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A servant race engineered to pass exaltation on genetically and breed like rabbits. They helped their Solar masters revolt and then unsurprisingly usurped them (with a little help from the Sidereals). They're laughably inferior to every other exalt type but with numbers, tenacity, and and well cultivated sense of genocidal xenophobia they've managed to make themselves the dominant force in creation.

As of the present setting things have started to go pear shaped for them. Their god empress peaced out and left her kingdom, which was specifically designed to self destruct in her absence, to run the entire world. Everybody is revolting all the time, they are beset by enemies from all sides, and their government is so hopelessly paralyzed by bureaucratic inertia that it can't even take the initiative to stage a coup.

Comparing them to the Imperium of Man has been deemed a heresy against the immaculate order by our most blessed mouth of peace.


  • Unlike all other exalted types, then DBs are well known throughout creation and can thus use their powers and charms all the time - without anyone running away screaming in terror
  • A lot of their charms work best when done cooperatively with other DBs. Keep this in mind if playing in a mixed game with other types of exalted.
  • Get the Ox-Body Technique Charm as many times as possible, as extra health levels are needed against some of more powerful enemies in Exalted.
  • When DBs spend essence they don't just flare their anima - they get 'Anima Flux'. Think becoming the human torch, or a walking hurricane. This tends to be rough on everything and everyone around them, unless they take the charms to minimize it.
  • The Heptagram, the Realm's big school of wizardry, is basically late-series Harry Potter Hogwarts, run by a mix of religious zealots and sidereals in disguise who do not like it when you point out that most of your text books from the first age were written by supposedly evil heathen solar anathema
  • The realm is basically Qing Dynasty China, more or less. Lots of noble houses controlling things locally, and up until recently a powerful and seemingly immortal empress ruled them all. It's great for games of political dickery and court intrigue.
  • Because they're at a much lower power level compared to, well, almost everyone else, they're also a good choice for a beginning game group, keeping things from getting too over the top. The other traits listed above also mean you're allowed to use your awesome powers without worrying quite so much about being counterproductive in the long term, and encourage teamwork while discouraging having the party all going off and doing their own thing.
  • If the general awfulness of the Realm and everyone and everything in it has you down, there are rules for playing, say, a resident of the free and mostly-okay-if-only-by-comparison city of Lookshy or just a plain "Threshold" from wherever, well, there're rules for that. You'll start a little weaker, but with better possible customization and freed from the burden of being a complete asshole.

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