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He's the big one.

Dranon, a Chaos Space Marine of the Word Bearers, is one of /tg/'s favourite home-made characters and quite possibly the most sympathetic character in Warhammer 40,000. He should have retired few thousands of years ago, yet he "takes care" of annoying and whiny Cultist-chan, who the Chaos gods resurrected as a child. He also has a bad hair day every day, suffers from lack of any kind of lotions and the only spark in his life is big good havana. (read: He is totally badass and a dick)

The Chaos Gods seem to be specifically torturing him, as not only will Cultist be resurrected if he ever kills her, but when he finally took steps to fix her speech impediment (got her braces) Tzeentch intervened and put her back to normal. Not to mention, the only reason he's her caretaker in the first place is specifically because he hates kids. He also (rather unfairly) gets lots of flak for this because even Chaos renegades get sentimental over adorable little puddles of darkness and evil.

Oh, and he loves to smoke. He smokes all day, every day, and never stops. He smokes so much, that his budget for two days' worth of cigarettes was able to get Cultists-chan braces (which many a parent will tell you aren't inexpensive). In fact, he almost murdered her when her braces broke, rendering his two days of non-smoking meaningless.