Dragons Fangs

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Dragon Fangs
Number -/-
Founding First Founding
Successors of N/A
Primarch Ho-Sun, the Gold Serpent
Homeworld Shi-re
Strength Elite Elimination, Rapid Close-Quarters Combat
Specialty The Duelist
Allegiance Chaos
Colours Gold and Jade

"Our Technique, Unmatched. Our Performance, Unforgettable"

The History of the Dragon Fangs[edit]

The Dragon Fangs are legion whose particularity is the sporting of a secret sword style named the Fangs. Originating from the homeworld of the legion, this style makes the Dragon Fangs the unparalleled masters of one-on-one duels, as so they excel in the felling of the powerful enemies, guarantying their victories through the execution of the enemies' very best, demoralizing and decapitating their chain of command.

The Dragon Fangs are also the inheritors of a rich culture that not only helped the birthing of the Fangs style, but encouraged any and all of its adherents to push themselves toward excellence, self-mastery, discipline, and prestige through attire.

Legion Information[edit]

Legion Doctrine[edit]

The rebellion that started on the Primarch's homeworld had an impact on Ho-Sun. For him, the treason of the lowest could have led the greatest culture ever created to be wiped out. Thus the Primarch values humility, and has a respect for stations and ranks. Those of lower ranks are expected to give the proper respect to their superiors, and that so long as they fail to either surpass them in sword skill or exploits on the battlefield.

The impact of the Kamo's culture was also heavy on Ho-Sun's minds. The legion developed a unique taste for theatrical performances, inspired from Kamo's ovn theatre pieces, that would narrate their greatest victories or events that marked the history of the legion. Those performances were a matter of intricacy and attention to detail, the result being something that required a certain subtlety to entirely get but had a natural beauty to it. Learning to appreciate those performances and the lessons they transmitted was a quality that was highly valued by the Primarch.

On the battlefield, Dragon Fangs were expected to be focused to the extreme. An eye for opportunities, a capacity for rapid assault on the enemy's weak or central, all were dependent on a seconds-to-seconds attention that was endlessly cultivated by the Dragon Fangs .

Legion Tactics[edit]

The tactics of the Dragon Fangs all aim to one and one end only, the utter annihilation of the enemy head of command. Either through the use of subterfuges, infiltration missions, or deep-strikes, the goal is to get to the enemy's elites and commanders and proceed to destroy them. The means on how to do it are of little importance for the Kamo, the legion instead focusing on the mastery of sword techniques that will allow them to efficiently destroy the enemies' best and then either mop the rest or retreat before re-engaging the now headless enemy.

In case of prolonged close combat with the likes of Orks or Assault units, the Dragon Fangs rely on their mastery of the Fangs, said style allowing them to effectively hold their ground even when outnumbered, and that long enough to allow their ranged units to possibly change the tide of battle.

Legion Equipment[edit]

The legion puts a big emphasis on melee weapons. The legion has above than average supplies when it comes to force swords. The higher ranks of the legion are given a special type of swords inspired from the ones used on the Primarch's homeworld, force swords combined with special forcefield sheaths. The sheaths can manipulate magnetic fields inside them to rocket the sword at tremendous speeds, allowing for a rapid and deadly first-strike.

Assault jump-packs are also highly prized by the legion, the Dragon Fangs maintaining numerous assault squads in each of their companies.

Ho-Sun, the Gold Serpent, Primarch of the Dragon Fangs[edit]


Asian, mix of Korea and Chinese lineage. Blond, short hair, gold eyes.


Ho-Sun, the Gold Serpent, landed on the planet of Shi-re, among the elitist, aristocratic people of this world. The people who discovered him were extremely suspicious of anyone that came from the outside, so the baby was to be cut down and left to rot. Fortunately the superhuman beauty of the Primarch stayed the hand of what would be his people.

Adopted into one of the most illustrious families of the Kamo clan, the Primarch trained into the finer arts. He spent his life mastering the sword style of his people, a combination of fencing and Iaijutsu that was said to have no equal, called the Fang. This martial style ensured the prosperity and influence his people had over the planet.

The Primarch was born with a gift for swordplay, in the time it took people of his age to master of the style, he was already competing for the title of Grandmaster. Such a young individual competing for the highest title of their art offended and appalled a lot of people of his clan, thus the Primarch suffered numerous assassination attempts. All failed in the bloodiest manner for the assassins. As the reports of those assassinations went public, the popularity of the Primarch skyrocketed among his people.

The Primarch finally became the Grandmaster against [TBD], the Immortal, and that after what was the most testing battle of his life. It is said that this was the first time the blood of the Primarch was even drawn during a battle.

The Coalition War[edit]

Soon after his ascension to the title of Grandmaster, a war broke out between Ho-Sun's clan and the other major clans in what was essentially a rebellion. The Kamo clan controlled one of the most prosperous mines of the planet. The other clans were envious both of their riches and of their culture. The Kamo's clan had always been fair either to their workers or to the other clans, but they all, in a sense of pride that was rampant on the planet, ignored the good will of the Kamo.

They got the lowest workers of the Kamo to rebel against their former masters promising positions of power in the coalition that they would never have, and soon enough the Kamo were surrounded in their cities.

Despite being outnumbered, the Kamo opposed a relentless defense. Their fighting style allowed them to fight 5 fighters to 1, and the greatest fighters of the coalition were nowhere at the level of the Kamo's very best.

And all that was until the Grandmaster joined the fray.

The Grandmaster's Exploit[edit]

Ho-Sun performed the one action that would turn the war around. In a series of rapid attacks against the leaders and honor guards of the coalition, with a band of his most loyal Fangmates. He did not kill them, but Ho-Sun defeated each one of those leaders in the most humiliating manner, he broke their wills and spirits through his swordplay but also through demonstrating the inherent superiority of the Kamo's swordplay and culture. The honor of each one of the leaders was shattered.

The coalition surrendered just after the daunting act of Ho-Sun. They submitted a request to serve under the Kamo but only if Ho-Sun was their leader. The Kamo recognizing the courage and valor Ho-Sun demonstrated during the conflict offered the Primarch the leadership of the clan.

The followings years saw the conquest of the entirety of the planet by the Kamo clan. Ho-Sun ascended again as the supreme ruler of Shi-re. He spread the cultivation of the Fang style all around the planet and through the sharing of resources enabled the culture of his clan to spread and flourish during his reign. People crowned him as the first Gold Dragon, both the Grandmaster and Ruler of Shi-re.

The Coming of the Emperor[edit]

The first meeting between the Emperor and his Son were through a duel. It is said that the Gold Dragon never drew his sword, for he spent the entirety of the match trying to find a hole in the Emperor’s stance. After a duel of wits and patience that lasted for hours. The Gold Dragon fell to his knees, mentally defeated, his sword unsheathed. He pledged allegiance to the Emperor before him revealing that he was one of his long lost sons.

Seeking the occasion to spread the beauty of his culture and further test and refine the Fangs style through more battles and more exotic opponents, the Gold Dragon accepted to follow the Emperor in his Crusade.

The Great Crusade[edit]

A Primarch Restored[edit]

When re-united with his legion, the first act the Primarch did was teach the Fangs style to all Astartes of his legion. Over the course of several years, the Dragon Fangs would be a bit behind as they tried to wage the usual wars of the Great Crusade and learn the uses of this particular sword style.

But thanks to the common gift of the legion inherited from their primarch, the legion eventually mastered the Fangs. Still a fanatical drive was encouraged into every disciple to push the mastery and evolution of the style forward, Ho-Sun valuing self-mastery and self-improvement as the highest qualities one could have, and that as such his legion would embody those traits, perfecting their technique to the end.

The legion then started winning their first major victories. Now able to wield their swords to maximum efficiency, the Dragon Fangs started bringing more and more worlds into the Imperium.

More importantly, the legion started integrating the culture of the world of Shi-re, their primarch's homeworld. A culture that put an important emphasis on style and presence. The legion started decorating their swords, putting ornaments on the long decorated cape and armors. The Dragon Fangs had to impress and bewitch the enemy, gaining the advantage way before the first sword was drawn. Each Dragon was encouraged to customize its armor and put on it symbols that to the common people would impress and to the savy would convey the deep concepts of the self, face, mastery, and performance of the Kamo culture.

The Daemon Muse[edit]

The Strange World of Kos[edit]

During one of his conquest, the Primarch landed on the world of Kos, a world unlike anything he had ever seen. Despite the barbaric level the population regressed to the planet showed signs of extreme technological advancement.

The inhabitants lived in an opulence he had seen on no worlds before. The days of those people were spent in mindless, compulsive research of pleasures and extreme sensations. Men and women copulating in the streets at the slightest opportunity, exulting in the loudest and most visceral cries the Primarch ever heard, food orgies would be organized whenever one would go hungry, and city-wide concerts of the most extreme music would fill the void in between those activities. In the event those lost souls would go without something to enrapture them, they would lie there on the ground, looking with empty eyes at the horizon, a lack of war, predators, or hunger have made them forget the need to care about anything other than mind-raping pleasure.

The planet of course offered no resistance to the Dragon Fangs, they offered far worse, an invitation.

The Primarch visited their society in peace, the natives seeing in the Primarch an object of beauty that was worth getting on their side and their total lack of wits made them oblivious to the military threat he and his forces presented to their world. The Primarch was then able to witness with his very eyes the extent to which the denizens would go to fill their days.

The Champion and the Sword[edit]

At the end of the visit, the Primarch was the guest of honor of a particular performance. In the world's greatest arena, their preferred blood sport was not a duel, but a massacre, one where a champion would cut down a mass of willing participants, each running toward the champion in a madness the Primarch could not understand. This seemed like the most prized event on the planet, with literally every soul in miles converging toward the arena in hope of being among those who could attend. The champion was a female warrior, but more noticeable than the champion was her sword.

The sword was an unparalleled work of art, immense but with a grace and elegance in its design that made it akin to the generous form of the most beautiful woman that could ever be. Its every move, whenever the sword would cut the air, would unleash waves upon waves of the most soothing and beautiful sound one could hear. Despite all these, the sword was still a sword , and in its dealing of violence it was also the most fearsome thing the Primarch ever witnessed.

The waves the sword would create and its steel would cut down the hordes of mad men and women who would throw themselves at it, each death making the audience erupt in chants and yells. The Primarch was not unaffected, as he could feel the "emotions" propagating from the sword with each death it would cause. Very soon, the patience of the Primarch was bested. Ho-Sun had came to a verdict in his mind, this world was lost. Lost to what exactly? He couldn't know, but never could this world be saved from it and be re-united with the Imperium of Mankind.

His decision made, the Primarch jumped from his seat of honor down to the battle ground. He knew that the champion was the first one who had to be defeated for the destruction of this world to be commence. As soon he had touched ground, the mad people stopped in their tracks, the audience dead silent for the first time. And thus in a charge of steel and speed, Ho-Sun went straight for the Champion, as he did the crowd once again cheered in a more-than-ever intensified frenzy. The duel between the Primarch and the Champion began.

A price for Victory[edit]

The Champion was the most dangerous creature, beside the Emperor, Ho-Sun ever fought. Despite the peerless strikes the Primarch would point her way, the Champion dodged them in the most unnatural ways possible. Her movements were erratic, chaotic, and yet gracious to a fault, but most of all, they were impossible! She would point her behind in front of the trust of his sword, only to have her body suddenly levitate and in a rotation of her whole, cut down the Primarch in a slicing arc. Her techniques were stupid in the eyes of an expert of swordmanship like Ho-Sun and yet the Primarch suffered slices after slices on its once pristine adamantine armor.

After each cut, the audience would descend in a more profound frenzy, soon the Primarch could only hear the overwhelming noises from the crowd. In front, the Champion was in a sort of trance, dancing even though she was in the middle of a deadly duel.

In a rallying moment, the Primarch shut down his senses. He sheathed his sword and adopted a stance of balance. His every efforts focused on calming his mind, on isolating itself from the raging chaos around him, and yet still images of the Champion could still be seen by him in his darkness. He noticed he could still perfectly sense the Champion, oddly enough. He was ready now, he had found the weakness in his enemy, he had to be the one defending, and he had to be in peace when not too long ago passion was guiding his hand.

Unlike the Emperor during their duel, who was like a ghost he could never perceive, no movement ever betraying the depth of his thoughts, no posture ever adopted and still an aura that showed no point where one could strike. Unlike Him the Champion was all too transparent. Already, she had begin to become confuse at the behavior of her opponent. The apparent calm and serenity of the Primarch seemed to.. disturb her. Her dance stopped, instead she started jumping around, yelling, crying??! Apparent rage could be felt in her voice now, a strike was imminent...

And strike she did.

In an aerial spin, the Champion came at Ho-Sun, her sword, coming the right, pointing straight at his head.

With a focus of lethal precision, the Primarch opposed his right-handed main sword, Divine Moon, to the pointing edge of the Champion's sword. The shock between the two emitted a wave of force that was felt through the arena, cutting down the remainder of the madmen who were still on the ground. The force of the shock was such that Divine Moon could not withstand it. The Primarch's sword was shattered in pieces, an event that, if the mind of the Primarch was not isolated from it, would have crushed his spirit.

But the Champion was not done, in an unnatural display of agility, one no one could have ever predicted, she came with another attack this one falling in a vertical slice right to the Primarch's head.

His first sword still in its parrying position, his eyes still shut, his senses still calm, his mind still purely focused, the Primarch did a slight, single step to the left.

The Champion's attack entirely missed, for the first time in their duel, the Champion's strike did not meet the Primarch's armor. The window of opportunity was there, wide open.

Opening his eyes, focusing all his being in this one single strike, the Primarch unsheathed Radiant Sun. In a wide, slicing arc, the sword sliced right across the Champion's neck, severing her body from her head. Blood flowed from her open arteries and mingled with the blood of the hundred of people already lying. In a last display of strangeness, the body of the Champion landed on its feet, and embarked in its last dance, as her head laid there still singing a now mute song, before falling.

The Primarch had won. But the price of victory was terrible. Divine Moon, the sword that saw him crowned as the Grandmaster was shattered to an irreparable state, for a member of the Kamo clan, there was no greater shame than having a sword destroyed. But still he was alive, and his enemy was defeated. The prize for his victory would now be that sword of strange powers, for to leave without nothing but a sword destroyed would have been a shame the Primarch could never live with.

And such the Muse met the Primarch.

Vauna the Muse[edit]

As he was preparing for the destruction of the world of Kos, the Gold Serpent was met with a dilemma.

The world of Kos was irremediably lost to some kind of illness or power, making it unlikely that any kind of help or even re-education could lead its people away from their strange ways.

But at thee same time, the music he had heard here were the first to have truly moved his soul ever since he left Shi-re, his homeworld. The arts he had seen were unmatched in beauty and elegance and he could not determine if those were the works of an ancient populace who were the ones from which the technology of this world came from or of its current denizens.

For all the madness and depravity that had befallen Kos, it was home to a culture that had no equals, even the Primarch's own.

But despite all that, Ho-Sun would destroy this world. What Kos had in culture, it lacked in a key aspect that the Primarch valued above all, Discipline. The people of Kos had lost any sense of self-discipline; and self-mastery was a dream never to be reached by those people. The fate of this world was decided. The legion and its fleet descended on the world, destroying everything they could in their wake.

It is as the destruction was taking place that the Gold Serpent heard the Muse for the first time.

Strange whispers started to come from the sword he had taken from the Champion. Those whispers were faint, almost indiscernible, but those would rise in volumes whenever the Primarch would be near the destruction of a work of art or a scene where pleasure was sought. The voice would tell stories, stories of the painting that was being burned, of the ritual the Fangs had just disturbed, worse the voice would explain the philosophies behind it, one not of abandon but one of equilibrium with the true nature of the universe.

The Primarch was disturbed at first, the voice talking to him was something very far from natural, he could sense it. But still, the sword was a work of such grace and lethal power, its use having made the Primarch almost forget the destruction of Divine Moon, his once favored sword. The Primarch thus decided try to understand and ultimately tame whatever that force from the sword was.

As the Primarch asked the sword what it was, the sword said only one thing, "Vauna", again and again.

The End of a Civilization[edit]

The Primarch learned more of the world of Kos as he destroyed it. The inhabitants of the world were once a people of great science and reason, their lives prosperous thanks to the use of sophisticated machines. But as their prosperity increased, the people of Kos grew placid. Their civilization lost the Warp tech that allowed for inter-stellar travel during the Age of Strife, and the closest target for space colonization was aeons away, unreachable with their available tech.

Still the people of Kos did not despair. Throwing themselves in the study of the Warp, they made a planet wide effort to reclaim the lost secrets of Warp Travel. However as the research went on, the people of Kos realized how much of a miracle the discovery and mastery of it was. Stuck on the way to progress, the Kos grew more and more desperate, accomplishing more and more dangerous experiments, until one of them worked.

The Discovery of the Being[edit]

One of the scientist group of Kos managed to open and contain a Portal through the Warp. But as the ripping of Reality happened, the scientists were able to see what they were never meant to see. Still the knowledge of the Warp was theirs, the scientists came back to their people and announced the way to cross the stars they had discovered. A ritual of blood was to be performed, and those who would partake in it would be flung across the stars to a new world.

The price was heavy for people who prized themselves on reason, to sacrifice one of their owns in what could be considered the equivalent of magic?? Yet no other solution had been find, and the Kos were so desperate that they decided to give it a try.

When the first ritual happened, the Kos were forever changed. That day, the people witnessed a thing of such beauty that they were to be forever altered by it. A being came from the portal that erupted, and summoned those who volunteered for the travel to him. The being promised that the volunteers would be transported to a new world of absolute beauty and pleasure far away in the stars. The Kos had succeeded, their kin would leave the ground of their homeworld and once again settle new horizons.

The Rituals[edit]

The ritual was to be performed once in a while, but as more and more of the rituals happened the higher was the blood price asked by the being. And as he was summoned the more its corruption spread through the people of Kos, making them more and more inclined to the pursuit of pleasure, beauty, and happiness. Their science was forgotten for it had come to a stage were it could forever sustain them, the fate of the volunteers was disregarded as the being inspired oblivious trust from the people of Kos, and slowly the people of Kos descended into the pursuit of pleasure enrapturing the world with the works of arts the Fangs were now destroying, and the songs the Fangs were now silencing.

Ho-Sun now understood how the people of the planet had fallen to such a state. A shame, the Primarch thought, if they had waited they would have been brought back into the Imperium of his Father and been re-united with the lost secret of Warp travel. But still one question remained, the sword, what was its role in all of this?

Vauna told the Primarch the truth, it was one of the instruments used in the ritual to summon the portal and the Being.

What Vauna did not tell the Primarch was that she was actually the Being that was to be summoned, shaped in a form where she could directly taste her offerings.

Soon enough, the destruction of Kos was achieved. The Primarch with the sword reduced the world of Kos to a mountain of ashes, the sword helped well in this achievement, the Primarch learned really fast how to wield the sword to devastating effects. But as the destruction of Kos was nearing its end, the sword grew silent. The Primarch was a bit alarmed by it for a moment, but then paid no further attention to it.

Their mission fulfilled, the Dragon Fangs, their Primarch, and its prize left the world of Kos forever.

The Fall[edit]

Under the growing influence of Vauna the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, Ho-Sun will fall closer and closer to Chaos, in thoughts if not in acts. As the Primarch became corrupted, he also grew more and more intolerant of the cultures encountered in his conquest. If those failed to either impress or amuse him, the Primarch would proceed to a systematic destruction of anything belonging or defending those cultures.

The Heresy[edit]