself. Doombreed became a Daemon Prince even before the Emprah re-united humanity; hell, he was still on Earth when he was offered daemonhood. He was a bloodthirsty warlord who killed cities on a regular basis and so Khorne took notice of this, since he was still in his younger days and not many psychopaths who killed cities on a daily basis existed yet. He usually wields an axe and a rod, although why a Daemon Prince would fight with a walking stick is anyone's guess because a scepter is one of the traditional regalia of leadership since ancient Egypt and it can perfectly be used to whack someone in a pinch! He also sometimes has a bow, when he feels like it, which sets him apart from pretty much any other daemon in the Warp.

Doombreed's Past[edit]

Doombreed is a badass, an old and angry badass who led a Black Crusade against those pansies of the Imperium. He is so old and angry that everyone, probably even himself, has forgotten his true name, but since he has a Mongol mustache and a Mongol hat, most of the fanbase think he is Genghis motherfucking Khan.

During the Fifth Black Crusade, he wiped two entire chapters of Space Marines, the Warhawks and the Venerators. Probably for their 80's-band-style aesthetic. Granted, this isn't much of an accomplishment since everyone and their dog has wiped out at least one Space Marine chapter in Warhammer 40k, but it was still rockingly badass, and at least something more compared to what a certain armless failure has accomplished.

Khârn was recently quoted as revealing the true fate of Doombreed, but like most Daemon Princes who die by the hands of simple Guardsmen, for all we know he might have been banished to the Warp for all eternity by the mighty power of the squats.

During Horus' Little Tea Party[edit]

According to Dark Compliance, Horus used Doombreed, previously trapped in a red jewel, as an insta-Planetkiller when bringing the Mechanicum world of Accazzar-Beta to its knees, only to hightail it immediately after summoning, leaving Big D. and his Khornate Warp buddies to turn the planet into a Khorne-pleasing charnel house. Doombreed was also on Horus' battle barge during the Horus Heresy. His angry ass probably had something to do with the rage that seems to be so damn contagious at the time. Sadly the Emperor banished him and his Slaaneshi counterpart N'kari to the warp with a wave of his hand... This defeat was most likely due to the fact that the Big E, being as old as he is, probably knew Doombreed's identity and could banish him by speaking his true name.

Doombreed's BFF's[edit]

His counterparts among the other Chaos Gods are as follows; the Tzeentchian M'kachan (obviously a daemonified Isaac Newton), the Nurglic Bubonicus (this is clearly a daemonic Chris-chan), and the Slaaneshi N'kari (Warp reflection of Sasha Grey). Because of the changing nature and beauty of the Warp, each of these guys can be the or among the most powerful of their respective god's servants, possibly outshining even the Daemon Lords (An'ggrath, Aetaos'Rau'Keres, Scabeiathrax, and Zarakynel for Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh respectively) and the Daemon Primarchs (Angron, Magnus, Mortarion, and Fulgrim for Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh respectively).

Doombreed and Doomrider[edit]

Doombreed killed Doomrider. What a cunt.

Doombreed's absence explained[edit]

In David Annandale's Mephiston: Lord of Death novella, it was finally explained what happened to Doombreed. He was ultimately defeated by the Blood Angels in revenge for their defeat at his hands during the 5th Black Crusade, and was locked inside a statue of Sanguinius. This being the Imperium of Man, the Blood Angels forgot about it for about five thousand years until their Reclusiarch (who had disappeared aboard a strike cruiser during the Second War for Armageddon) turned up and lead their 4th Company to the planet the statue was on. Mephiston realized that there was something wrong with the statue, and when half the 4th fell to the Black Rage, Mephiston stabbed it. It broke the Warp's influence on the Blood Angels, but also ended up freeing Doombreed. Mephiston was just barely able to banish him back to the Warp (Doombreed was explicitly being prevented from killing Mephiston by Khorne, who wanted to see if he would fall). However, Doombreed was now free to return to an unsuspecting galaxy. And a new Black Crusade was just beginning...

At some point, he was captured and bound by Ctesias, a Thousand Sons sorcerer, and used during Ahriman's attempt to invade the Planet of Sorcerers. Doombreed was summoned when a daemon-possessed Warlord Titan threatened to halt the invasion, but was dispatched by the power of Doombreed's RIP AND TEAR.

Appearance wise, Doombreed is described as looking very similar to a Bloodthirster: two horns, red skin, armour, clawed hands and an axe + a rod for weapons. Given that Doombreed is a Daemon Prince, he can probably look however he wants. Presumably, the getting locked into a statue part only made it so that he unable to manifest in reality while still being free, because there is no way Khorne would be dumb enough to leave his favorite murder machine sitting in place for five thousand years.

Doombreed the Flaming one[edit]

Doombreed has gained notoriety for every aspect of him being on fire. And we mean everything. Every atom, every thought, every weapon, every breath (he takes, while watching you), it's all on fire! Questions as to whether he can do the "Burn baby burn" dance have been met with awkward silences, and raging disco infernos.

  • He has a glorious thick, red beard, and it is on fire.
  • Don't try running away from him, he's still very good with a composite longbow and arrow, and his arrows are the size of fucking redwood trees. And the bow and its arrows and its quiver are on fire!
  • He rides atop a winged, tailed, Juggernaut of Khorne that is on fire.
  • His body is on fire.
  • His Axe, Bow, and Whip are on fire.
  • Rather than the Greeco-Roman breastplate of most bloodthirsters, Doombreed wears Mongol Lamellar armor, but call him a Samurai and he will fuck up your shit, and it's on fire.
  • Mention a Kamikaze and he will set you on double fire!
  • Did we mention that pretty much everything he has is on fire?
  • Even his fire is on fire. That way he can set you on fire while he's setting you on fire while he's kicking your ass. Which is now on fire.
  • Sing "Burn Baby Burn" around him and he will set you on fire. Not that you weren't already on fire.

In short, This is a RAGE daemon. All craftsdaemonship is of the highest quality. The demon is encrusted with masterwork HATE, RIP AND TEAR, and fire. The daemon menaces with spikes of masterwork fire and HATE. On the daemon is an image of armor in fire. The armor is on fire. The image of fire is on fire in fire. The daemon is laughing in fire. You are on fire.

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