Dragon Bifurcated Tongues

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I've always wondered how the fuck a dragon ties someone up.

It's like... you know that classic scene with a woman popping a cherry into her mouth and tying a knot in the stem with her tongue? Extremely dextrous bifurcated tongues. That's how.

... my diiiiiick

Denaria of the Flawless Ruby looks down on you, her six-foot wide muzzle curling into a grin. "Well, since you did try to run off last night, I believe I will need to tie you up." She coos, her warm breath wafting over you, accented by the lightest hints of cinnamon.

You see the dragon's jaw open, that soft wet fleshy maw outlined with sharp points of metal-rending ivory. The warmth of the dragon's breathing increases, the light gusts breezing a bit more intensely over your bare skin. You see her tongue slide out, and out, wide wet flesh approaching you while you stand there shivering in fear. You feel the hot and slick saliva glide over you as you are wrapped up in a coil of muscle.

You're lifted bodily by that strong tongue, laid down against the base of her mouth and her jaws snap shut. Everything is dark and fear wells up inside you. The tongue slides off from the gentle squeeze it had around your body. You try to move, to scamper, to escape, but it is slippery in here and you feel yourself starting to slide further back towards where you know her throat starts. One second more and you're certain you will slide down her neck, but you feel the maw tighten around you and the dragon half-coughs, convulsing enough to push you back up towards the teeth. "Caefu thea, don wan yu sibbng don in mu bewy," she manages to murmur, unable to enunciate because her mouth is otherwise occupied.

There is a moment of light, and you can feel a spool of fibrous rope has joined you in the dragon's maw. Just as a question forms, the maw clamps down again, returning you to the dark fleshy prison. The tongue starts to writhe, squirming against you. You can feel the forked tip rolling against your back, kneading powerfully at your soft flesh. The tongue is manipulating the coil of rope as well, pulling it around and over and under you, over and over, loosely coiling it across your arms and legs. It seems like an extraordinary effort just to tie you up. You're wondering if this is actually some form of terrifying torture.

This continues for a good thirty minutes, slathering every inch of your body with her hot squirming tongue. She occasionally takes breaks, opening her maw and panting softly, giving you moments of cold air on your slick damp body. Her tongue finally settles to the floor of her jaw, with a satisfied 'mnff' from her.

She opens her maw, tipping her head down. You roll out of her mouth with a yelp, falling, her mouth higher off the ground than you expected. Before you smack into the ground, her jaws snap at the end of the rope, catching it. With your weight at the other end, the rope's slack cinches up tightly, the loose bonds squeeze snugly and tight around you, binding your wrists behind your back and your legs up into a kneeling position. You struggle but nothing you do can make the ropes budget at all. The cold outside air makes you shiver as you're still soaked with dragon spit. The dragon grins, setting you down gently. "There we go," she purrs, with just a little lick to your cheek. "No more escaping."