Dranon's delight III

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Cultist had been hunting loyalists with khorne berserkers. Exhausting, but rewarding. And she could be sure that berserkers drooled more to her blood waffles than her booty. She slipped further back into the cave. Her waffle iron hissed slightly over the small fire she kept burning. The flames licked at the bottom of the pan and the small torch on the wall lighted providing soft but ample lighting. All of her gear was placed neatly around the cave. Her bed was setup near the fire with the foot towards the entrance. Her icon of chaos undivided was stacked neatly near her small pillow and her sword, laspistol was laid out on the side within easy reach. She placed her necklace under her pillow.

The rain was cool and lowered the air temperature a bit, but it was still fairly warm as it was still late summer. And the berserkers feverous dancing and shouting around the pyre where they burned loyalists certainly made the air little warmer, or at least the atmosphere. She lifted the lid and tried the bubbling batter in the frying pan if it was ready. The smell was pleasant and her lips began to moisten as it filled her nostrils. The batter was a mixture of water, eggs and flour combined with loyalist's blood. They would never run out of blood, berserkers made that sure. She was not a chef, but cooked quite well. It was really good at bringing some flavor and gave dishes just the slightest bit of a "kick".

She saw shadows move to the right of her bed, followed by a low, soft purr. She smiled slightly at the sound. "Sooo, that ees waht eet takes to get hyoor attention. Fhood." She snickered slightly as the large, blue-red-pink creature crawled slowly from the shadows into the fire's light. "Yesh, eet ees done. Give us a moment and hyuu will get you some". Cultist leaned over and pulled two plates from her pack. She grabbed few waffles and placed the on the plates. "Here hyuu go my friend." she said as she placed a plate on the ground at her right. The massive, multicolored spawn began to gobble the warm feast, his purrs growing louder showing his approval of the dish. "Whell, whee are glad you like it." Cultist stated as she began to eat her waffle. Looking down at her companion, she thought about the time when they first met. When Kay-oss saved her life.

It was several decades ago. She was fighting the imperial guard in Kronus. She had loyalists in her sights and was about to send the beam to its mark when she heard steps of heavy boots. As she turned she saw the commissar as he charged on her. She felt the sword as they pierced her fabric top and embedded into her shoulder and slammed her forcefully onto her back. She fought the pain that wracked her body and focused on her attacker. The commissar stood on top of her and shouted some commands to the soldiers. He pressed down harder with his foot, embedding her shoulder piercing deeper.

The pain was almost too much for her to handle. She knew it was the end as the commissar pointed her head with his lasgun. The moment before he would have shot her, an incredible growl was heard. The commissar looked up and was engulfed in a blur of blackness carrying it a good 15 feet through the air before it impacted the ground. The force of the impact forced her into several barrel rolls. She forced herself up cupping her shoulder to try to stop the bleeding. As she raised her head she saw what had impacted the commissar. It was spawn, massive mutant of chaos. They were driven only by mindless rage, and those who dared to stand in their way met horrible end. It could not separate friend from enemy. She watched as the massive monster dug his teeth deep into the throat of the commissar and clawed rapidly at hes chest. The commissar struggled in vain for what was the last few seconds of hes life, then lay still as its was extinguished.

The blood soaked spawn turned its gaze to cultist. "Great. Saved from one monster only to be killed by another." she thought to herself. She knew if the spawn took out the strong adult man that quickly, she had no chance of defending herself against it, especially with her gushing wound and her gun well out of reach. Spawn slowly walked towards her, its breathing long and deep. Cultist sat up, closed her eyes and prepared herself for the impending impact. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, she felt the spawn's warm breath on her face. She winced expecting to feel the claws and teeth tear into her flesh only to feel a raspy, wet tongue on her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw the spawn sitting in front of her steadily licking her face; a low steady purr coming its throat.

As cultist sat in a mixed state of pain and awe, the great beast began to lick the large wound in her shoulder. She screamed in pain and the spawn lurched back for a second, then sunk his head low and looked at her with a visibly sad expression. "Hwee ahre sorry. Hwee didn't meen to scream, but eet hurts soo much. Thank hyuu fohr saving my life, even though whee don't know why hyuu did eet" she said as tears ran down her cheeks. Spawn raised his head and gently licked her cheek again. He then stood up and nudged itself under her good arm, lifting her up and pushing her onto his back. Still amazed that the spawn was helping her, cultist wrapped her good arm around his neck and held on as tight as she could. The Spawn carried her back to Deimos where she was nursed back to health; the colorful beast never leaving her side. It was then cultist realized that she and the spawn were meant to be partners; companions for life.

Cultist rubbed the scar on her right shoulder. The wound had healed fine and there was no real pain, but she could remember how it felt as if it had just happened. She looked again at her large friend greedily eating his dinner and smiled. She finished eating her dinner and sat back a bit further on her bed; her stomach now warm and firm filled with waffles. "Ahhh. Noht too bad if hwee do say zo myself." The Spawn had finished its meal as well and was grooming and cleaning himself. "Did hyuu haav enough?" The spawn looked up for a second giving her a confirming look then continued to clean himself. "Ghood. Theer shud be just enough left fohr breekfast in the moorning. Hope the wether will cleer and hwe can continuee howor hunts tomorrow". The Spawn's ears perked as she said hunt.

As it finished his grooming, it slid over closer to cultist. It leaned up and licked her lips and cheek. "Oh, did hwee miss some?" she giggled as her friend groomed her. "Hwell thehnk hyuu Mr. Prim and Proper. Hahahaha!! Taht tickles". She reached her arms around the spawn's neck and hugged him hard. It purred again and nuzzled up against her. She released her grip and it licked her face a few more times. When he was content with his cleaning job, it laid down beside her and rested its massive head in her lap. It purred contently as it rubbed its head against her thighs and belly pushing up her skirt so his head was resting on her bare thighs. "Oh, hyuu ahre just a big old pussy cat ahren't you. Heehee." she said as she stroked its chest.

The spawn purred louder as she stroked its belly. It started breathing harder, its warm breath hitting her inner thigh and the outer lips of her now exposed pussy. "Oooohh...That tickles." she cooed at the pleasing sensation. The spawn turned its nose more towards her crotch, his heavy breathing now hitting her exposed lips and clit directly. "Mmmm...." cultist moaned softly as she felt the moisture between her legs begin to build up. "Ahre hyuu insinuating that hyuu want some desert?" she giggled as she placed her free hand under her loose top and pinched her left nipple. Using the hand that was stroking its chest, she pushed its head closer to her moist pussy.

"Is this what hyuu want?" she asked. A wet tongue gently lapped at her clit in response to her question. A wave of pleasure flew through her body as he touched her most sensitive spot. They had been intimate many, many times before, although no one knew about it as it is considered a big taboo. Most would not understand the relationship that the companions have; the incredible bond that they share. Both would give their life for the other and both live to please the other.

The wet tongue continued to lap at her now hard and erect clit. She continued to play with her erect nipples and massage her breasts. Her breathing was getting harder as the sensations passed through her body. She moved her other hand under the spawn and began stroking its belly. It always liked it when she did that and he rolled onto his side to allow her better access, never stopping his slow licking of her now dripping wet nether region.

Its tongue now moving down to her lips as well. Periodically, it would penetrate her inner lips and slide deep inside her. Each time she would moan with pleasure and her body would shake. It loved the scent and taste of her sex juices. It had many consorts in its former life, but no it saw something special in her. Purity of her devotion. Besides, no woman ever rubbed its belly, which was one of the things he enjoyed the most. Cultist's touch was soft and gentle and she knew just how he liked it.

Her sex juices and the soft caressing of its belly were causing the spawn to get aroused as well. She looked down and saw that his pink shaft was starting to protrude though its sleeve and his balls began to swell and drop down. "Hmmmm.... Ahre hyuu providing me with desert as well? Nummy. Hyuu ahre so good to us." She moved her had down its belly and touched the tip of its shaft. As was usually the case, her slightest touch caused its arousal to increase exponentially. Its shaft was now fully exposed and began to swell. She grabbed it ever so gently and began stroking it slowly. As she did it began licking her pussy even faster. "Ohhh... whee guess hyuu like that, huh? Teeheehee. It ees getting a bit hot, guess whee can take this top off since whee ahre staying in fohr the evening and aren't having guest over. Hahaha." She pulled the top over her head, getting it snagged on a horn for a moment then discarding it to the side. She untied the chestpiece and threw it behind her. "Now, that's better."

She rolled to her side so that her head was near the still swelling pink daemon cock. She lifted her left leg in the air a bit so he still had easy access to her now ever so sensitive pussy. She wrapped her hand around the shaft feeling it pulse at her touch. She began stroking it slowly as she cupped its balls with her other hand. She felt its breathing get harder and his lapping of her pussy become more erratic.

She smiled wickedly as she leaned down and gently licked the head of its shaft. It pulsed forcefully and its body jerked at the touch of her tongue. "Sensitive tonight ahre whee? Heehee." she purred. With that said, it shoved its tongue deep into her pussy as in a vindictive response. "Whooaah!!! " she screamed as the tongue hit several sensitive spots inside her. "Soo hyuu want to play eet that way huh?" She smiled placed her lips on the head of its shaft, slowly sliding the pink cock into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it sucking gently. As she did, it increased the pace of his deep licking. Cultist felt wave after wave of pleasure ripple though her body. "Ohhh... Damn, hwee want to know wehre hyuu learned to do taht." She moved its cock in and out of her mouth slowly at first and gradually increased the pace as well as how deep it entered her mouth.

Its pink shaft pulsed as it began to thrust its hip slightly, gently "assisting" her in her task. Suddenly she felt a hard pulse and then tasted the warm, salty pre-cum it had shot into her mouth. She removed its shaft as several more pulses dripped the milky liquid onto her tongue. She swallowed the warm liquid candy with no hesitation. "Mmmmm... Taht was good." she said ever so softly. She licked the tip of his shaft, making sure none of the creamy desert was lost.

The spawn removed his head from her groin and moved around face to face with her. It rubbed its nose against her's and licked her lips. She could taste her juices as they were still on its lips. "Nummy. Hwee actually don't taste too bad, do hwee?" she stated. It nuzzled against her chest in response and gently bit down on her right nipple. "Ouch!!... Mmmmm.' she moaned. It didn't really hurt as the spawn could be extremely gentle for its great size. It was more of an unexpected pressure followed by pleasure. "Hyuu ahre so naughty." she giggled as it gently bit her left nipple as a follow up.

It then moved around behind her and pushed on her left shoulder with his claw, gently forcing her onto her belly. "Hwee were wondering how long eet would take before hyuu wanted to fuck me." she stated as she pushed herself up on her hands and knees. She spread her legs slightly causing her glistening pussy lips to spread slightly. "To be honest, whee have wanted hyuu to do it to me all day."

The spawn moved behind the girl, looking hungrily at the wet sex hole she was readily presenting to it. It leaned in and licked her inner thighs and outer lips a few times causing more juices to flow out of her already dripping pussy and making her moan with increased pleasure. "Put eet in me now. Please." she gasped. In response the spawn raised up and placed its front claws on her shoulders. She felt the tip of its warm cock rubbing back and forth against her wet lips and anus. "No, not that one. Whee want hyuu in my womb." she stated as she arched her hips so his dick rested against her snatch. She pushed back against it, sliding the head into her now aching pussy. The sensation of her warm, wet lips around its shaft was exquisite. It had been inside her many times before and it was one of his favorite activities (of course). It thrust its hips forward shoving its shaft deep insider her nethers. Cultist moaned in ecstasy as the shaft penetrated deep inside her.

"Ohhh...hwee love eet when hyuu ahre inside us. Whee feel complete when hyuu ahre deep inside our belly." Upon hearing this, the spawn began thrusting its hips vigorously, its shaft moving deeper and deeper inside her love hole. "Oh gods!!!! YES!! YEEESSS!!! Fuck us!! Fuck us!!! Make us cum!!! Cum deep inside us!!!" Cultist screamed as the sensations brought her to the brink of ecstasy. "OOHH!!! YEES!! Whee´re Cumming!!!!" she screamed as her orgasm wracked her sweat covered body. Her pussy gripped the pink cock tightly as her body trembled with pleasure. She knew she would not be able to take too much more as she was hit with wave after wave of pleasure from the continuous stroking of the spawn. It reached behind her and cupped its balls in her hand. Feeling this caused it to shove its cock as far as it could inside her. She arched her back abruptly and moaned as the head touched the entrance to her womb.

She knew then that he was about ready to cum. It pulled his shaft all the way out of her resting the head just against her open lips. Cultist whimpered sadly. At that moment the spawn shoved his massive cock in her as hard and deep as it could, its head slamming forcefully against the entrance to her womb. The force was unexpected and was a mix of extreme pleasure and mild pain. The shock caused her to arch her back and raise up off her hands.

At that moment the spawn let out a deep roar and shot his load; the hot thick cream poured from its cock in pulses flowing deep into her womb. Cultist exploded in orgasmic bliss as the fluid filled her. Each pulse of its cock causing her to injecting her with more of the demonic seed and causing her pussy to twitch with pleasure. She felt some of the creamy fluid seep past his shaft and run down her thighs. She greedily wiped it up with her fingers and licked them clean, trying not to miss any.

Finally it was done. Its seed expended and filling the girl's womb. Both partners exhausted from the love making; both pleased with the way the other has made them feel. Cultist reached behind her and rubbed his sides. Its fur was soft and warm. She leaned her head back against its chest finally noticing the slight pains in her shoulders where his claws has dug in slightly as he was shooting his load inside her. She smiled softly. She felt a tongue gently lick her ear. "Teehee. Hyess, whee enjoyed that immensely. Whee love having hyuu inside me. Whee always have and whee always will. Hyuu are my best friend and our only lover. Whee hope it will always be this way." A gentle lick on her neck and an approving purr was given in response. Still holding on to it, she slowly leaned forward and tilted to her side so that she was laying on her bedroll, her lover laying behind her with his shaft still insider her. "So hyuu cant run away in the night. teehee." she giggled, jokingly. It never would though and she knew that. Her mind began to fade; its soft purring began to put her to sleep and soon as she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

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