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It's not as stupid as it could be.

There are times when something can completely fail utterly, and yet still, somehow, manage to be Awesome.

Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game is one such thing.

Essentially a PNP RPG that allows the players to rampage through the DBZ universe, the hilariously robust DBZ RPG features rulesets for everything from making your own beam attacks to making a wish on the titular Dragon Balls. The amount of attention given to basically everything in it shows a level of dedication (and possible autism) that would only be possible from a group of insane fa/tg/uys who ate too much meatbread and then binged on the entire first three seasons of the anime. It's actually notable for being one of the first western works to get a ton of fluff about the series right, from how the series handles time travel to how the Androids worked.

The main game covers from the original Dragon Ball up through the Saiyan invasion plot from Dragon Ball Z. Splatbooks exist covering the sagas to follow, with one book covering the Frieza Saga on Namek, and another the Android/Cell Saga. As a whole the thing doesn't take itself too seriously and just focuses on being stupid fun. Because of this, it's beloved by some fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, if only for the same reason that Sayla Ork was a thing.

The game itself is notorious for a number of hilarious rules mostly for the sake of amusing your friends, including a rule where someone making a special attack gets a small bonus (for good RPing) if they have the balls to actually make the ridiculous poses and yells of the attack during the session. Several have argued that this makes it the perfect RPG to play with drunk friends.

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