Dranon's delight II

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Doomrider was, like always, partying. But this time in Soth's place. "5 chicks? ONLY 5 FUCKING CHICKS? Hell, I'll do 5 girls with my left hand!" Doomrider swaggered. *ring ring*

"Fuck. That's my vox. Hold on. AND HANDS OFF MY COCAINE!"


"Doomrider, its Slaanesh again."

"No shit. What does your fucked up-ness want this time?"

"I got job for you. Do you think you can do it?"

"Hell, I'm fucking Doomrider!"

"That's why i asked."

"Haha. Fucking funny. Whaddya got?"

"You have to dumb one girl to Dranon's place."

"Ye, whatever."


"Fucker..." Doomrider closed his vox and put it back into his rear pocket.

"Sorry guys, it was Slaanesh. I'll have to go...and by the way, Slaanesh ordered me to get some coke. So if you don't mind..." he walked to buffet and took whole 5 pound sack of cocaine. "That'll do..." Doomrider jumped on his bike. "Ladies..." he nodded to daemonettes and disappeared to the warp.

"Okay, let me get this straight: When you get killed, you get resurrected instantly? That's pretty...neat."

"The mastoor doees not think sooo."

"Really? I would probably fuck my balls off if i got immortal girlfriend." Cultist blushed and went silent. Doomrider presumed that she considered how awesome a bike riding daemon boyfriend would be. Suddenly Doomrider started to sweat and shake. "Aree hyoo okay?" cultist asked with troubled voice. "Nope. But I'll be soon."

Doomrider jumped off his motorcycle and lifted cultist from the saddle. He started to rummage through his pockets and took a small package from his pocket. That was where he kept his cocaine. "Oh yeah....that's the stuff! Oh yeah!." Cultist tried to kill some time by kicking stones as her driver was tripping.

"Whee aree hungry. Can whee get somethin to eet?"

"Whoah! Sorry miss, i got only coke. Damn that's good stuff!"

"Bhut whee aree very hungry. Can whee eet that "coke"?"

"Yeah! Sure, have some! But this is magic food: it goes to nose, not mouth. Like this."

Doomrider opened the package and got some cocaine. "Okay...whoah...sniff my hand." Cultist, as small as her cute nose was, got pritty much of the pure stuff. "Nice. Your first time? Prepare for some "funtime"!" Doomrider said cheerfully. "Huh. Too much "fun" for old man. I gotta catch my breath." Doomrider sat to ground, watching cultist tripping pritty hard. She was barely able to stand, still she wore her stupid smile, but this time it was looking...even more stupid. "Whoah." Now that Doomrider's big brains were out, hes "other brains" took control. "You know...when you look at it now, she doesn't look bad. Not bad at all..."

"Hey, c'mere!" Doomrider yelled and whistled to cultist. "Are you thinking what i am thinking..?" He asked with twisted smile on his face. Cultist was barely standing and totally tripping balls, and looked like she was not thinking anything. Even more than usually. This...innocence made Doomriders coke-hard-on even harder. "Dude...shes like...7. Are completely retarded or just tripping your brains out your ass? How in hell did you sick fuck think shes thinking the same as we are?" His smile faded fast. Doomrider was not used to not having what he wants, and this time will not be exception. He will take what he wants. Even if he has to use force. "You know...there was maybe cool and nice in Slaanesh's place, but have you been in Khorne's..?"

Instantly after Doomrider had said those words, Cultist looked at him with an unusual, vile smile. She unfastened his belt, and nearly tore his pants off. Then, there were only his boxers left. Before touching them, cultist gave another look to Doomrider, who looked at least surprised. "Man, I've been fucking ho's for thousands of years but this...this is fucked up shit." Cultist pulled down his underwear. At the height of her head was Doomrider's throbbing penis. Cultist stretched towards that monster, and put it to her mouth.

Now, between the girl’s two red-white lips was the head of that monster, its veins, and whole being throbbing with pure pleasure as she begun to suck on it. Cultist's small hands grabbed his shaft, beginning to eagerly stroke the massive organ in quick, strong pumps, small fingers just barely able to wrap around it. A light trickle of pre-cum spurted from the slit atop its crown, washing her mouth with a familiar salty taste.

As the singing pleasure in that massive organ grew, so did her actions. Her hands flew up and down, jerking that marvelous dick as hard and fast as she could. A familiar patting sound echoed as one of her hands pumped against his pelvis and shaven crotch. Muffled yet loud lust-filled moans filled the rocky view around her. This was simply too much! With a quick grunt, the girl's head would push down further onto Doomrider's cock, enveloping the crown of the beast in the warm cavern of her mouth. Long trickles of saliva flew like a waterfall down its length, pooling in the many grooves and crevices of his massive sack. Mixed in with the saliva were bits of pearly white cum as well, thoroughly soaking Doomrider's meat in a flood. Her jerking hands were quickly coated in the divine mixture, slipping in between her fingers and spreading across the pulsing member buried in her mouth. With the addition of his cum and saliva as lubrication, her pumping motions grew faster, her rough palms gliding easily along the girth of his cock. Her pleasure was mounting… such unimaginable pleasure… Doomrider couldn’t help but pump faster. His strong, muscled legs burned, feeling as if they were going to fall off any moment. But he didn’t care, he just needed to cum sooo badly…

Eventually, those massive testicles visibly jerked upwards, forcing a powerful and plentiful burst of his odoriferous seed out the slit atop his cock. The stuff blasted down her throat like a never ending flood, and she happily drank it right up! So salty, yet juicy and gooey… So many times had other women been blessed to have such a grand delicacy, but cultist had never had a change to "enjoy" the stuff for herself. Endlessly erupting, the flow of that hot, gooey seed was be too much, swiftly spilling out her nose and the sides of her mouth. The cum spilled from her body poured down over her neck, breasts, tummy, and even down to her thighs. Literally soaking her in a cum bath that never seemed to end. The flow would eventually come to a halt, the smooth mushroom shaped cock head slipping from in between her lips, falling to the ground with a wet splat as the last of his seed spurted from the slit of it, making a small white pool on the ground.

But cultist wasn’t yet done enjoying the contents of Doomrider's orgasm. Greedy hands started to wipe away at the cum all over, scooping the amazing stuff up into her small hands. Once enough of the stuff was gathered, the small girl started to feed herself that amazing, gooey spunk. She held her hand just above her non-existing breasts, and lean her head down. A tongue moved from beyond those small, soft lips, and eagerly started to lap up Doomrider's jizz like some kind of animal. One that was thirsty for nothing but his mess. Once each hand was licked clean of its contents, that dirty, tripping little heretic started to rub her hands all over that tiny body of hers. During the course of this, her digits would glance over those over her upper body, especially her little rock hard nipples. A moment would be taken from her wiping to start enjoying this new, smaller pleasure. Now that her mouth was no longer gagged by her massive cock, low, husky moans could flow freely from her throat. The girl would eventually cease her actions, sighing contentedly. Tired, sticky hands now placing themselves at her thighs.

Cultist soon leaned her bare back up against the motorcycle behind her, her head pressing against the warm, tainted metal. After such a strong and messy orgasm, it was only natural for one to feel tried. She soon closed her heavy eyelids, concealing her eyes as she quickly fell into a deep slumber.

After Doomrider's "trip" was off, he picked up cultist, jumped on his motorcycle, and disappeared into the warp once-again.

Only did he stop at Dranon's door, just where she belongs. Only one thing disturbing Doomrider: "Hot hell, where did she ever learn to suck that well?"

And that night, a horrible yell wrecked the skies of the warp: "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....!"

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