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Battle Cry "Unto the Breach"
Number XI
Founding First Founding
Successors of N/A
Successor Chapters WIP
Chapter Master WIP
Primarch Kinnevail Kincaid
Homeworld Kaliborn Septima
Strength WIP
Specialty Diplomacy, esoteric noise-based weaponry, swarms

of mortal auxilaries, judicious

application of cleansing promethium.
Allegiance Loyalist
Colours Yellow, blue and white

This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Doomsingers are the XIth Legiones Astartes, led by the Primarch Kinnevail Kincaid


Pre-Primarch History & Reunion[edit]

The Great Crusade[edit]




Legion Doctrine[edit]

Tactics and Strategies[edit]

Legion Culture and Personality[edit]

Geneseed flaws[edit]

Legion Organization[edit]

Special Units and Vehicles[edit]

Special Equipment[edit]

Naval Assets[edit]

Notable Members[edit]


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