Drakar och Demoner

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Drakar och Demoner
RPG published by
Target Games, Riotminds, Neogames
Authors version 1: Tomas Björklund, Lars-Åke Thor - versions 2-5: Lars-Åke Thor, Anders Blixt, Åke Eldberg, Henrik Strandberg, Marcus Thorell - version 6: Dan Slottner, Magnus Malmberg, Theodore Bergquist
First Publication 1980s-present

Drakar och Demoner (Swedish for Dragons and Demons, in Sweden commonly referred to by the abbreviation "DoD") is a Swedish fantasy role-playing game first published in 1982 by the game publishing company Äventyrsspel ("Adventure Games", later renamed Target Games).

The first edition was basically a translation of Steve Perrin's Basic Role-Playing (which in turn is based on RuneQuest) combined with the Magic World booklet. No joke - it is actually NOT a ripoff of DnD, despite the common alliteration.

The game and setting is the best ever which is not at all a reflection of anyone's rose-coloured glasses or 80s soft-rock nostalgia. FFS it includes PIRATE DUCKS. Ducks who are pirates! And have swords and boats and go around getting all Viking up in your island tavern and crap.