Dorf Marines

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Original Thread here: [Dorf Marines]


The new Kharadon Overlords are the closest thing we have to Dorf Marines other than gluing 'Dispossessed' heads to Space Marines.

Homebrew Rules[edit]

Tantrum: If a squad of Dorf Marines ever fails a Moral check for any reason, they Tantrum instead of falling back. They will count as pinned and must resolve a round of Close Combat against itself (no charge bonus). At the start of each Dorf Marine turn, they must make a further Leadership test. If it is passed, the squad may act normally once more. If failed, they will Tantrum again. This can potentially result in the squad either destroying itself or remaining pinned for the entire game.

Furthermore, if any Dorf Marine squads come within 6" of a Tantruming squad, they must immediately make a Moral test or start Tantruming as well.

Dorf Marine squads in a Tantrum do not count as Scoring units.

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