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Doresain unholy symbol.jpg
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Demon Prince / Demigod
Pantheon Demonic
Portfolio Ghouls, necromancy
Domains Chaos, Evil, Hunger
Home Plane White Kingdom (Abyss)
Worshippers Ghouls, necromancers
Favoured Weapon Scimitar

Doresain, King of the Ghouls, is the demon prince/demigod of ghouls and necromancy.


Doresain was originally an elven worshipper of Orcus, who honored his master by eating the flesh of other humanoids. Impressed by his service, Orcus turned Doresain into the first ghoul. He continued serving Orcus in the abyss, until Yeenoghu took over his domain. Doresain pleaded his master to intervene, but refused, so Doresain turned to the elf gods for help. They took pity on him, and helped him in regaining his domain, and in gratitude Doresain decreed that elves would be immune to the paralytic touch of ghouls (but not ghasts).


Doresain's followers are ghouls, and those who aren't eventually become ones. They believe that to exist is to eat, and a fully experienced existance requires one to eat, preferrably sentient, prey. When a life ends under quivering lips and tearing teeth, the can finally feel true happiness for a time, at least temporarily. The followers also sometimes attempt to recreate the White Kingdom in the Prime Material Plane, but they are often pale imitations when compared to the real one.


Doresain appears as an especially thin and wasted ghoul, eyes blazing with a sickly-green light and hooflike feet. He wears an elegant cloak of supple man-flesh over a pale leather armor, studded with tiny skulls.

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