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The Dragonne is a magical beast in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder that resembles a gigantic lion with bat-like wings and a hide covered in bronze scales rather than fur; they have been described as resembling, and sometimes are stated as being, the result of crossbreeding between a (dire) lion and a Brass Dragon. The creature is reputed to have been born as a bad pun by Gygax based on an obscure, prehistoric ancestor of the gun.

The dragonne first appeared in first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the original Monster Manual (1977).

The dragonne appeared in the Dungeons & Dragons Expert adventure modules Quest for the Heartstone (1984) and Savage Coast (1985), and the Creature Catalogue (1986) and Creature Catalog (1993).

The dragonne appeared in second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in Monstrous Compendium Volume Two (1989), and reprinted in the Monstrous Manual (1993).

The dragonne appeared in third edition Dungeons & Dragons in the Monster Manual (2000),[5] and in the 3.5 revised Monster Manual (2003).

Dragonnes are dangerous monsters that possess the ferocity of a lion and the cunning of a dragon. They appear to be lions covered in brass-colored scales with massive wings like those of a dragon.

Dragonnes are highly territorial and will attack any invading creatures in their home. They are not generally evil or malicious, allowing any intruders the opportunity to flee before they attack. Those who do not leave a dragonne’s lair will find themselves quickly set upon by a savage opponent.

The roar of a dragonne is its greatest weapon. Those who hear this creature’s roar find their minds and body weakened, leaving them vulnerable to the attacks of the dragonne.

A dragonne possesses huge claws and fangs, and large eyes, usually the color of its scales. A dragonne is about 12 feet long and weighs about 700 pounds.