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Dracanish's symbol.jpg
Alignment Lawful neutral
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Death, endings, finality
Domains Law, Protection, Repose
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Fatalists, undead slayers, fighters, monks
Favoured Weapon Scimitar

Dracanish, the Eater of the Dead, is the Ghostwalk god of death, endings, and finality.


Dracanish is the youngest god in the Hikirian Peninsula, having come there from west fo Bazareene. As his cult grew in numbers and fanaticism, they attacked the city of Manifest, fighting against the followers of Aluvan in what would known as, the Dead War. The war ended with Manifest being reduced to ruins, whilst both sides eventually reconsiled, though some resentment lingers.


Outside of Manifest, followers of Dracanish are considered nothing but powerless cultists. In Manifest, his church is closely knit, with memebers of the clergy seen as close family members, and seniority determined by the length of time in the church, and the number of funerals witnessed. They see Dracanish as the patron of the Ghostwalk, although they don't like ghosts that much. They also seek to stop people from extending their lifespans, ending plagues (healing magic is fine though), and stopping natural disasters, as it's against the natural order for them. The last days of the month and the year are holy days, where the essence of time joins with all that has passed.


Dracanish is depicted as strong, bronze-skinned man, with a balck aura around his head.


The proper end of a person’s life is to have his soul rejoined with his body in the True Afterlife, where Dracanish consumes them and keeps them safe forever. The lessons in finality that death teaches us can apply to life as well—learn to complete things you start, and find closure in their end. It is better to see one thing through to its end than start a dozen things that are never finished. In this way, necromancy is the bane of the world, for it is a beginning without a natural end.

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